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I didn't see anyone else post this yet, but Nik Stauskas is on the cover of next week's edition of ESPN Magazine.  It's hard to tell from the cover image, but he's more than a shooter.  Does anyone see anyone they know in the crowd?  You probably need a bigger picture to see details, but the guy in the bottom right hand corner is wearing the MGO 'Jalen&Chris&Juwan&Jimmy&Ray' shirt.  Thanks again to the board for sharing those $5 yearly subscription, along with Miguel Cabrera being on the cover last week, it's been a good find.

Not just a shooter



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I get ESPN the magazine and saw that I received this in the mail yesterday, but I didn't even notice that was Michigan on the cover.  FAIL

Thanks for the heads up, I suppose I should actually read this one.  


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Nearly half of the 'zine is dedicated to Michigan, including articles on Burke, Beilein, the Maize Rage, and of course the game against the Buckeyes.  An interesting little piece on the hatred of Aaron Craft as well.

Thanks again to the folks who posted those cheap ESPN The Mag deals.  I don't really care much about the magazine in general, but this issue was definitely worth it.

SC Wolverine

March 10th, 2013 at 7:00 AM ^

It really was an MGoESPN extravaganza.  Lots of great stuff.   The part about the Maize Rage hatred for Aaron Craft and the filth spewed against him by Michigan students was pretty distasteful.  Not the kind of thing they are going to proud to have their kids or parents read about.  It gave me a lot of sympathy and respect for Craft.


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I get The Mag and its got a shit ton of Michigan coverage. Articles on Coach, Burke, Fab 5, Craft :( and pictures on a day-in-the-life of a Michigan & Ohio game day

Unfiltered Manball

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shining above Nik.  I bet it's more than a shooting star.

Here's to hoping the boys make the cover again in about a month.

But first, may Crisler run red with Hoosier blood tomorrow.  Long overdue to break out from these month-long doldrums with a resounding beatdown.  GO BLUE!!!



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It's really kind of sad, but I already knew about the Michigan spread because someone made a whiny post about it on RCMB yesterday. I don't think a day goes by that there aren't at least 5-10 threads started there about Michigan, many simply complaining because some Michigan team or athlete is getting publicity/recognition.


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Yeah, my daughter's a Spartan graduate and fan. I haven't lived in Michigan for almost 30 years; we now live in Oklahoma, so she went to MSU out of state (fortunately with scholarships to pay her way).  She's now in graduate school at North Carolina State, so almost all of our interactions have been through texting.  We usually send a few texts back and forth with good natured ribbing, comments on officiating, compliments on good plays.  We did attend the Sugar Bowl together, and I cheered on MSU as we listened on the car radio on our way to New Orleans, and she cheered on the Wolverines.

 I think it's a bit easier that we don't live in Michigan, so we don't have the constant background noise of idiotic fans in our lives.  We have used watching and discussing games together as bonding moments more that anything else. I think when one cares about and/ or respects someone from a different fanbase, there's a greater incentive and attempt to choose words a bit more wisely than might otherwise occur in the heat of the moment during games.


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As soon as I got that issue in the mail, I went through the mgoblog store hoping to find that shirt.  I came up empty, so evidently it has other origins.  Anyone know where it's from?


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In the mail today. Great piece on the Michigan B-Ball team. I'd say most of the issue is dedicated to "The Game" If you don't subscribe I highy recommend picking it up.