Steve Fisher returns to Crisler on Sunday

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on February 20th, 2019 at 9:22 PM

The game on Sunday is the 30th anniversary of the 1989 National Champions.

Its head coach in the NCAA Tournament will return to Crisler. I don't think he's been back since he left the court after Michigan's NIT Second Round win over Oklahoma State on March 18, 1997.



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I remember it well... Bo was the Athletic Director back then and when Bill Frieder (who had been head coach until the NCAA tournament) told Bo he had accepted a job coaching at Arizona State next season Bo fired him and declared "A Michigan man will coach Michigan!".  Fisher and the team gave us an amazing tournament to watch!


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Go Fish! 

It was such a magical run, a dash of Bo "a Michigan Man will coach Michigan", Rumeal's  ice cold veins and the beauty of the Rice jumper.  

Plus, Fish just seemed like a genuinely nice guy.  And sometimes, nice guys finish 1st. 


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If Belein considers Fisher a close friend, that’s all you need to know, I wish Michigan had fought harder for him. In today’s athletics, we would just shrug and move on. But Michigan has always had this sanctimonious relationship with sports that feels weird. Either embrace the reality of college sports, or be Northwestern. Belein is amazing in his ability to do both. But Fisher was a good dude overall. 


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He was back for Senior Day the following year.


What I want to know is if the dude from the San Diego Tribune who was hassling Beilein on the eve of the championship game about "honoring" Fisher is going to make the trip??


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Cool story alert... I was 14 in 1998 when Michigan under first year coach Brian Ellerble won the inaugural Big 10 Conference Tournament.  Anyway I stayed after most games back then and collected every players autograph on the season schedule poster.  While I am waiting for tractor trailor to come out of the locker room I realize I am standing next to Steve Fisher.  So, I immediately say, "Coach, would you be willing to sign my poster?"  Couldn't have been a nicer guy.  Talked to me for 15 minutes about my interests not just in basketball but school and everything else. Personalized the autograph and addressed it to me.  Then when tractor trailer came out, I remember one thing.  Steve said to Robert, "We need to go out to dinner because I can buy you dinner now."  Anyway after all that I only had one more signature to get, Brian Ellerble.  I remember him looking at the poster and seeing that Fisher had signed it.  He literally paused, hesitated and then looked at me again before signing.  I would only come to understand that interaction later in life.  I still laugh about it every time I look at that poster.


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Speaking of Fisher, I watched some of the SDSU game against Nevada tonight (down went Nevada) and the Aztecs court has a huge "STEVE FISHER COURT" on the sidelines in front of the scorers table.   First I had known about that.

Pretty crazy that the only coach at Michigan to win a national title has his name on a different teams court.  A mountain west team, no less.

XM should be resting easy tonight knowing Nevada likely won't be in the top 10 the rest of the year.

Smash Lampjaw

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That fall Mrs Lampjaw and I were getting a pregame tour of the press box. Steve Fisher rode up the elevator with us and he was unbelievably kind and polite. Also met Keith Jackson that day.


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This is Great.  Fisher deserves to be honored.

Whatever went on 30yrs ago with the booster Ed Martin, has been common place in college basketball since John Wooden in the 60s, who got away scott free with his reputation.

Michigan was made an example of by the NCAA and frankly it was BS.