Stephon Herron Jr. Reportedly Firm on Commitment

Submitted by njvictor on May 7th, 2018 at 9:48 PM

247's Josh Newkirk is reporting that Stephon Herron Jr. is firm on his commitment to Michigan and he is "not looking right now." It seemed to be a foregone conclusion that Herron would flip to Stanford, but it seems that may not 100% be the case right now. He technically may not be lying about not looking right now as some believe Herron is awaiting admission to Stanford to flip his commitment, but hopefully we can take this at face value. Take this news with a grain of salt, but I'd definitely like to see the coaches get Herron on campus soon and try to sure him up on his commitment…


East German Judge

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I second it, I would have felt more confortable if he had not said that. 

That is almost like when an AD says that he is fully in support of the embattled head football coach, you know that means HE GONE!  Really hope that is not the case here.


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I ran into the postman and the mail went flying everywhere.   As I helped the mailman pick up the mail, I saw a postcard that called him Steven "Boom" Herron and quickly hid it in my fanny pack and destroyed it at home.  

Your welcome guys.  

Leaders And Best

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If he doesn't sign during Early Signing Period, he is probably not going to be in the class. Early Signing Period is several weeks before Stanford admissions is finalized for some, so I think that will be the day to look at.

Early Signing Period has taken some of the gamesmanship of recruiting out of the process. Much harder to string a school or prospect along to February Signing Day now.


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Let's be honest here.. If you want to be coached up to play as a DL in the NFL.


I understand the academics/weather but c'mon!


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Someone should post a recap of the Michigan Insider podcasts from today. I'm swamped with my business trying to get it running, but there was a ton of good recruiting and current team info on there today.

Little summary - DE Zach Harrison setting commitment for August - Official to Michigan in June.

Karlaftis Has incredible athleticism and remains interested in Michigan - Sam likes to talk about him a lot to the point where I think there's a lot of options there in taking him from Purdue

Lots of other good recruiting tidbits - D-Line has a ton of excellent prospects high on Michigan.

Oh, and regarding Joe Milton, Sam Webb said that if fall practice goes anything like spring practice, he wouldn't expect him to redshirt and would instead expect the staff to find ways to play him possibly in a Jabrill Peppers kind of small role (not in similar skill set but how they might use him in frequency including RPO). Milton has been that good.


May 8th, 2018 at 10:35 AM ^

Joe Milton won't start unless he is definitely better than Peters and McCaffrey and Shea Patterson is injured. Playing a few snaps a game does not have anything to do with the state of the QB position. No way McCaffrey this year + Peters last year is worse than O'Korn last year + Peters last year, so if Milton is playing over them then that just tells you how good he is.

And I don't even think Milton playing a few snaps a game necessarily even means that he would be starting over McCaffrey and Peters - I think the idea is that he brings a different skillset with his arm that the other two don't have. Maybe he's better at RPO than the other guys, which is a set of plays Jim has publicly stated that he wants to incorporate more into his offense this year.