Stephon Tuitt to enter NFL Draft

Submitted by Laser Wolf on January 5th, 2014 at 9:28 PM
Per multiple sources. Not unexpected but still a major blow to that defensive front that already lost Nix.

@BrianHamiltonSI: #NotreDame DE Stephon Tuitt will enter NFL Draft, he first told SI on Sunday. Quick story:



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Yes, to win back the "All Time Winning Percentage" title and to end the series as the final winner and to hear the Chicken Dance played with gusto one last time and to just plain stick a finger in their eye at their place at night.

Definitely not OT.



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No, no.  The best part about OT season is the endless whining from various posters about what is, and isn't "OT".  Close second is those who whine about what is and isn't thread-worthy.

It's going to be a special winter here on the board, I can feel it.

Mr. Yost

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This is a grey area though, it's not really about ND.

Are we supposed to make a new thread for every ND, MSU and OSU player that declares?

I suppose, but to me Braxton coming back is different, he'll still be on the team and he's the QB. Then again that was labeled OT.

I dunno, I'm just saying I see both sides for this one.

I personally would've labeled this one OT but I understand why it's not. It's just to me it's like, "meh."


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"Are we supposed to make a new thread for every ND, MSU and OSU player that declares?"

Um, yes? I'd like to know which impact players will no longer be with our rivals when we play them next year.


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Why do things even need to be labled OT? Like are people around here so dumb that they cannot discern what does or doesn't relate to Michigan from the title? Like it literally makes no sense to me why this is even needed. What impact does the label even have? It's not like the "OT" sorts the topic off to some seperate subforum or soemthing. 


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To be clear, anything regarding a conference member or future opponent is on topic.

The best guideline is whether something has an affect on Michigan (fanbase, the U, the AD). If it's something about a rival player leaving for the NFL it definitely does, same with former Michigan players and things like the Blimpie Burger move. The threads that need OT labels are threads about broader pro sports topics, events in the news, cat GIF's, stuff like that.


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That's been the buzz all year.  That the 2014 draft is absolutely loaded and that's why my Browns stockpiled draft picks so they could take advantadge of the raw number of great players available.

That being said I have absolutely no doubt they will screw it up royally.


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This draft is going to be stacked. As a lions fan i am glad were picking in the top 10. Pairing sammy watkins with megatron will be a nightmare for other teama


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I like Slay and I think our safeties are fine when healthy. DB is a really hard position to learn to play in the NFL so unless you have once in a generation type players like Patrick Peterson, I wouldn't bet on them being solid contributors right away. Not to say that they can't be good. I'd rather have some guys with NFL experience playing back there. 

LB or OL. The OL hasn't been the problem this year. LB, I could live with. However, if there is an elite receiver sitting there for us we have to take him. We really don't have anyone to help CJ out. 

Young is gone. Broyles is injury prone. Fuaria is more of a redzone target and isn't a good blocker so it's not like he's a decoy out there. Pettigrew has improved but still has hands of stone. Buerlson isn't getting any younger and has had freak injuries -- though I love him as a locker room guy. Durham is meh. We need another pass catcher desperately. 


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Dear Sammy -


Sorry you're going to be facing single coverage most of the time with Megatron on the other side. And additional apologies for the fact that you'll have a 3-time 4500-yard passer throwing to you...

Sorry your stats are going to be huge.



turd ferguson

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We'll obviously need our OL to be much better next year.  There are limits on practice time, so there's only so much we can do there.  There are no limits on time spent convincing our opponents' defensive linemen that they should go pro.  Funk, please get on this.  Yes, it might get hard once you get down to Miami Ohio's fourth stringers, but that's where you earn your salary.


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ESPN reported that he received a second-round grade from the NFL Advisory Committee, which I assume drove the decision, at least in part. 

Some sundry stats courtesy of Matt Fortuna:

He led the Fighting Irish in sacks with 7.5 and tackles for loss with 9, adding 13 hurries, a forced fumble and an interception in the end zone for a touchdown. The Monroe, Ga., native tallied 21.5 sacks for his career, and his 12 sacks in 2012 were 1.5 shy of Justin Tuck's school single-season record.