Stephanie Spielman passes away

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Keep Chris and their family in your prayers.


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As a Buckeyes fan, I admire the class and heartfelt sympathy you have shown in regard to the passing of Stephanie Spielman. I know that there are drunk jerk fans on both sides, but it is also important to recognize the respect we have for each other. A rivalry is only real when the so-called “hate” is often fueled by fear, admiration, and talent.

Your expressions of sympathy and understanding show the class and dignity of your school and program. Let's hope this puts some of the idiots on both sides into a more respectful frame of mind.

It's ironic that we paid tribute to Bo at the Horseshoe, and that our team and fans will remember Stephanie at the Big House.

Throw the stats and standings out the window. THIS is OSU-MICHIGAN!!!!


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I think it's also important that a large portion of our fanbase are also Lions fans, so Spielman is always going to be "ours" in a way, too.

I too have found that under the surface of "hatred" and the silly insults and fighting propagated by some fans on both sides, there is a genuine respect and, in a strange way, love for the other side.

I hope something special is done to honor Stefanie today. if not by the university than by our fans. I also hope that the Lions and Browns pay tribute to her tomorrow. She was a fantastic, strong person who managed to raise millions to try and spare other women the pain she was in. True hero.

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Thanks Brodie. I agree. I rooted for Chris when he was great with the Lions and the Browns, let alone his insane 29-tackle game for the Buckeyes. ABC did a nice tribute and I saw some signs from the fans.

Ironically the Lions and Browns play tomorrow and I hope the greedy NFL will have the humanity to understand that their former players are what make them the billion dollar business they are today.

The fact that the game is blacked out is another example of their greed. Maybe, as a Browns fan, I don't want to witness the Lions further humiliate this once proud franchise. Actually, I hate Mangini so much I want the Lions t win in a blowout.

The Maize and Blue played great today. There is a good outlook. Good luck with recruiting. We need UM to be back -- for the respect of the whole Big Ten.


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Spielman remains the only Buckeye I have ever lucked. Guy had class and integrity and played the game the same way he approached life: intensely and passionately. Thoughts are with him and his kids.


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This is truly tragic news. I've been lucky enough to meet Chris on a few occasions and he really is a cool guy, one of the best Lions of all time. I know he was very devoted to her and her battle and he and his children be in thoughts.


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That sucks! Not only was she a wonderful mom and wife, she supported Chris (and he her) throughout his career and her ordeal. I'm truly saddened by this news. God bless the Spielman Family!


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This is horrible news. Chris is an extremely passionate person on and off the field and so was she in her fight against this dreaded illness. I hope Stephanie went peacefully and had the opportunity to say her goodbyes. God bless him and his family and let's keep him in our thoughts over this weekend. Suddenly the game seems to be put on the back burner for a bit.


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Im sorry to hear this. Chris is a good man and they had a great relationship. She battled this for quite some time. Remember that he retired a little early from the NFL so that he could be with her more. That says a lot about his character.


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cheer at the game. Maybe an opportunity to rise above the petty stuff and see the big picture. Full disclosure, my mom just recovered from breast cancer.


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This is sad. Chris Spielman was one of my childhood heroes, even though he played for the Buckeyes. I feel bad for him, as well as their families. Hopefully all the money they raised will lead to a cure someday.

Kevin Holtsberry

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I bear the burden of being a Michigan fan in Columbus. The Spielmans go to my church and I listen to him on the radio frequently so it feels like a death in the family somehow. Chris is a class guy and Stephanie always brightened whatever room she entered.

Definitely praying for the family during what must be a very difficult time.


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I listen to the Cleveland sports radio here (partly because I can't much stand any of the Detroit coverage, just sayin') and it's a lot of OSU. Spielman is a God there and I am sure he will be receiving a lot of well deserved support from the OSU family in this difficult time.

At every opportunity the members of the MGB community demonstrate their compassion and respect. It's good to read this thread.

My condolences to his family.


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its no coincidence that speilman is the only buck many of us have ever liked - he wanted to go to michigan!? how many of you have read bo's lasting lessons??

bo said that speilman came into his office with a cut off shirt, a big thing of chaw in, and put his feet up on bo's desk. jamie morris...sitting patiently outside the office in his coat and tie...said that he can still remember hearing bo scream at him.

bo stormed out the office in a rage and completely forgot about poor little jamie morris. the next morning he realized what he had done, called jamie and his dad at their hotel, got him to come back in for a meeting, and offered him speilman's scholarship...he accepted on the spot.

sucks to miss out on a guy like speilman. sucks to get beat twice by little jamie morris too.


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Lost my mother to cancer a few years ago and I wish I could punch out cancer like Rosenberg punches out dolphins. Terrible disease and my thoughts and prayers are with the Spielman family.


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This is too bad. My best to Chris and the entire Spielman family.

Maybe it's because I used to be a Lions fan, I'm not sure, but Spielman was a guy I always liked despite his choice of school.

Cancer is a bitch.