Stauskas is a 76er

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Per multiple sources:


Sources: 76ers sending the rights of oveseas players to Kings. Philly wanted Stauskas and will take on Thompson/Landry salaries.

— Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) July 2, 2015

Sorry for the insufficient post. I'm a 76er fan, so I wanted to post this first. This is a salary dump for the Kings, and the 76ers wanted Stauskas. He is a three-point shooting guard, which is EXACTLY what we were looking for. We were high on him in the last draft. GO SAUCE CASTILLO!



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This is nothing about being is all about stockpiling assets. When you can get a top 10 pick by just taking a bad contract when you have the room, then do it. Tank 100%. To win, teams with low marketability need a large number of good players within a short timeframe so they aren't outbid or lose the stars they aquire. 


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Yeah I'm with you.

The Sixers are getting a lot of heat, but at least they have a long term plan: Stink for now to get top draft picks. Eventually (assuming the prospects don't all bust), they'll have a lot of young, cheap talent to win with. They aren't gonna stink forever. 

I'm happy if I'm Nik too. The Kings weren't really using him and he'll have a chance to play in Philly. 



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Here's the problem... luck hasn't been in our favor... 

Last year we missed on Wiggins and this year the FUCKING LAKERS killed our hopes of having a somewhat stable roster with Russell. Watching the Lakers proceed to fail at free agency yet again is making me even angrier b/c they could've just signed a PG and drafted Okafor instead.... 

This upcoming year we better out-tank the Lakers and hope they are just good enough to give us their Top 3 protected pick for the 2016 Draft.

So... that will net the Sixers a 4th pick at best along with wherever the Sixers' actual draft pick is... along with 2 more 1st round picks later on.

If Hinkie can't hit on a draft with 4 fucking first round picks, his ass better be fired...

And it would be Sixers' shitty luck that the 2016 draft sucks compared to the 2014 and 15 drafts smh.  

No historic franchise like the Sixers should be tanking like this. It's pathetic and tarnishes the spirit of the game. 


Make that 5 1st round picks b/c somehow Hinkie managed to swindle another NBA team (Kings) into giving the Sixers a 1st rounder along with 2 additional 1st round swaps AND Stauskas and co...while STILL RETAINING Saric bahhaha. 

Sixers baby! Offseason champs! Back to back! 


Ricky from Sunnyvale

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I bet you only watched ATL when they played the Cavs, to which I can't blame(also he was bad/injured in the ECF). Most fans do. I admit that I am an NBA junkie, but Korver was awesome this year. I have league pass and was big on ATL during the 30 game win streak or whatever they had. The dude was Danny Green 4.0 he almost went 50% from 3, 50% from the field and 90% from the line to quote Kanye "dat shit cray." Staukas would be happy to have the career of Korver, all the comparisons to Klay Thompson were foolish I thought. NIk is a bad defender and has trouble in NBA transiton as well as taking people of the dribble. 


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Actually....while our record is bad (though we can't seem to get the worst record), Brett Brown has been very good at developing players. Everybody he touches has played better than at their previous destination.

The entire team is built around the same philosophy as the Rockets: high percentage shooting near the basket and the 3-point line. With Okafor and Noel down low (plus Embiid whenever he gets healthy), Stauskas will get some nice looks from downtown.

panthera leo fututio

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Yeah, I dunno, I'd probably decide on "better franchise" based on something along the lines of their respective chances of being late-round playoff teams in the next five or so years. By that metric, I'd go with the Sixers. Who could be all means continue being terrible. But given their assets -- lottery 5s and otherwise -- I think they def have a better chance of breaking through than do the Kings.


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He should put some pretty decent numbers there. A shitload of bigs that teams will collapse on, and he's about the only player on the roster who can shoot.


If he likes to win, he'll be miserable, but he should be able to put up numbers that will get him paid w/ some team down the road...


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As a kid who grew up within spitting distance of philly, a michigan student, and forever michigan fan I am so stoked about this. It may be the first nba jersey I ever get

Gucci Mane

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This is one of the best situations nik could be in; first of all Philly will give him every chance to develope, and with all those big he should be able to get plenty of looks from 3.

Ricky from Sunnyvale

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I hope Nik the best moving forward. Saw he tweeted this gem earlier today. 

Also saw that the 76ers released Glen Robinson

2016 Sixers now have: Okafor, Embiid, Noel, Saric, Stauskas, four 1st rounders & 50+ million in cap space. Thinking Sam Hinkie might be crazy like a fox, still a little crazy though.