Sione's Flow

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Apologies if this video has been posted before.  But Everitt describing how his favorite play in ND history is when Charlie Weis got taken out on the sideline is priceless.


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I used to as an undergrad, as we were friends. He was mellow and wed often go to ricks happy hour and shoot pool. He looks the part of a partier but the perception isnt reality. He was a good artist too


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Funny.  I still remember the house party in AA when we were both students and Everitt wanted to fight me.  I have no idea why.  He kept pointing at me, threatening me and getting in my way when I went to the keg.  Maybe he thought I was someone else.  

When he was away to get a beer or for a bathroom break, I asked his two friends what his problem was. They didn't really have an answer even after I told them I'd never met Everitt before.

Since he had about five inches and at least 50 pounds on me, I kept my distance and managed to avoid being broken in half.  

Great player, but a strange guy.


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I can't imagine what he was like 20 years ago in his college days. He's married and a father now, and I still wouldn't party with his crazy ass for fear of getting arrested or killed. I would be a great time but not worth it.

Fort Wayne Blue

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I live in the South Bend area, and my dental hygienist's daughter was a cheerleader for Notre Dame at the UTL game.

Apparently, during the game, Steve came over the the ND parents section and started cussing them out. (Her story), to the point that the ND parents called an usher over to complain. The usher said nothing could be done cause he had field passes.

She called Dave Brandon to complain, and Dave "was very nice" as he listened to her story. Then said, "I think I know who you're talking about, he's played football here, and has a few screws loose. I don't give him his pass, the coaches do, but I'll talk with the coaches about him."

She apparently now hates Brady Hoke and Michigan....

So needless to say, I always make sure to talk about it, I think next time I'll mention Brian Kelly doing that to his players and see what she says...


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Two sides to every fable.

My dentist has a Michigan Diploma on the wall, btw.

I was in the front row in the endzone with all ND families with my Mike Hart jersey and he gave me a hug and high five as the rest of the ND contingent was yelling fuck yous at him, but he was awesome.


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That's kinda funny.  I also live in the South Bend area, and while not as recent, our company used to employ Michael Floyd's girfriend.  The owners are HUGE ND fans and they would always be all in her grill about keeping him in line or keeping what he did under the radar.  In any event, she would give the same accounts as you just gave above, but I always just chalked it up to bullshit from an opoosing fan/girlfriend who is far to loyal to say anything else. 


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coming from someone affiliated with ND, with no evidence, and then post that on a Michigan Football blog?

You should hear what I heard about that cheerleader from my best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend.


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He has the right to say whatever the hell he wants to about Michigan as well as any if their opponents. Actually, this is America, so regardless if you played for U of M, you also have the right to say whatever you want about whomever you want. If someone has a problem with that, there are many hundreds of other countries tht you are free to move to. Michigan fans can be such douchebags sometimes.


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Not sure why this is suddenly such a big topic. Did everyone decide to slow cook this for 8 months and then start bitching about. They don't want to play us, who cares. On to the next.


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I scrolled through the posts in this thread and failed to come across what I suspect is behind Steve's obvious and now video display of hatred toward ND. It was during this game that the ND linebacker put his helmet to Steve's jaw in one of the most viscious hits I've ever seen. I think his hatred is reasonable, but should be directed at the individual player and not the entire ND nation.  To his credit, I would consider him among the toughest football players I've ever seen. In the same season that he had his jaw wired from this hit, he also broke his right hand, however started at center in the very next game, snapping the ball with opposite hand. Screw loose? No. And if Brandon actually said that, he was every bit as wrong as was Everitt for his comments. He is just a loose cannon that is not afraid to speak his mind. I've never known him to get into any type of legal trouble and let's face it, a guy this big and outspoken would have a number of people willing to go toe-to-toe with him. This suggests to me he simply speaks his mind and is totally honest, no matter the subject matter. Honesty, no matter whether we agree or disagree is a rarity these days. He's harmless and always took care of the "nerds" while in school, making sure they weren't picked on in his presence.


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he was injured. It was one of the ones taken down by his money-grubbing pals. 

I had to laugh when I read the "screw loose" comment though, it's almost an inside joke.

...During a game against Notre Dame, he broke his jaw. A plate and four screws were inserted to hold it in place. About a year later, he was having dinner with his parents when one of the screws came out. His father began telling people he had a screw loose.