Stephen Hopkins - Suspended for WMU?

Submitted by Section 1 on August 31st, 2011 at 9:29 AM

Simple question:  Is Hopkins serving a 1 game suspension?

I've heard no official word.  While Hagerup is off the official/unofficial depth charts per his supsension, Hopkins is on the charts.  And while Hagerup's suspension was noted on, I saw nothing re: Hopkins.  I've seen no comment from Hoke, and I'm not certain if anyone has asked the question.  Am I overlooking anything?

If true, it would clearly not be a critical suspension, personnel-wise, for purposes of facing Western, with a bunch of other healthy running backs.  What I am really wondering about, is the veracity of the people who started the Hopkins-is-going-to-be-suspended rumor a couple of weeks ago.



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even the most amateur beat-writers try to find legitimate substance to rumors before they put public questions to coaches in front of a room full of their peers...and there are about a half-dozen beat-writers who *get paid* to cover the wolverines...yet none of them has seemed to find this 'rumor' substantive enough to question the coaching staff about it in the last two+ weeks...maybe it's because there's nothing to it?  

let it go.  you're doing more damage by bringing this crap up and insisting it be addressed than the original rumor monger did in stating it.


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Even if he is "silently suspended", why do we need to know? Why is it that we have to know EVERY DAMN THING that a program does? Let them handle it. I trust the coaches. The media, and frankly us fans, don't need to know everything. The truth is coaches probably do this sort of thing ALL. THE. TIME. without us ever knowing (unless it's an obvious high-profile player). And that's fine. It's the way it should be. Maybe they're trying to protect Hopkins' image. He's a freaking college student...they make dumb mistakes all the time. Let the program discipline him in the way it sees fit, if it's necessary (ASSUMING the RUMOR is correct in any way. Which is a hefty assumption in itself). No need to bring him down by parading about it to the media if you can help it.



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Credibility. Gone.

"Reserve RB Stephen Hopkins will be suspended for the home opener after testing positive for prescriptionpainkillers that he was not prescribed. This is his 1st offense of this nature and he has gotten a good “chew out” from the M coaches. This has placed him in the ‘doghouse’ and will certainly effect the amount of playing time he receives in the early going."



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Until it's been tweeted by some questionable source, it didn't happen. 


(I'm certainly not doing the /s thing. If you don't understand the sarcasm, then I failed.)


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If Hopkins is suspended, we'd know about it. Hoke has been very clear re other suspensions. So I doubt he'd make an exception here. Making this sort of thing public is part of the punishment. 


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Junior Vincent Smith and sophomore Stephen Hopkins could receive occasional carries, but Borges said Shaw and Toussaint will be his primary ballcarriers to begin the season..." article today

Blue boy johnson

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OT. Have we ever gotten to the bottom of who was behind those damn billboards on I94? The unrelenting anxiety I've felt over that little piece of  tom foolery  is driving me bananas

Section 1

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The point being, I think that Brian Cook and I agree on about 98% of our On-Topic content on MGoBlog.  And it is his blog.  The I-94 billboard was one such affair.  When I got ridiculed for posting an idea, that turned out to be true.  I think that Brian and I mostly agreed on the content, the relevance and the merit of that story.


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"Dear Brian, I feel like I can call you 'Brian' because you and me are so much alike. I would love to meet you some day. It would be great to have a livechat. I know I can't write as fast as you, but I think you would be impressed with my veracity. I love your hair. You post fast. Did you have a good relationship with your father? Me, neither. These are all things we can talk about and more. I know you have not been getting my letters because I know you would write back if you did. And I hope you write back this time and we get to be good friends. I am sure our relationship would be a MGoBlast."



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where Section 1 was actually me posting under another account when I was asleep a la Fight Club and that the beratement I posed at him was actually at me and that I would end up unleashing a virus bomb on MGoBlog and all other sports blogs to force the industry to start over from zero. You know... "I am Jacks' uncontrolled rage towards all things Free Press. I kill Jack" type of stuff.

However I have confirmed with co-workers I have been awake all afternoon. As such, that's a HUGE weight off of my shoulders. Wheeeeew!

Fort Wayne Blue

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It is weird considering that it seems like he'd be a somewhat good fit for a power style offense.... a big brusing back who has the ability to run a little..... maybe even a fullback, who also could run the ball.... yet it appears like he's not going to get the ball much....


OMG Shirtless

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Everyday is one day closer to Section 1 going batshit crazy, shooting Rosenberg, going to prison, getting jail sexed by a guy name Bubba and leaving us all in peace