Steve Watson sets UM record

Submitted by JohnCorbin on April 26th, 2012 at 12:18 PM

Steve Watson sets record at UM for positions played at 5 with TE, LB, DE, DT, and FB in that order, before finally switching back to TE.

Can appreciate the perserverance, especially when he's talked down to, as such:

"Coach Magee told me at the time, basically, that I had no chance of playing at Michigan at all, and that I basically sucked," Watson said. "He said, 'You can transfer, if you want to. I don’t think you’re ever going to play here.'"

I don't know if he'll be drafted, but I hope he makes a roster somewhere.



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Let's remember that Watson said that the coaches "basically" told him this.  Which means he is paraphrasing.  Magee might have told him " I don't think you will ever play here.  There are to many talented players in front of you.  If your desire is to play football at the college level you might consider transferring."    Which basically means "you suck"


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I was at the Northwestern game this year (as were 20,000 of you) and saw him catch his touchdown pass.  That was a great moment for a true Michigan Man.

I'm sure in the nano-second after that catch he thought "F U Magee"


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Dear Steve:

Take it from me, changing postions and even changing the side of the ball you are on, is a fun and effective way to to enhance your college football experience.  There is nothing quite like having to learn entirely new techniques and even playbooks to truly "round out" your impact to the team.

If the coaches say "switch" and want you to play a completely new position you need to trust that they know what they are doing and have your (and the team's) best interest in mind.

After all - they're paid to make these decisions and are definitely smarter than we are!

Your pal,



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When you're screwing around, getting into trouble, or not trying that hard.  Attitude, not ability.

Now every coach has the "you're welcome to stay, however it may be to practice and contribute to the team and not start or star."  But it's all in how you word it.  Or maybe in how it's heard.


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The Carr approach (as reported) was a challenge - you have the tools, not the focus.  Since you're not focusing here, I'm thinking that you might want to be somewhere else.  Put another way, you will be able to play if you decide that you want it.

This approach (again, as reported) is the opposite - you don't have the tools.  You never will play.  Eat bench or go away. 

Now, one guy's unhappy story about a coaching staff he didn't mesh with is just an anecdote.  It shouldn't move anyone's needle on Rich or Calvin by itself. 


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It is tremendous and inspiring to see that Watson stuck with it. He is a Michigan Man. But it is sobering and disappointing to see how some coaches can callously crap all over the career of a student athlete. What happened to Watson was just wrong.


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Good for Watson.  I doubt Magee said he sucked, but he probably told him the truth that there were beter players ahead of him at most positions.  Steve obviously used that to motivate him to become a better players, and that is great for him.


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Yep. The previous staff looks smarter and smarter with each passing day. What a bunch of clods. "Let's switch our whole offense with our defense, and see if we can win some games that way."


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How many positions did James Rogers play while at Michigan?

I know it's not a Watson-esque five (all the more impressive that he played every position apparently well enough to see the field, too), but I thought it was like three or four.

And regarding the Magee quote, consider me skeptical that that's what he said. For all we know, Magee was upfront about his prospects for playing time and Watson took it or remembers it more bluntly than it was. I would not take that quote as gospel.


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I don't think Rogers played a ton of positions, he just switched between WR and CB a bunch of times.

Edit: Freshman year he played corner.

Sophomore year he played wide receiver.

Junior year he started out at wide receiver but switched to corner.

Senior year he played corner.


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He was on a scholarship player.  He came from Mullen HS in Denver, CO.  I think they have had several D1 players in the past couple years.  We almost got one from his school last year, but I think he ended up picking UCF or something to go play with his friend.


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I call bullshit on it being a record, even if it is good to see him stick with it. Harmon would play 4-5 positions a game, he had to have played at least 6 different ones in his career.


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He contributed to an 11-2 team when at one point in his career, he was told he'd never see the field. 

I'm sure he did far more positive things than the 2 negative things you cite.  Like getting no credit in the box score for his solid blocking on the goal line throughout the year.

I'm trying to figure out why you choose to remember the negative on a kid that was bounced around more in his career than Kim Kardashian with professional athletes? 


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thats fine. i dont have anything against the kid. but i dont think magee is thinking "wow that kid really showed me" because he was third-string tight end who caught a pass once


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I thought this was going to say he benched 225 lbs 60 times or something like that.

Anyway, the kid hung around and finally found the field his senior year.  It's got to be tough when you're dad was a solid NFL player and you are struggling to find the field at the college level.  But, he'll always have the number  '1' in the TD column next to his name.  

If I was talented enough to play football for Michigan, get on the field AND score a touchdown for Michigan, I would have to consider my college career a roaring success.  I really hope this kid can latch on to an NFL team.