Stevie Brown picks off two more passes and recovers another fumble

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Stevie Brown's wonderful season continues as he picks Romo off twice including the game clincher and recovers a fumble.

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Had the game on in the background, and decided to watch the last few minutes.  Just in time for that beautiful interception (and getting his two feet in bounds by the tippytoes), and then the requisite highlights of the previous Cowboy turnovers featuring Stevie Brown (and a couple other guys).


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Under review, but that wasn't Stevie Brown who was in position, despite what the commentator said.  #23 and #37 were close (or at least in the shot), but Stevie's #27. 

Mmmm Hmmm

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Yeah, really.  I have noticed that some of the discussion about Stevie Brown has been about his track record at Michigan.  My memory may be hazy, but I don't remember him ever complaining or causing trouble, and being a fine representative of the program.  Glad to see him excelling and getting it done on Sundays (and the occasional Thursday and Monday nights)


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Just another example of a guy who MAKES PLAYS in the NFL, but badly underachieved for the most part while at Michigan.  Talent development: Who is to blame on this one?


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He struggled playing for the first time as a true sophomore with not much help in the back 7 (not at all unusual) in 2007.  As a junior he had a couple of picks and a couple forced fumbles (MAKIN' PLAYS) on a defense that had plenty of positive moments but I think just couldn't continually muster up the energy/focus to go out there at full tilt every time with the way the offense struggled at times.  And when that happens big plays happen and fans often blame the last line of defense.

As a senior he moved to OLB and had a very productive year and made a bunch of plays behind the line of scrimmage.

He wasn't flawless but he didn't really have the struggles people seem to imagine, at least not in comparison to some other former players.  Would have been much more highly thought of with another quality season if he hadn't burned his redshirt as well. 

The two who maybe fit the mold your describing for me are Breaston (we never seemed able to get him the ball in the passing game) and Cato June, who was just not a safety (ran the slowest time at the Combine at the position before becoming an all-Pro linebacker).  And it isn't like those guys weren't any good here.

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I think Stevie Brown's first game was as strong safety against Appalachian, where the other safety was Johnny Sears. That combo was a complete disaster until Sears' removal from the team a few game later. His struggles continued until he was moved to LB, where by his senior season he was an asset rather than a liability.


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Some guys take time to develop and there can be a fine line between when the light comes on and how you are remembered.  Just imagine if David Harris hadn't redshirted and come back for a 5th year (wasn't even honorable mention all-conference).  If he ends up having the Pro Bowl career he has, people are doing the same groaning about his development.  Or if a guy like Prescott Burgess had, who knows how much better he plays with the increased experience. 

Brown just hit his stride as a senior and would have had a much bigger legacy/impact with another year on campus.


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Always good to see Maize n Blue show up for big games, even better when it is against the Cowboys. Stevie and Martin are making quite the impact for both of their teams. Should earn themselves some more playing time and for Martin a starting role.


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congrats to a classy kid who took to coaching and left it all on the field for Michigan. It is amazing to see him start putting it all together now.


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He deserves all the praise and benefits now given how negative people were toward him at UM.  Not saying his play those first couple of years warranted effusive praise, but it is nice to see the guy do well.


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It amuses me that the commenters on this blog, who roundly derided him as one of the worst Michigan players in their lifetime, now are squarely in his corner.

Commenters here treated Brown worse than any Michigan player.