Steve Threet is the "Kryptonite" of Football (link)

Submitted by jdrager on March 10th, 2010 at 12:22 PM

EDSBS rips on Threet...and us a little. But its funny enough that I'm kinda ok with it.…

EDIT: People seemed a little offended by the title. It was just a rephrase from the actual article. Nevertheless, I changed it to avoid offense.



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His travels are certainly interesting. I once knew a guy who started at Brown, transferred to Baylor, and finished at USC(al). (Aside: Does anyone know what his academic plan is? Engineering wouldn't be a surprise when GTech and UM are considered. Now that he's at a Sun Belt Spartyville, who knows?) But, I think that column is unfriendly.

I posted a couple of articles about him and ASU this morning. I don't have great faith in his NFL prospects, but he seemed like a good person and team player, so I genuinely hope he finds fulfillment in AZ.


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Steven Threet did not "quit" on any team. He was twice recruited to play in pro-style offenses only to have it changed to a different system upon his arrival. He may not have been the most effective Michigan QB in history, but he represented his school well and didn't badmouth the university or coaching staff on the way out. He seemed to handle himself with class and because of that I wish him all the success at ASU.


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For properly saying "couldn't care less". It is a huge pet peeve of mine when I see people incorrectly saying that they "could care less". I couldn't care more about correcting them.

I don't mean to be rude, but if not for that, I'd probably neg you 50 times if I could.


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it is ironic if the user says 'i could care less' when he means i COULDN'T care less'.

if the user says 'i couldn't care less' and he means it, then the literal and actual meaning are the same. if the user says, 'i could care less' and he means 'i couldn't care less', then the literal and the actual meaning are opposites; hence ironic.

get it?

one of my pet peeves is people correcting things they don't understand.


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Honestly, I doubt that most people who say that are trying to be ironic. I think you're giving them too much credit. ("I was being ironic/sarcastic" seems to have become the generic after-the-fact internet excuse for someone who says something dumb.)


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Hooray for revisionist history 101. Nobody who says, "I could care less," is thinking, "This statement is so cutting and ironic." They don't have a clue what they're saying.


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If you are someone who uses "I could care less" ironically, then I bet nobody out there understands the irony when you say it.

And if you are indeed one of those people, then you are in the minority.

The people who say "I could care less" don't understand what they're saying 99% of the time. Congratulations on being in the other 1%.


March 15th, 2010 at 11:55 AM ^

There's a difference between understanding what you're saying and intentionally using it ironically, and not knowing wtf you're saying and unintentionally using it ironically. You're missing this fundamental difference in your argument that people know and understand that they're using it ironically.

Unless that's not your argument.

It is indeed ironic that they are unintentionally being ironic, because most are certainly not trying to be. They're just dumb.

edit for clarity: that is to say, the situation itself is ironic, but most people using the phrase don't know that they're doing it wrong.


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on a Steven Threet thread. Again, I wish him well, but he's moved on. Do you know what??? I COULD care less, because I actually do care some quantum care 'unit' for Steven, I appreciate what he attempted to do here, so there is potential that I could care less.
I do agree with you about the 'sarcastic' version of 'I couldn't care less', it's exactly what the statement represents; a bottom of the barrel of caring statement- there is no more caring!-, versus the 'I could care less' version which to me suggests that if you bait said person into caring less, the person would/could state, "There! You asked for it! I now care less!". Like we could care less if said person could care less, you know? I say we couldn't care less.

Arizona Blue

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as an arizona state fan, I think I would die a little bit inside if Steve leads my wife and first love (Michigan) and my mistress (arizona state) down the crapper. On a positive note, I would forgive him for 08 if he leads ASU to glory.


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Pretty uncool to compare someone to AIDS. If you want to rip on them or talk about things, ok I get it, but using AIDS as an adjective on someone is uncool.


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Kind of a stupid article, but it did remind of one of my favorite songs of all time.

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I get the point of the article, but Threet deserves better than to be lumped in with guys like Ball or to be referred to as a carrier of "AIDS". The guy signed at two different schools with OC's he worked with, then was blindsided when both of those schools switched to vastly different offenses. It's not like Threet signed with GT or UM to run some variation of the option because he thought it was a good idea - he's a pass-style spread QB who can also line up under center. Until we see him in that style of offense, predicting that he'll somehow be an albatross around the neck of an OC is unnecessary.


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You really got to feel bad for the guy. Signs with Georgia Tech and they switch to the triple option offense. Transfers to Michigan and they run the spread offense. He handled himself with class though leaving Michigan which others have not so hopefully he succeeds at Arizona State.

Blue Ninja

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GT did not have the triple option when Threet was there. Paul Johnson did not arrive until 2008, a year after Threet had left. GT's OC did leave just before Threet arrived which prompted him to transfer but it was not due to the triple option.


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What about the hundreds of times during that unspeakable season did we see WRs wide open- No one within 10-15 yards, and Threet completely overthrew, underthrew, or flat out didn't see these guys wide the fuck open. I'm sorry, i've got nothing against Threet but he's a terrible QB. (or was...who knows, maybe he has progressed)