Stefan McClure visiting?

Submitted by .ghost. on January 16th, 2011 at 4:58 PM

Article behind paywall on scout, but it sounds like 4* CB Stefan McClure may have interest. That would be a heck of a way for Hoke to get the ball rolling with recruiting.  Any west-coasters familiar with this kid's game?



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I have a standing bet with a couple Michigan fans I know well that we'll sign minimum 2 defensive players that were A. never recruited by the prior staff or B. never would have considered Michigan under the past staff. 

AND C. they will be guys that the fans on MGoBlog will be excited about.

A new coach with a new message and his own relationships means some new players. If it were early December, I'd drive that number up to 5.  Not meant as a commentary on Rich Rodriguez or Brady Hoke, just kind of the nature of the deal.



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It's not an unreasonable bet. i've never seen the implosion of a recruiting class similar to what happened at Pitt, going from ranked to Armageddon in a month, but with only a one day headstart on Hoke, Pitt's coach is already picking up the pieces fairly well. He's brough some of the decommit's back to the table, and has more talent visiting that was never interested before (including Bryant, Taylor) and it's a simple fact he'll snag some of those new faces, if only some of the guys he had lined up at Tulsa.

Hoke will probably do something similar, though I don't know how "excited" we'll be.


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You will lose your bet. I know you hate RR but if we are to gain this commitment, it is a wash because we will have lost Crawford. Hoke is not a big name hire and I don't see him pulling in much interest that wasn't already there. Next year, after recruits get to see what he is all about, should and will be where he gets to make his mark. Hopefully you will remain patient enough to allow him a few recruiting classes before passing judgement.


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Michigan should just look for undecided 4 stars with official visits and ask them if they'd like to see the school. They'd probably just go for fun but getting those kids on campus wouldn't hurt. 

The Denarding

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He calls no one rabble rabble and doesn't have connections anywhere rabble rabble and there is no desire to come here because Brady Hoke is nobody rabbly rabble...and uhh rabble rabble?

I guess this is evidence that we as a fan base should take a deep breath and wait to see how recruiting plays out.  As has been stated before the defensive coordinator hire is much more important than any singular recruit.  And if Brady Hoke can recruit people to come to Ball State or San Diego State - the man can recruit.

I also believe that it is not going to be a ho hum choice for defensive coordinator.  If it was,  I suspect it would already be announced.  How long does it take to convince Vance Bedford to be the defensive coordinator?


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FYI: This kid goes to the same high school that Leon Hall went to, and Hoke was responsible for getting Hall to commit to Michigan.