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what's the point of the last half of the article if his source is saying that he is going to the draft?  Whether college is the greatest four years of your life and having "maturity issues" (I think that's what he was trying to say) is a moot issue.


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The Stauskas family has been working towards this moment (NBA) for years. It's well deserved, and while we want him to win us more Big Ten championships and Final Fours, can't deny the kid his due.

The most telling sign (apart from the moment of unguarded honesty by Stauskas' dad a few months back) was when Beilein was asked about the scholarship situation being 1 above the limit with the new class coming in and, without missing a beat, Beilein deadpanned "It'll work itself out".

There's a reason coach isn't worried about the scholarship thing and is on the hunt for impact transfer players this season.


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We all sorta knew this moment was coming. I am very thankful we had the oppotunity to watch him wear the Michigan uniform. What an amazing player. I hope he tears it up in the league. 


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Glad he went with JBart's dad(if true).  Interesting about the summer snub.  I LOL'd when I read he was snubbed for not changing his body in prep for the NBA

They might want to rethink their position.  Sounds like the decision burned them pretty good in competition too.  Good.



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if it was Bartelstein however i would be surprised if he has made "official" contact yet. If he had, there would be no purpose in getting the evaluation by the Undergraduate Evaluation Committee. It makes much more sense to wait a few days for the evaluation to come back.

My guess is the article is a bit early and some "unofficial" and within whatever the rules allow type contact has taken place in order to prepare for what probably we happen.


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I'm confused.  Will this agent help Nik select his upcoming Junior class schedule or was he retained to help him find suitable off-campus housing?  Or perhaps he was secured to help NIk find gainful employment this summer.

Why else would he need one?

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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Just wanted to reiterate that any reports about my future intenions are FALSE! I have NOT made ANY decisions on my future yet!</p>&mdash; Nik Stauskas (@NStauskas11) <a href="">April 10, 2014</a></blockquote>
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Of course, Stauskas tweeted moments ago that he "hasn't made ANY decision yet," but it has to just be a matter of time now.