Stefon Diggs Announcement - 10PM ET 2/10

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Arguably off topic since Stefon Diggs won't be selecting Michigan, but since Ohio is still in the mix, it's relevant. I haven't done the scholarship math, but if he chooses Auburn, I suppose it could shut the door on Kozan to the Tigers. Anyhow, here's the link.

Good Counsel High School wide receiver Stefon Diggs is set to announce his college decision on Comcast SportsNet on Friday night. Diggs will make the announcement during the 10 p.m. Geico SportsNet Central after the Wizards' game with LeBron James and the Miami Heat.

Diggs has confirmed to CSN that he has narrowed his list to five schools. Auburn, Cal, Ohio State, Florida and Maryland are still in the running for the five-star recruit's services. 

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Although I would hardly call this "bucknuts speculation", because the people who are talking about it, don't take part in speculation. Also, if we could only talk about confirme stuff, there wouldn't be much of a college football blog/forum presence in this country. That being said, if this is against board policy, I'd be more than happy to have it deleted.


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As it was brought up and linked to numerous times in the days after his visit to Columbus and their boards started saying all this stuff about "wanting something" and Urban nipping it in the bud.
I appreciate your point about "confirmed stuff", but when you are accusing a recruit, one that Michigan just lost out on, of taking something that is a whole different ball game.


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Which is why I brought it up. I wouldnt be a bit surprised in the internet hater world we live in these days that the other SEC news that you are hearing NOW is just the same gossip that started in Buckeye blogs and traveled down south courtesy of the web. They only now care/are jumping on it because he went to a rival sec school late last Friday.


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I think you bring up a good point, actually. His entire recruitment seemed sketchy. Loved Michigan for a long time, things seemed normal, then his Ohio visit happened and Urban cooled on him. That's extremely weird for a coach to cool on a 5-star player who's interested enough to take an official to their school a month before signing day. Combine that with Auburn coming out of nowhere (for a long time it was either UM or Arkansas) and their past run-ins with the NCAA (and the whole SEC thing).

This isn't sour grapes, I don't care about the kid anymore.


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I think the NCAA needs to investigate it, because it warrants it. I think a lot of people at Alabama just see the greater good, and they don't see what has been done to get there, wrong or not. I earnestly think it deserves to be investigated. Sorry it took me so long to respond, I had a last minute client.


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I saw an article that Florida and Georgia were recruiting a kid and his gradfather ran a church.  And that the coaches went to church with the player.  And the church was suprised when they go a sizeable donation in the offering from Muschamp.  What is legal and what is not?

Blue Ferrigno

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Greg Mattison is Big10 recruiter of the year!


Greg Mattison, Michigan
Buzz: It did not take Mattison long to shake off the recruiting rust after spending three years in the NFL. The former Baltimore Raven's defensive coordinator stepped in and immediately made an impact in the final month of the 2011 recruiting class, then came out and started the 2012 class on fire, landing commitments from eight prospects (one five-star, five four-stars and two three-stars) before the end of July. The crown jewel in that group was five-star offensive tackle Kyle Kalis, whom Mattison was able to flip from Big Ten rival Ohio State, then hold onto after Urban Meyer came to Columbus and tried to re-recruit Kalis back the Buckeyes. With the addition of Cleveland (Ohio) Glenville three-star defensive tackle Willie Henry in the final week of the process, Mattison was the lead or secondary recruiter in nine of the Wolverine's 25 signees in the 2012 class.  


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Really hope this is right, ESPN's Jared Shanker seems to think he's going to OSU.

Jared Shanker
I think Ohio State likes where it sits with Stefon Diggs
Also posts an insider link talking about how buckeyes could be in for a good weekend (re diggs obviously).  I don't see the board taking it in stride if this happens.


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Midwest recruiting analyst?  He lives in Columbus and only writes about Ohio.  In his B1G recruiting summary he talked about what an amazing job Urban did.  Then for Michigan he said they really benefited from the Ohio scandal and lack of coach.  Implied it was all luck of circumstance.  Funny how he didn't mention Ohio benefiting from the PSU dumpster fire.


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So, Diggs is deciding between 3 schools.  Two of the three are known to have fans who are more than willing to do what ever it takes to "help" recruit 5 star players.  Good Luck Maryland, better hope Under Armor opens it's check book.


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That guy has like 50 followers. But a Ozone "insiders" said the samething yesterday. This what not be good, not be good at all. Look at it however you want, but Urban+Stafon+Braxton+Jalin Marshall= Lethal