Stonum targeting the #1 jersey

Submitted by ertai on October 24th, 2010 at 12:25 AM

I just took a look at TomVH's twitter account, and he retweeted the following from Stonum (CornellStone22):

RT @CornellStone22 Some1 tell @theofficialbraylon to tell me what I gotta do to get that number 1.

Looks like Roundtree and Ricardo Miller are gonna have some competition! If he keeps up his hard work, I think Stonum has a very good chance.



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Good for him... I'm not sure if he'll get it, but if he has the determination to go for it, it can only be good things for us. With the way the WRs have played this year, I'd say Hemingway is the most deserving and seems to fit the mold of the previous #1s the best. As long as he can stay healthy, of course. 


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Love the work ethic and emotion. But nobody on this team is anywhere near ready for the number 1 jersey. Now if Stonum finishes off the season with a couple massive 150 yard games and some highlight reel catches then we have a maybe.


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Stonum's career recieving yards total is just under 700 yards and 4 tds. Braylon had 1500 yards and 15 tds his senior year. I would love for him or someone else to earn that jersey. But c'mon man. Let's wait until we have a deserving all-american, game changing WR to give it to.

I could see Ricardo because of his frame and passion for M. I hope.


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made him worthy.  I've never such an over-hyped bust before.  Before anyone says Kelly Baraka, Butterfield was given the #1 before he stepped on the field.  The only thing that little dude had in common with A.C. was that they were both from Florida. 

If I'm not mistaken, I think he had his scholarship revoked somehow due to his on-field performance.  Maybe that's not possible, but I could have sworn that he was booted from his scholarship without getting trouble with the law or grades.


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It should be clarified that the #1 jersey, while reserved for wide receivers after AC wore it, did not have to be "earned" until Braylon.  McMurtry, Butterfield and Terrell all got it right out of high school and Alexander got it after his true freshman season (when McMurtry graduated). 

U Fer M

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I always equate #1 with Anthony Carter, because he was the trail blazer, blazing speed literally, the first I had seen at Michigan growing up. He had that ability to make a play and win a game instantly. And in Bo's offense of 3 yards and a cloud of dust, it was exciting to have that playmaker ability as well.


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Ever since Stonum came to Michigan I had really high hopes for the guy turning into another Manningham type. I was really pulling for the guy, but so far, he hasn't lived up to what I had considered he would do. Hopefully he can turn it up the remainder of this season and next.


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This is the problem with this and all the Michigan boards right now. On one hand, people want to give Rodriguez a free pass because of Threet/Sheridan, then "having" to start freshmen and sophomores the next two seasons.

In the next breath, these RR pom pom wavers want to blame Stonum for being a bust--he's had the same shit to work with that poor lil Richie Rod has had to work with, hasn't he?

Stonum ought to get the #1 jersey for staying with this team. If he was at Arkansas or Alabama, he'd be an All American. Instead he's stuck in an offense watching quarterbacks run themselves into the ground and then throw nothing but five yard dinks and dunks.

El Jeffe

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Romey is hardly a Rich Rod pom pom waver. I think you two would see eye to eye on a lot of things. Also, Stonum is averaging 13.5 ypc this year. Not Mossian, but not dinks and dunks either. I conclude that you are dumb.


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Also should be stated in this thread that this whole incident started when Troy Woolfolk said he was changing his number and asked everyone what number he should be. 1, 2, 8, or 9. And everyone started telling him no on the number one and he then said something about stonum and stonum replied.

I have a new found respect for Troy after he tweeted this.

The only way I would wear #2 is if I got approval by word of mouth by the great Woodson himself. Plus don't think I have earned that right.


October 24th, 2010 at 4:53 AM ^

That is awesome to hear.  I love the tradition of Michigan and the respect all (most?) players have for the greats that came before them.  

It has been previously mentioned, but it would be awesome if that number were held for a stud defensive back.  Let Vincent Smith have it, but if you wear it on defense, you have got to earn it.


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Call me old fashioned, but I think no one should get number one.
<br>Carter, Terrell, and Braylon were greats. And if you gave a number one to any wide receiver it's those guys. They were something special.
<br>But I love the Michigan WOLVERINES everyone from the star wide receiver to the fourth string punter. Don't single someone out.


October 24th, 2010 at 9:00 AM ^

Perhaps the #1 should be awarded to a senior receiver who has been a stud in prior years. This gives them an incentive to perform, earn it and STAY (a slight dig at Manningham).. Stonum seems to have lost his KO return mojo.

On the other hand I think we should guarantee HaHa the #4 (his current #) if he tells off Saban and commits to us.


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DA was the more highly regarded recruit coming out of high school.  And the year before Desmond won the Heisman, DA was the man.  Him and Grbac were money on those fade routes.  And if you look at what he did when he came back from injury, you will see that he more than earned the right to still have #1.

I'm not pinning that loss to Washington in the Rose Bowl on DA being out, but with two dynamic receivers to cover, UW wouldn't have been able to make Desmond a non-factor.

EDIT: The injury to DA happened in the season opener to BC in 1991, Desmond's Heisman year.  Desmond was good before that year, but if anyone was to predict who would win the Heisman going into that season, more people would have bet on DA.  His stats were better, and he had more NFL appeal at that time.