Steve Everitt - Worst State Ever T-shirt Photo

Submitted by DamnYankee on May 21st, 2012 at 10:51 AM

Recent picture from the charity golf tournament - Enjoy!


Former Michigan players Steve Hutchinson, left, Steve Everitt and Charles Woodson talk during the Griese/Hutchinson/Woodson Champion for Children's Hearts charity golf event.

Hutch, Everitt & Woodson -- They wake up in the morning and piss excellence!



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You say that like it is a bad thing.  SOA was a great show.

Also, we at Michigan should know well enough not to judge a book by its cover.  He was participating in a charity event.  If given the choice between a player with tattoos (that he paid for himself, of course) and/or long hair, who is a team player and does charitable work, or a clean-cut guy that is all about himself, I will take the former any day.


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I love Steve Everitt and appreciate the ruffian look.  I remember how he didn't flinch with he injuried his dominant hand and just said "Hell, I 'll snap with the other."  He is sporting one of our shirts and he is a Michigan Man....just one that looks like he keeps Bear Grylls in his back pocket.


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That was one of the scarier injuries I remember seeing at Michigan Stadium. I remember there being a bloody spot on the field where he went down for the rest of the game (SE corner of the field, around the 10-15 yard line). Even in later games that season my mind would trick me into continuting to see it. I was young, so I could be compltely mis-rememebering it all anyways though...


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On a related note, ESPN has a short article up about the event :

Nice to see Stafford was involved with the event as well. Apparently he donated 6 tix for auction, and won the bid for $15,000 to give to the family of an ailing girl at the hospital. Good to see him be involved with the community even though he's not from the area.


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Can someone please Photoshop Bear Grylls peaking out of Everitt's pocket?  Just a simple, totally sane, request. 


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watching him carry a half barrel of beer at his chest level like most would carry a six pack of bottles...had the luxury of graduating with him...great man. And yes to the jaw, yes to the snapping hand. He was the epitomy of toughness and determination. He is also a very talented artist/painter..probably explains the carefreeappearance, he just thinks differently....dude has talent and intimidation on his side.


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