Stoops to interview with Buckeyes per Karsch on 97.1 WXYT

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Said on the air so no link. Strong Ohio ties they say.



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I would be stunned if the Buckeyes gave the job to Ryan Day without at least talking to a few other candidates about the opening.  Not saying he wouldn't do well for them (because of COURSE he'll do well for them) but why wouldnt they at least interview Stoops & Matt Campbell before making the decision.

Like it or not this will be by FAR the best college job opening up this year and OSU will have no shortage of candidates interested in it.  

And yes, i know they've said Ryan Day will be taking over but dont be shocked if that is just until after NSD at which point they make another change.  They are very concerned about retaining their incoming recruiting class and believe that announcing that Day will be the permenant HC will stabilize the class.


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Fits the OSU coach name-ten letters or less narrative, so of course there is interest.

It's a shame that because of this that they will never give Condelezza Rice a chance.

Honk if Ufer M…

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Now there's a caller saying he was out in Kansas for a while and talking to a biz associate that's a K St. booster who says Stoops has been building a multi million dollar house in Manhattan K. & is definitely going to be taking over. Also says Stoops rumors are all around out there. Bizarre choice for him if true regardless of connections he has.

The guy didn't give his counterstrike handle though so not sure how reliable he could possibly be.


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strong ties to Ohio high school football not tOSU.  Didn't like totally promise his gf she could totally see Woody Hayes like Urbz.  Great. Whatever.  Day gets one shot at The Game before he could be pulled.  

CRISPed in the DIAG

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The OSU head coaching job will be attractive to 90% of all football coaches who ever thought about coaching football. In no particular order:

1. Hey, must be the money. Salary will not be a problem.

2. Little academic or institutional interference. Beat Michigan and you control all of Ohio's self-proclaimed flagship.

3. Rich, loamy recruiting base that only wants to play at OSU.

4. Loaded roster.

5. Multiple ESPN talking heads - including the face of their college football coverage - are buckeyes.

Mi Sooner

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He left OU due to family’s history of heart disease.  Remember, he stepped down in the off-season (summer) and they scrambled to elevate Riley.  If he is serious, this is a pressure cooker for him.


Maybe, he will hire his brother to be the new DC...