Steve Breaston - David Merritt Collaboration

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Jeff Arnold in has a nice feature covering Steve Breaston's and David Merritt's collaboration on a new I Miss You, Inc. shirt. 

Merritt asked Breaston to construct an original piece that would inspire [a] unique T-Shirt design to be part of Merritt's company's summer line. Breaston [went] to work, finishing a poem he had started that focused on his hometown's [North Braddock, PA] positive aspects.

Merritt's company, I Miss You, Inc., is built on a mission of making others feel special and on community pride. When Merritt read the poem Breaston had written for the campaign, he knew he had something he would work with.  More importantly, he read a piece of original poetry he knew others could relate to.

"I said I wanted something real, something about his community and once he sent it to me, I knew this was it. This was perfect," Merritt said. "It was just a perfect representation of how he felt about his community.  But Steve really cares about people and that's what we try to do with IMU - really care about people. So that's what made him perfect for his - not only because he can write so well, but because he cares so much for his community."

Check out the full article and check out the full line of Merritt's products.



July 4th, 2010 at 3:43 PM ^

CBS This Morning just had a feature about Braddock, PA this a.m., just about when you were posting.  Don't know how different Braddock and N. Braddock are, but from this video, I'd guess not that much.  (Braddock is the focus of the new Levis ad campaign.)  But this isn't corporate commercialism.  Thanks, Breason & Merritt, and you for posting.