Steve Elmer to ND (per Trieu)

Submitted by Maizedout1982 on September 17th, 2011 at 2:36 PM

Steve Elmer going to Norte Dame per Allen Trieu. DAMN!


Go Blue!!



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Not particuliarly happy about this, but it seems a bit sudden. I felt like his recruitment would play out a while longer, especially having seen his interview with Tom the other day. 


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I guess I can understand it somewhat.  With the OL class in 2012, he was facing stiff competition to see the field early.  Tough to lose him, but I'd rather he leave the state if he isn't going blue.


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Wow, I'm really surprised by this. It seemed like he had a lot more interest in UM given his many visits to AA. Also, I'd think Brian Kelly's attitude toward his players might have made Elmer's parents uncomfortable, especially given how involved his father has been in his recruitment. Ah well, things can change.


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Alrighty then. Seems a bit premature but I guess so. His recruitment was just getting started. Michigan will keep recruiting him and I would play close attention.


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cmon really?  how can you even go there?  Why would you downgrade the commits we have landed?  pleny of talent there to say the least.  so I'm guessing you have seen every snap of his highschool career aswell as every snap of the other lineman we have landed?  who is his competition?  some 200 pound DE's...just another corn fed farm boy.  Plenty more where he came from.


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I made a thread earlier about Elmer who said he had a silent leader. I got it from an article from a 24/7 MSU writer on RCMB who said he thought it was Michigan. Last time I get any information from a Spartan, or more specifically, RCMB.


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I don't think he would necessarily need to see another commit for the depth chart to give him trouble.  Michigan has got two of the top tackles (Manguson and Kalis, even if he projects at guard), an in-state sleeper like Braden, and -- if rumors are true -- one or two more OL coming in for this class.  I think Elmer (and Diamond, for that matter) are looking for opportunities to play early.


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Sorry, but i was doing six other things and wanted to let you guys know. Congrats to Norte Dame, but as always, GO BLUE!!

The future is very bright for us.

3-0 and on to the San Diego State game. 


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Not surprised at all. He was saying the right things but he has been to ND as much as he's been to AA and most of his visits this year are to see ND even when they are on the road. He had also previously said he's a big ND fan because of his religion. Add it all together and this was a matter of when, not if.


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"He had also previously said he's a big ND fan because of his religion."

Interesting ... I hadn't heard that. I could certainly see where it would matter, though. ND has (historically, at least) had a Mt. Carmel pipeline in Chicago. It's not the only one.

Webber's Pimp

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I guess Elmer didn't believe he'd see enough playing time at Michigan given the incoming class. Too bad. This is a real shocker as I think Elmer is considered one of the top 3 players for teh state of Michigan in 2013. We need OT's and he was certianly one of our biggest targets. That said as long as we get Banner or Diamond we should be just fine.


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Best of luck, Steve, in all your games that aren't against us. We still pull for our Michigan guys no matter what.


I do wonder though, if this commitment will stick. I can't feel too much of the schadenfreude when dealing with a team that we have handled well in recent years, but I can't say that the Brian Kelly regime is off to the best possible start. From "BCS Contender" (not my prognostication, but that of others) to 0-2 and facing a tough Spartan team isn't really the way they had things slated.

Honestly though, it's not just the wins and losses. I saw a Catholic group that voiced concerns about keeping Brian Kelly on as coach after the famous hissy fit. Makes me wonder how long he will be around. I have to think that if he continues to behave badly and lose, his tenure might not be so long. If ND hadn't had so much turnover and so little success over the last 20 years, I think that they might already be pondering alternatives.

If a Michigan coach conducted himself that way (and I were Mary Sue), I'd have had a meeting with him the next day or even that night. I can only let that happen once. Second time and you're fired. Also, feel free to differ with this opinion, but I think that you might be able to fire the guy for cause, thus avoiding the buyout.

In conclusion, I apologize for the ramble, but I guess that committing to ND just puzzles me, given the smart and analytical approach that the Elmers seemed to be taking. Stanford or Cal would have made a heck of a lot more sense to me of the other programs out there. Gotta go with your heart, but I just don't see the logic here.