Stonum sees in HD

Submitted by bigmac on August 20th, 2010 at 9:15 AM

Stonum was on WTKA this morning and said that he got contacts over the summer and now it's like he sees in HD.  Hopefully this will be the break he needed to start tracking down some deep balls and have a breakout year!



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on WTKA  RR said (quote from the freep)

"All of our skill guys, we test their eyes quite a bit, and Darryl was fighting it a little bit, maybe didn't want to wear contacts or something," U-M coach Rich Rodriguez said on the show. "The first time he got (them) on, he had a big smile on his face and caught the ball when it was thrown to him. On kickoff returns, I can't imagine how he was catching the ball. Hopefully now, that will be a lot better.

"There's been a couple other guys like that where, even though their vision may be OK, it needs to be close to perfect when you're playing this game because it moves so fast."

Wolverine In Exile

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See Herman Moore, Detroit Lions post rookie season... it was essentially like Rick Vaughn in Major League. Guy tore up college at UVa, was 1st rd pick by Lions and then he couldn't catch a ball in the pros his rookie season. People were wondering if he was going to be a huge bust. Come to find out he had horrible vision, the only reason he could see the ball in college was because of the white stripes providing contrast, he gets contacts late in his rookie year, and BOOM Pro Bowl reciever is born.


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First Roundtree, now Stonum. I think they should have mandatory vision screening for every football player when they come to Michigan.


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to take an eye test for a CDL? Yeah... It's REALLY easy to cheat on those if you think you need to. You're not going to cheat when you go for a checkup, but if you think it could prevent you from landing/keeping a job/playing time, it's so easy to cheat.

-when you walk into the room, make sure you move nearer the chart to shake hands, and get a good look at it.

-When they have you cover one eye, spread two fingers just enough so your other eye can get a glimpse and help out.

-Everybody knows the standard layout of an eye chart. Guess. Good chance you'll be right.


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I don't understand how not doing well on an eye-test, which would allow you to get prescription glasses/contacts, would be more detrimental to playing time than not catching balls because you can't see them.


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Well, there can't be too many 18 year old kids that have never heard of contacts.

I guess I can understand someone getting to one of those and just thinking, "Crap, I gotta pass this thing... can't quite make out that one..." and peeking. Whatever the case, it sounds like they're probably taking care of everything. Anyone on the team worried about losing playing time or something of that nature should be comforted by the fact that two of the top receivers on the team have already failed, gotten contacts, and returned to the field.


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The overuse of the term "HD" by advertisers (HD glasses, HD paint, HD flavored breakfast cereal) is almost as irritating as the late '90s habit of appending ".com" to everything or the early 2000s penchant for adding a lowercase "i" to every product to make it sound "techy". I predict the next phase of this trend will be "nano".

But whatever you call them, those are some serious BCGs.

Flying Dutchman

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Is it possible that eye tests are some sort of benefit that the university is not allowed to provide?    What happens with a real injury - is UM picking up the tab for any Woolfolk surgeries?  I would think so.


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Maybe it should be mandatory that every other person who replies to this post should be required to get their eyes checked........or take a reading test.  How many times does it have to be posted, "I can't believe the football program doesn't require eye exams!".  Too ironic.