Stephan Hopkins and my flight back to michigan.

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So, over the weekend I flew down to Fort Worth to visit my best friend and just have a good weekend and one of the highlights of the trip was my chance to meet Stephan Hopkins on the flight home. I noticed him in the airport while I was waiting for the boarding call and thought he looked very familiar, but just couldn’t place the face. Not thinking too much of it we ended up sitting right next to each other on the plane. So I made small talk and asked if he was Stephan Hopkins in which he said yeah.

            I told him he made the right choice for coming to Michigan and that we as fans couldn’t be more thrilled to have him on the team. We talked a little about his adjustment to college and he talked about how everyone is crazy fast and athletic. I asked him if he got home sick at all (always a fear of mine for kids who live far), but he said he was at first but now he’s doing great.

            The point to this post is that with talking with him the team seems very focused and everyone is putting in the hard work. Hopkins was a very well spoken kid and seems to have a good head on his shoulders and knows that he has to compete and is willing too. He is the type of kid that I want in our uniform. 



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I believe Urkel's alter ego was pronounced stef-ON

I believe our beast of a RB's name is pronounced STEF-en


However, both are equally cool.  

Laura Winslow would love to date both.  

Car Winslow would be cool with it if either one dated his daughter.


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Whatever way he's most effective. That's what counts. Opposing D-lines have olfactory receptors too, ya know. Of course, his running style might be a bit unorthodox ....


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He's going to cause so much havoc, it'll just start coming out his pores, like an italian crime boss and garlic.

Just walking down the hall, people caught in his wake will start feeling sick or having catastrophic accidents.


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people with dreads: tay odoms, vincent smith, je'ron stokes, denard robinson, stephen hopkins, i think junior hemingway was starting dreads as well.

jeremy gallon has braids but there's no one else on the team that does.

EDIT: jt floyd also has dreads, as do richard ash and demar dorsey


 a dreadhead


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I'm happy to be corrected here, but are you sure about Floyd? I stood next to him for a while (waiting w/ my boy) after the spring game, I didn't really pay attention but actual dreads usually jump out at me. I didn't notice if they were the real thing.


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But I bet he was more excited to be recognized by someone all the way down in Texas than you were to meet him.  If he didn't realize before how high-profile University of Michigan football is, I'm sure he does by now.


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correctly, he was quoted as saying that the Alumni factor was huge part of his decision.  I think he said he wanted to be a sports agent after he plays and the huge amount of active Alumni UM has was a huge factor.

That could have been Tony Grimes though.  Or I could be combining two different quotes.


Regardless, good point re: how high-profile U of M football is.


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If he was excited about football and college and then if he felt he was working hard.

After he answered that, you might have then baited him with some questions about how much time he spent on football every week, round numbers, nothing too specific, just say, something along the lines of, 'how many hours exactly do you spend, in aggregate, on football related activities on any given week?'

If he answers anything that can be remotely construed as an overage, BOOM, you got yourself the makings of an expose!

Now you just need to find/fabricate a few disgruntled ex-players and get them talking and you are now an award-winning journalista/jihadist! Don't worry if it only turns out to be a a tiny bit true, you are just doing your job and reporting

Seriously, it is nice to hear that an incoming player is (still) excited about his choice and the state of the program and buying into the work ethic and mantra of competition. Hearing it coming, even indirectly, from the horse's (perhaps plowhorse's, it is Hopkins after all) mouth helps to counter all of the more 'doom and gloom' stuff coming from the decidely more external sources.

Thanks for the post.