Stonum ticketed for driving with suspended license today.

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according to @freepwolverines WR Darryl Stonum, to be sentenced on his DUI Friday, was ticketed and charged w/driving w susp license on Thurs.


I was all about chances a few weeks ago, but its time for Hoke to cut him.



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Unbelievable.  Unless there are some pretty serious extenuating circumstances (a family emergency or something), this is just unexcusable.  I'm interested to see what the fallout will be.  I have to think he'll be dismissed from the team.  The worst thing is, he just got them to downgrade his DUI to operating while visibly impaired (which I assume is a lesser offense), and now this.  They'll throw the book at him.


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D'oh! This is just...damn it...Our friend Mr. Stonum needs a life coach right now. I really hope he gets things straightened out. Also, and not that this makes it okay, but at least driving on a suspended license doesn't endanger anyone the way driving drunk does.


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Nobody has posted this yet so here's the story:…

According to Ann Arbor police, Stonum was stopped near Ann St. and Division St shortly after 9:00 a.m. Thursday morning and ticketed for driving with a suspended license at 9:15 a.m.

Well at least it was early in the morning and not driving home from the bar. Sad sad day for Mr. Stonum. While I don't know if kicking him off the team permanently is in the best interest for the young man, he should definitely be SUSPENDED for the full season immediately.


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He of course deserved a second chance. But he should have been booted after he violated his probation. I can't believe the team didn't cut him after the second DUI. 


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me. How many chances does he need? The sad thing is that he seems like a nice enough kid, and a pretty good player. Just can't make that many bad decisions in such a short time period. It sucks cause he was one of the few wide outs who's proven he can play outside, but doesn't matter now.


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Because I wanted to see more played out, and how Hoke and Stonum handled it, because we've had problem players clean themselves up and become good citizens. But if this is happening already, he's got problems way more than football. I'm sorry to give up on a kid, but you can't overshadow the team.  I'm afraid this should be the last straw.


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I hope Stonum gets the help and/or focus he needs to be successful in life.  He absolutely can and I have no doubt that he will.  That said, I completely agree with you, M-Wolverine--at this point, if no one player is greater than the program, Hoke needs to cut ties with Stonum.

We can't roll our eyes at Dantonio and Kelly giving players third, fourth, fifth chances and play the Michigan Difference card if we're going to do the same.



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as much of a U of M homer as I am, I must admit, that just about does it for Stonum. It was fun watching him whenever he got hot during a game...


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I can't believe this kid!  He has so much talent and he was probably going to be the #1 receiver in this new offense because of his combination of speed and decent size.  Hopefully he can get his shit together and play next season.  I'd be for suspending him for the year and letting him play next year if he gets in line.  


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holy shit. sent him a message on ps3 today asking him if he would be good for the season. i played with him but he didnt answer me. oopss hahaha


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I can't imagine Brady Hoke keeping someone who has so little respect for authority.  Apparently, Stonum just doesn't "get it."  Hopefully, he will learn to at least stay on the Bell Curve, but it will have to be at another school.


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If coach hoke wants to cut him, then so be it. But don't paint the kid like hes some vicious felon. Stupid? Yes. But none of us would be fired from this offense from our jobs, so let's not pretend that this 20 year old did something so unfathomably bad. While he seems to get arrested monthly, have there ever been drugs/violence? If not, then he's just a moron who will be used as an example.

maize and brew…

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if I got pulled over and i smelled like mouth wash, i would lose my CDL license and go to jail. I would definitely lose my job over a .04 alcohol test. Then I would have that luxury to tell my kids and wife that im sorry but looks like we wont be making our mortgage payment anymore. A little harsh? I think so considering Stonum's situation. You have no clue.


June 10th, 2011 at 7:13 AM ^

Cionsider this as well - typically cops don't just see someone and think, "Hmmm, that person could have a suspended license".  You would have to imagine he was speeding, ran a stop sign or light, had a tail light out, or doing something else to get the cops attention first.

Man, having been through everything he's been through, how do you not practice precision in obeying traffic laws if you know you have to drive but don't have a working license?

no joke its hoke

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Where is all the people that banged on us that wanted this kid kicked off the team after his 2nd DUI? The kid has a problem and it's not just a drinking problem. Boot his sorry ass out. I'm sick of people not making people responesable for their mistakes. Some people are shit heads,just deal with it and stop with the excuses.


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Stonum's attorney, Doug Lewis, said at today's sentencing that Stonum was simply moving the car so he didn't get a parking ticket.

While maybe not the smartest move (get a friend to help you move it), in retrospect I think the above 70 posts were a little harsh on the kid.


June 10th, 2011 at 10:00 AM ^

We'll wait to see if that's really the case.  How often does a guy get pulled over moving a car from the street to the driveway? And if his license was suspended, how was his car in a ticketable location to begin with?

I'm not saying I don't believe him.  But I'm not saying I believe him yet either.


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Just woke up in CA and was looking for some good news to start the day and read this. Stunned and disbelief is how I feel right now. Stonum showed poor judgment and selfishness and potentially just threw away something very few of us can ever attain. He is one of my favorite players and I hope he straightens out his life.

Now I really wish we had brought in Devin Luien last year, you never know what could happen. We should also take a QB this year as well even though we will have the #1 ranked QB for 2013.


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From Free Press article:

Stonun [sic] was ticketed Thursday for driving with a suspended license and faces an arraignment on that charge June 23. His attorney, Douglas Lewis, told Creal that Stonum was just moving his car from one spot to another to avoid a parking ticket. Creal said his license could be suspended in one-year chunks by the state of Michigan if he's convicted of that, independent of today's sentence.

An athletic department spokesman said Stonum remains suspended indefinitely by football coach Brady Hoke and his status has not changed with the program.


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Moving his car or not, suspended license means you can't drive, period. I'm all about second chances but this guy clearly doesn't get it, especially when he's got court the next day he's pulling this crap? I love the hypocrisy of some of you guys, if the tables were turned and this happened to him and he played for MSU or TSIO we'd all be saying "kick him off the team" or commenting how soft Dantonio or Fickle are on discipline. Lucky for you guys I think Hoke doesn't play around with this stuff and I see a big exit sign in Stonum's future.


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You know what one of the best things is about Ann Arbor?  That you can WALK nearly anywhere you need to go.  C'mon Stonum!  WTF?  


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Just can't, no way to keep him on the team without a big chunk coming out of the "benefit of the doubt" palace Hoke has built so far.  It is not worth it.  This season will not be hinged on his participation.