Statement by Mike Slive (SEC): A&M has been accepted?

Submitted by psychomatt on September 12th, 2011 at 8:37 PM

It sounds like the SEC has accepted A&M's application. Not clear what happened to the "waiver of litigation" requirement, but unless I'm reading this wrong A&M is officially headed to the SEC.

Money quote:

When Texas A&M joins our conference, we don't have immediate plans for a 14th member. We aren’t thinking in terms of numbers. We think about the strength of the SEC and the attractiveness of Texas A&M as an institution.



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Oy. Here's hoping the SEC doesn't jump for 16 teams like the Pac 12 is looking like its doing. That would leave us on an island, and pretty much force us to do the same. Which would be a shame because I think a 12 team conferense is ideal. Oh well.


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I am looking for superconferences, a breakaway division, and a playoff to determine a real champion on the field and not on the computer.  It would encourage better nonconference games, and it would make conference games really important.  Counting conference championship games, it would be a de facto eight team playoff.  

And it would take exactly the same amount of time it does now.


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I think it would do the opposite for non-conference games. Each team would need to win the conference and then do well in the playoffs. Playing tough teams in the regular season would be counterproductive unless you are looking for a higher seed (which doesnt matter). 


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After the VA government shoehorned VT into the ACC, will UVa really let them leave if they think it damages the ACC's long-term health?

I'm like Cartman in that episode of South Park. "I'm just a normal MGoBlog poster...except that I ask questions." I have no idea if that's the case or not, in other words.

Edit to respond to your edit: Does GT want to go back? They left before over oversigning and all that, and not much has changed.


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Tech wouldn't fit in the SEC (this coming from a Hokie student).  The atmosphere around the team is limited as most don't know anything about the team or football in general.  They all think Frank Beamer is the best head coach ever and it's fucking annoying...


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How much value do these extra teams really add? Geographically it doesn't make much sense and the travel expenses should add up pretty quick. The Big Ten made sense because the addition added a championship game. Other conferences just seem to be adding another mouth to feed.


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You are undervaluing TAMU. And I am sure Slive is working on finding number 14.

You are right, though, most of the names being thrown around as possible additions to the SEC, B10 and P12 do not make economic sense and will never happen. The Big East needs teams for survival (which means a new TV deal close to what the other major conferences have) and the ACC is at risk of being poached. The B12 is imploding and maybe that will provide enough remnants for the Big East so that this round of expansion will end there. Maybe.


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I realize the Texas market is pretty big but I think the next team the SEC adds will be far less valuable, there for making the TAMU even less of a bargain. At a certain point I believe you begin to dilute your product. The SEC was fine just the way it was and unless Texas is number 14, the move doesn't make sense to me.


September 12th, 2011 at 9:53 PM ^

It all depends on who they add as 14. Remember, the SEC does not have the media markets we have in the B10. Just because they won the MNC the past five years does not mean they will be in that position forever. If I were the SEC, I would be trying to leverage my current position at the top of the CFB food chain to expand and increase my media reach. A&M is a great first step (good athletics, good sports, great media markets). Either UT or FSU would be a fantastic second step as number 14. Mizzou and VaTech are question marks to me, but it seems like the SEC will need a 14th at some point and those probably are the next couple choices possibly available. And, at the end of the day, I think A&M and any one of the other teams I mentioned will be a strong pickup for the SEC.


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leverage conferences may be looking at is a future position of strength for negotiating automatic bids to whatever playoff might come of three or four superconferences. If you look at a similar model in sports, the UEFA Champions League, there is definitely a possibility that automatic bids to a playoff get distributed unevenly based on the strength of the participating leagues. Having two guaranteed pieces of that pie instead of one could provide the same advantage that the current 6 automatic qualifier conferences have over the non-AQs.