Stauskas debut

Submitted by Double-D on July 13th, 2014 at 12:35 PM

Not a bad stat linr for Nik.  Sounds like he is shaking up the roster.  Two steals and two blocks?  Hard work, talent, and confidence is going to add up to a long NBA career.

"Stauskas posted 14 points on 4-of-9 shooting, tying forward Quincy Acy for the team lead in scoring, and added three assists, two steals, two blocks and three turnovers."…





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He got banged around a bit but showed toughness. Got destroyed when he tried to dunk on a couple of bigs and stayed down afterwords but came right back in typical pissed off Stauskas form and played even better. Looks young but looks like a serious prospect. Aggressive. Not scared. Efficient. Poised. Deadly shooter and length was making up for his slightly slower foot speed against nba level talent. He's no Jimmer. Wait and see though. Great looking start.


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Can't wait for the Kings to visit The Palace next winter. I was there last year when Trey came to Detroit with the Jazz, and the primary colors of the crowd were Maize and Blue. If I remember correctly, the Maize Rage even came out and supported? It was a weird yet awesome experience, and of course Trey dropped 21 and 10 on the Pistons. Hope Nik does the same. 


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Well it's not like the Pistons passed on Nik like they did with Trey. Pistons didn't even have a 1st round pick. I'll hope Nik does well but not enough to help the Kings win. Cheering for Trey and the Jazz was justified, as it was a little F you to Dumars which we all wanted to tell Dumars, but it wouldn't be justified cheering for the Kings this season.


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I hear what you're saying. Last year certainly was a little F you to the Pistons, but when Nik (Glenn, Mitch, and Timmy) play at The Palace I just like going to cheer for them, not necsesarily the Pistons. Plus it's not like the Pistons are any good anyways. 


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noticeably better then McLemore, his main competition. GR3 had 5pts, Morgan 2 yesterday. THJ had 25pts, then 20 yesterday. Burke I believe had like 11. GR3 had first game nerves, needs to ball hog to make this team imo.


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He and the Kings are scheduled to be on NBA.TV when they next play Monday night. Check local listings for time and channel. Just saw notice of the game broadcast in a note column on the Charlotte Hornets who are also scheduled for a contest on the same bill. 

Ali G Bomaye

July 14th, 2014 at 11:07 AM ^

Stauskas reminds me more of Reggie Miller than anyone.  He's cocky and can perform magic to get his deadly jumper off even when the defense is expecting it.  But although he can hold his own, he probably won't be a significant contributor in areas other than scoring.

Bird isn't a good comparison because he was also a great rebounder and distributor, which Stauskas isn't at this point.


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The former U-M guard rolled around the arc, off a screen and his flashed his hands for a pass. Ray McCallum, his new Sacramento Kings teammate, obliged, whipping the ball to Stauskas.

...and with the made jumper, that is not a bad introduction to NBA play at all, I would say. It will be exciting to see where and how far Nik goes in the legue. Hopefully, this is just the start of a rather nice career for him.


July 13th, 2014 at 3:40 PM ^

Stauskas played the most minutes at 32:59 and was the only Kings player to have a positive +/- at +1. So when he was in they hung tough with the Spurs but when he went out they got throttled. Good for Nik


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Nik looked good but he didn't have a great game. I actually ran into Nik's parents before the game and they told me to find them to get an autograph if I couldn't find Nik. I lost them both :(. However I did run into THJ, D-Mo, Bernard Robinson, J-Mo and GRIII. I'm having a ball out here