Stonum will redshirt

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Interesting. I know this was discussed in the below thread, but figured it could use its own. I think this is the only way Hoke can keep him on the team while still being firm on his punishment.

Also, I hope this means the WR situation is better than we originally thought.



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That's a tough decision for the coach but it was the right one.  I hope Stonum learns from this and grows as a man and a football player.

AND, it gives me the opportunity to say to Sparty and ND........SUCK IT!


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It's really not such a tough stance by Michigan. Wouldn't you rather have Stonum for a full year next season rather than for two-thirds (or whatever) of this year? Stonum, in the end, gets to play a whole season. And he'll have less competition at the WR slot next season. The truest punishment would be for him to lose a bunch of games that neither he nor Michigan would get back.


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This is what we call integrity ND. This is why at the time I was happy we hired Hoke over Miles. I had no clue who Hoke was but I was well aware Miles was a piece of shit.

Edit: Also would somebody pull our punter's head out of his ass? Hopefully Wile can punt as well.


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Yah its something all right.  1 DUI shows an issue that needs resolving.  A year long suspension is not warranted.  2 DUIs and driving on a suspended license shows blatant disregard and at ND would probably warrant being kicked out of school.

Please do not pull the "integrity", "tact" or any other BS word you might dream up.


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Do these texts show blatant disregard?: "Don't do anything you would regret" ...  "messing with Notre Dame football is a bad idea."  I wonder what happened with that, you know other than a tragedy? Yeah, I'll put up UM's integrity vs. ND's hypocrisy as a pillar of good any day.

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I beg to differ. Stonum has been inconsistent his entire career. I'd say Roundtree or Junior Hemingway are the best receivers. Hemingway has seemed to step up last year and Roundtree needs to be a little more consistent and I think we have a #1 jersey-player in '12.

But this sucks. I pray Matt Wile lives up to the hype I've been hearing.


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Well that's that. Good thing reports from Roundtree, Hemmingway, J.Robinson, & J. Jackson, & Dileo have been very promising. Hopefully Stonum gets his ish together and balls out next year.


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I like this move. Restrained yet fair and no one can argue that Hoke doesn't have the player's best interest at heart. The team is made of players. What's good for one is good for the other.


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I think the whole Stonum redshirting might be a little harsh. Suspend him for 4 games to and be done with it. I hate that people are making this about the Floyd situation or comparing this to MSU. Get over it. I just hope maybe the coaching staff sold Stonum on taking a year to really learn the Z WR position in the offense and come back in 2012 as a big time playmaker and raise his NFL draft stock. Not too worried about the punting situation, don't think we'll be punting much anyway.


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Obvs, no Stonum in 2011 is a loss, but mitigated by having Hemingway, Roundtree, Odoms, and a handful of young players ready.

Our 2012 WR suddenly look pretty solid with Roundtree and Stonum back as senior starters.

One other benefit: the need to find an immediate contributer from the 2012 recruiting class is lessoned.  Perhaps 1 WR will suffice, allowing them to allocate an extra scholarship to another position.

Mr. Yost

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You give Stonum an opportunity for redemption rather than kicking him to the curb. However, you don't give some b/s one game don't suspend him for non-conference games only. You sit him down, give him a year to get his LIFE in order.


And who knows, maybe Stonum won't want to go through it all...but I think we all can agree that if he can go through this year of hell. A year that hopefully Woolfolk can help him with. It would be an awesome story to come back as a RS Senior and dominate on and off the field.


He needs to bring awareness to his issue and address it head on, too many DUIs on college campuses nationwide. I'd love to see DS become the poster boy for a potientially fatal screw up and a huge come back.


I'm rooting for him, no question.

turd ferguson

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Hoke continues to impress. I was ready to rip him apart if he gave Stonum the Floyd treatment, but this is good for Stonum and sets a precedent that repeated, dumb indiscretions will be punished.


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Score one for the program and this coach for setting a strong standard of behavior and conduct.  This is a major thing for making sure Michigan stays Michigan.  I love the consistency of the message and actions from day 1 we are seeing in this program. A good barometer that Hoke is on track here is Brian didn't get snarky about Hoke, but rather did a preemptive beat down of his readers.


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I wanted us to say we were going to punish Stonum and I truly believe that drinking and driving related offenses are usually treated too casually.   However, I guess I was hoping some awesome "new evidence" was going to pop up with this situation allowing us to let him play.  I know it's not rational in retrospect. 

I absolutely respect this decision and I think it is ultimately the right kind of decision.  Although, I also know that in moments of weakness in the second half of games with 3rd and long, I'm going to wish that imaginary "new evidence" would have surfaced.  


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Let's just hope that Stonum reads this as a last chance and takes it, because if he screws up again then I'm all for cutting him right then and there.  I know that might be a little rough, but at some point a kid has to show some maturity; failure to do so after so many chances cannot be tolerated.


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I posted in the other thread about Stonum, and there were so many responses that I figured it'd be easier and better placed to expund upon what I said here.

I think it was an awful decision by Hoke to do this. This was a huge copout by him and his coaching staff. Redshirting Stonum is technically a "punishment", but it's not a suspension or anything of that sort. If you're suspended, you can't make the games you miss up.

The players that are suspended for OSU can't make the games they miss up, they've lost them forever. Stonum can make the games he'll miss this year up. Instead of playing them this year, he'll play them next year. He just gets and extra year to practice and improve and then he'll come back next year as our number 1 or number 2 wideout and it will be like nothing ever happened.

You can't make me but redshirting as a punishment. Players redshirt all the time. How is this any more of a punishment for Stonum than it is for any other who has redshirted? It's not. Players get redshirted so they can gain another year of eligibility to play. Giving Stonum an extra year of eligibility isn't a punishment, it's a gift. If he wanted to punish him, he should have exhausted that last year of elgibility and shown Stonum how serious his actions were.

The OP also made a comment saying that this could be good because it sures up our WR situation for next year. The fact that Hoke took this situation with Stonum as an opportunity to sure up our WR corp for next year worries me, that should have been the least of his concerns.

Let me put it this way. The Tat 5 got suspended for selling memoribillia for tats, something that's not actually illegal. They did something that's actually legal, and because of it are missing time on the field that they can never get back. Stonum broke the law, twice, and each time he could have potentially killed somebody, but the time he's missing he can get back next year. It shouldn't be like that.

I know you guys are happy Stonum is still on the team. I'm not. This kid is getting to go to a top tier university for free to play football. Yet he goes and gets a DUI, not once, but twice. At that point, I don't care how good you are, or what school you go to, you need some serious punishment. If that means kicking him off the team, then go ahead and do it, at this point he deserves it. But we're ll giving him a pass because he can catch a ball and he goes to Michigan. That's ridiculous.

Be honest with me. If this were Seth Broekhuizen, would he still be on the team? No, he wouldn't. Hoke dropped the ball here.


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Asking a guy who has been starting (off and on) for three years to sit out an entire season is a significant punishment.  You don't think this is a major letdown for Stonum, to not finish his career with his classmates?  And I wouldn't assume he has a clean slate in Hoke's book now.  He most likely has to avoid any kind of rule violaitons to get back on the field in 2012.

As for your last paragraph, how do you know that?  How well do you know Hoke's disciplinary history?


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You obviously never played football. The next year of his life will involve enough conditioning drills that would break the will of 90% of the people reading this blog. If he sticks with it and meets other requirements that have been placed upon him he gets to play football again. It sounds a lot easier than it is. A healthy player standing on the sidelines is basically torture in itself. It is basically sink or swim right now for Stonum. I hope he swims and not from a football stand point but for his future as a member of society.

Mr Miggle

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A lot of nonsense there. Let's start with your last statement. You don't have an f'n clue what would have happened if it was Broekhuizen. Secondly, just because a poster said this will shore up the WR position for next year you jumped to the conclusion that Hoke was making a tactical decision here.

Being forced to redshirt is a punishment in this case. Sure players redshirt all the time. But how often do upperclassmen redshirt? How often do projected starters redshirt. Ask yourself what Stonum would like to do this season. I guarantee he wouldn't choose to redshirt. He wants to play, not watch for a year. If you want to question the severity of the penalty, go ahead. To me it seems like less than a six game suspension, more than two games.

I don't doubt that Hoke thinks this was a serious offense and that he is meting out a serious punishment. You suggest exhausting his eligibility to teach him a lesson. I'm not sure what you meant by that. It doesn't sound very honest. You do understand that Stonum could transfer and play somewhere else in 2012. There is no legitimate way for Hoke to exhaust his eligibility except by playing him. 

Hoke prefers to give him a chance to earn his way back on the team. Whether this is the best decision is certainly subject to debate. Most people will probably agree it was reasonable even if it wasn't their first choice. You not only disagree, but want to attack Hoke's character, without a shred of evidence, very sad.


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We all have to admit that we had an uneasy feeling in our guts going into the last month before play begins.
<br>Brady Hoke did the right thing here. Unlike other coaches that we don't even need to mention, Hoke has shown that integrity is first here at Michigan.


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This was the right decision on Stonum and I hope he "gets" it now.  His buddy T-wolf had to go through a year sitting and watching so it may help him through this year.

As for Hagerup - dude, WTF?  Get with it - you just wasted an opportunity to play in the 1st night game after wasting your 1st trip to OSU last year.  I hope this doesn't continue.  This is accountability and you need to get with it son.  You have another chance....

maize and brew…

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i wish the coaches would have booted his ass off the team. Well i guess we dont need a receiver for the 2012 team since we will have Stonum which is so convenient for this decision.


August 8th, 2011 at 12:14 AM ^

First of all let me state that the things Stonum did are way worse than the things FLoyd did. DUI (missed court dates/violated probation/not submitting to random alcohol testing), DUI again, Marijuana possesion > underage comsumption, underage consumption, DUI

IN my opinion Stonum should have been kicked off the team because he already had a suspension and that obviously didnt change him. Now onto FLoyd. If you havent followed the situation closely it is easy to see why people are pissed at Kelly. Floyd already missed all of spring practices and a full semester of school not to mention the community service and AA meatings. The only ones who know if Floyd really changed are Floyd and Kelly. At the press conference last week floyd was so appolagetic that it looked like he might break into tears. I think Kelly said it best when he said,"If missing a entire semester and all of spring practices didnt change him than missing one or two games isnt gona do it either"

Mr. Yost

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