Stephen Herron Jr. 4* 2019 WDE :(

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trending in the wrong direction... cb's in for Stanford from Trieu, Wiltfong and Ace.

Couldnt help but think when Sam was going on and on about how well the 2019 class was starting off that we just saw this happen in 2018 with Otis and Emil Ekiyor... not meant to be taken as a "sky is falling" tread, just as a reminder that "off to a good start" 12 months out is kind of a ridiculous statement when it comes to recruiting.



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Not sure if being stuck in Puxatawny is the best day to have to relive over and over.  It took him how long to finally connect with Andie McDowell? That would have been my #2 priority after final realization that I was *a* God.

I wonder if I was stuck with Andie McDowell today, if I would still prioritize her?




EDIT: After further review. Yes with stipulation. Would need to wash off the plastic that melted onto me.


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It's not really a suprise. These kids are getting hammered day in, day out about how much JH is overrated and UM is trending in the wrong direction. Only a good 2018 season can change things.


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I agree.  And Stanford only went 9-5 last year (they got an extra game because they played in Australia(?) against Rice).  And they lost the last 2 games of their season, admittedly close games against good teams, but still.  It's early in the recruiting process even for the 2019 kids, and so getting worked up about someone predicting that possibly, maybe a guy is leaning toward a decommitment seems a bit premature.


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I agree, but I think Stanford is a really weird case because of how late you get admittance to the school.  I don't think they go in on a lot of guys because they know those guys might not qualify or would decommit if a better school comes looking around.  

Also, I know this shouldn't matter all that much, but Stanford didn't recruit all that well last year.  They finished the 2018 class ranked 39th per 24/7.  Yes, they had a decent number hit rate (88.02 is around 18-20th nationally on a per-player average), but perhaps some of their decommitment success is that they target a very particular combination of talent and academic focus that leds to little turnover but caps their ceiling a bit.  

My bigger takeaway is that Michigan is doing fine and that getting worked nearly a year out from NSD seems a bit premature.


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1. You have NO idea what 2019 is going to turn out to be.  At this pont last year 2018 looked pretty good as we had verbals from a lot of players that ended up going elsewhere.  You can speculate that it will turn out better (and we all hope it does) but as of now you have absolutely no way of knowing what it will end up being - good or bad.

2. That "douche" played football for Michigan under Bo.  Just like you did I'm sure.


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Good points my fellow long suffering Cavs/Browns devotee. Agreed on RTG who is a respected poster.

Is it unreasonable to think that the fanbase, or at least a large suffering segment has completely lost their shit and is doing so on a "per recruit" basis plus or minus?

That is, a bunch of factors played into Michigan's season not being great last year. They were the youngest team in college football, their defense was great while the offense was worst than my beloved Temple Owls (which is saying something last year). The QB situation was bad, Speight gets hurt, O'Korn bad and Peters too young. Add in the whole O-Line deal. I get it. I was there. So now, every time a recruit commits it's sunny days rainbows and unicorns and any pressure on decommit the fcuking sky is falling. 

I am old enough to remember 8-4 years with bowl losses in the Bo era. Pre-internet, of course, people just kind of went about their business until football season and just expected the next year to be better and the coaches to do their jobs. Today, it's an in the moment stock up/stock down situation on teams and the M fanbase is particularly prickly post bowl loss. Am I wrong to speculate that Harbaugh hasn't become less competitive over the past few years, that this young team (youngest in the nation) won't get better, that Don Brown remains Don Brown and that recruiting will uptick based on on-field performance given these factors? That's what I'm speculating/hoping anyway.

Unrelated, I only can read Cleveland media online...what's the trending on the #1. I keep seeing Mayfield referenced and it kind of freaks me out.


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We have similar outlooks on things in general (although I must admidt I'm more pessimistic on next year - largely due to the insane schedule) record-wise than you.  And yes, pre internet things were WAY different and the off-season was just.  The off-season.

As far as our beloved Brownies go I truly have no idea what they are going to do but what I thear they are going to do is sign a bridge veteran QB in FA (smart money here is on McCarron but dont rule out one of the Minnesota QBs should they become available or even Tyrod Taylor) and then draft either Darnold or Rosen at #1 and then come back and get either Barkley or Fitzpatrick at #4.  Let Darnold/Rosen sit for a year or two and then take over.  I do know they've assembled basically a front office "dream team" so for once I have confidence they wont fuck it up.  And if they do draft Mayfield then I'll root like hell for him and hope he's not Johnny Football Jr on the field and in real life.


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God I hope so.

For years i have really wondered why the Browns have to be "the smartest guys in the room" rather than just drafting the obvious talent that even the analysts can identify. 

Also unrelated, but I was recently dealing with Steelers fans (as opposed to talking, no one really talks to Steelers Sparty fans they are merely tolerated). Anyway, they are all up in arms about Roethlisberger retiring with the view that Landry Jones or whoever is not the answer and that their front office has not prepared for that long term exigency. It made me very happy, that conversation.


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Just because 2018 was a "down" year doesn't mean i have to  force this narrative that 2019 is the cure all when its soo far away and we just saw what happened last year with early commits.

The "JH can do no wrong" crowd is just as ridiculous as the "JH should be fired" crowd


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I think a better description would be "JH isnt perfect and has made some mistakes" crowd of which I am a proud member.  I've never heard or read of anybody asking for him to be dismissed but candidly ANY criticism of JH is interpretted as "JH should be fired" by the "JH can do no wrong" crowd.

I love him as a coach but he aint perfect (pro-tip, none of us are).  Hopefully he sees the areas where we fell short and has a plan to fix them.  I have confidence he will (moreso than Brian does right now that's for sure) but I dont think he's infallable by any means.


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I get what you're saying but the problem with that is that most of *those* people have a tendency to be condescending towards the others who see things in a more positive light. I agree whole heartedly that Harbaugh has made a few errors, which are probably related to being rusty from coaching in the NFL. He's been far from perfect here. But I also think there are things adding to the problem that are out of his control (the state of the roster being a big one). But when the tone of the negative nancies is that many of these issues are so bad they'll never be able to overcome them, then they may as well be saying he should be fired because why would you keep a coach who you think will never be able to ascend above 10 wins in a season, or that his best days are behind him?


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if you consider "a crystal ball was entered in that maybe a recruit is considering decommitting in the summer before his senior year" as the sign of an oncoming apocalypse, I'm not sure following HS recruiting is going to be your bag.

BTW, here's a lit of actual players who decommitted from Michigan's first two classes:

2017 (and you'll note, that guy at the top came back)



But just for fun, let's see that, yes, Alabama's #1 2016 class and 2017 class also featured attrition.  So no, this happens at every school, and we aren't even talking about a decommitment.  Michigan may struggle again in recruiting (I have my doubts, but saying "it's probably going to be pretty good" is apparently treated as 100% homerism at times here), but a healthy dose of perspective wouldn't hurt either.


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Forget how exactly how points for crystal calls work, but isn't there no downside to putting one in on an already commited kid? So if he stays commited, it doesn't go down as being wrong, but if he decommits then you got your prediction in early...

Also, based on Devery Hamilton's recruitment, wouldn't it be WAY to early for him to know if he's been admitted to Stanford yet?