Stephen Ross donates another $200 Million

Submitted by Bluegriz on September 4th, 2013 at 1:11 AM

Report: Ross to give $200 million in largest-ever donation to University

The article gives the details and apparently there is a press conf today (Wednesday).  Impressive.  Some of the donation will go to athletics.



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They have to play around his roped off area dead center of the field. While he shouts bloody marvelous after each play and man servants run curl routes to refill his champagne.


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Ha.  Look at Vincent Smith and Brandon Hawthorne and all the blood, sweat, and tears they gave to the AD.  It'll take them 20 years to catch up to someone like Bry_Mac or MWolverine.  You gotta do a little more than donate some cash to the AD to earn MGoPoints.  Now, when the point system returns, if Ross were to post a timely photoshop or two he'll be well on his way . . .


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It is very generous...BUT.. his accountant likely told him he needed to make a large donation.  He's surely not "donating" as much money as it appears.

I am not trying to minimize his contribution, just stating the facts and realities of wealth.  Charles Woodson likely ran into a similar situation with his Mott donations, as he appears to have managed his money very well.


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While I'm sure he's not doing this just for the right off, to suggest that "suggesting any other motive" makes the poster an ass just makes you look stupid and like a homer. I'm sure it's nice to think Ross and all our alumni are good people but they didn't get to the point they are in their lives by being stupid and doing things for the hell of it. The guy has a LLM in tax and worked at one of the Big 4 back before going off on his own. 

As Ross gets up there in age, I am wondering what sort of estate tax implications he has in mind (tax law was my least favorite class). Either way, if you're going to respond, please do so in a substantive and intellectual manner other than in essence saying "HURR DURR MICHIGANZ THE BEST". 


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It's a discussion.  I added some knowledge, personal experience, and factual information about how these large donations work, and often why they go down.  It doesn't make Ross's contribution any less grand, relevant, or good-natured.  He could have donated the money anywhere but chose a learning institution that he has close ties to.  I thought that was inferred, but I was wrong.


"All the dots, caps and italics" are in reference to two casual uses of ellipsis and one word in caps and italics?  What - you didn't feel it necessary to call out the donations in quotation marks?  You're slipping.




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Is this serious?  I can't believe I have to type this:  the entire 200 million wasn't needed for the donation.  He likely added more to ensure the Business school was finished, etc.


I mean honestly, are you guys seriously that aloof or does Stephen Ross contribute to your Christmas cheer?


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Go easy on me, I was one of those sociology majors who gets a meaningless degree and then flips burgers or something.  And though I'm plenty aloof, I highly doubt Steve Ross has made these donations because they are good financial moves, not because he's philanthropic, like you're suggesting. 

I make donations as well (not of this magnitude, of course) and although I write them off, I don't do it for that purpose, and I'd be in a much better spot not having the write off and keeping the money.


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Stephen Ross is like Bill Gates and Gandhi rolled into one, except he's a better blocker out of the backfield and has world class speed.

-Fred Jackson