In-State WR recruting: Carr vs. Washington vs. Stewart

Submitted by Champeen on February 18th, 2019 at 12:48 PM

Michigan has offered all 3.  They are all tall, rangy WRs with good size.  We currently lead for Stewart.  Has anyone seen any of the 3 live, or scoured through their videos and formed an opinion of who you would rather have at Michigan (IYO, who is the best of the trio).




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I know he's listed as a WR but Branham moves more like a RB based on his hudl highlights. Also I'm not sure taking three more guys 6 feet and under after last years haul that had 4 midgets (Jackson, Kent, Sainristil, Johnson) is exactly the way to go here. Michigan needs size badly at WR and they need to add guys solidly inside the top 247 if not the top 100. Lloyd Carr recruited QB and WR much better than Harbaugh has which is really surprising.


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Collins, Black, DPJ, and Cornelius Johnson all say hello. At least two of those three will still be on the roster in 2020.

Rashawn Williams is 6'1 and is 156th in the composite. Traeshon Holden is 6'3 and is 130th on 247.

The last Biletnikoff Award winner to be taller than 6'1 was Calvin Johnson in 2006. At least 4 of the winners since then have been squarely under 6 feet. 

I know you're just a troll, so this information is really for everyone else here, but at least make your bad takes somewhat hard to refute.


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My "take" has been clear from the outset, outside of the DPJ/Collins/Black/Martin class (which was exceptional) WR recruiting has been average to downright bad. 

Nate Johnson (gone)

Ahmir Mitchell (gone)

Eddie McDoom (gone)

Kekoa Crawford (gone)

Kent #958 overall

G Johnson #876 overall

Sainristil #595 overall

I think Giles Jackson and C Johnson have a chance to be players, but that's two guys and that's not nearly enough.


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"Outside of this $50 million I have in the bank, I am actually pretty poor."

Ronnie Bell was obviously way underrated and the staff evaluated him. I'd think it's safe to say that the staff's evaluation of a few three stars from the latest class will well outperform the rankings as well. 

WR recruiting has only been "bad" if you ignore:

1. The many top 200 recruits we have signed, and

2. The recruits who were not top 200 types that the staff clearly evaluated better than the recruiting services. 

I know that there's no world in which you'll be pleased with what the staff does, but the WR position is really in a great place, regardless of your attempts to troll it.


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Harbaugh has been here four years and he's signed one good WR class, all of whom could be gone in a year, then what? And I'd love to know exactly what the hell Ronnie Bell has done to be talked about like he's Calvin fucking Johnson and how exactly you can claim the staff has evaluated better than the recruiting services. Look at the depth chart on offense it's literally filled with the highest ranked guys they've signed at every position.


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"Ronnie Bell was obviously way underrated and the staff evaluated him."—Toboggan

"And I'd love to know exactly what the hell Ronnie Bell has done to be talked about like he's Calvin fucking Johnson."—Hei2man

Nobody compared Bell to Calvin Johnson. Except you. If you want to carp about reading comprehension, look in the fucking mirror first.


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Charbonnet is going to be a beast but it's slim pickings behind him. 

Kareem Walker (gone)

Kingston Davis (gone)

Omaury Samuels (gone)

Michael Barrett (changed positions)

Chris Evans (miscast as a RB and kicked off the team)

Turner and Haskins (too early to tell but both had recruiting profiles that don't suggest big production)

In year 5 our two deep is going to be a freshman and a walkon, but trust the coaches guys. Look out Bama!

Gentleman Squirrels

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Earnest Sanders is also a S/WR who is trending upwards in state. I think he is bouncing between basketball and football though and Michigan has not offered. But Sam Webb outlined him as a possible player that could blow up with a good offseason/senior season. His dad (Earnest Sanders Sr.) also played for Michigan.

matt D

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I'll throw this out there - Carr's Dad is an assistant coach with the Missouri basketball team. He's probably not going to end up playing basketball exclusively at the next level, but he does have an interest in playing both football and basketball.


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Carr by far has biggest upside imo. Don’t sleep on Stewart. Tremendous athlete that hasn’t showcased it running full house T as the QB. Kid from King is very good but better clean up other stuff

Robbie Moore

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The WR recruiting may be meh (excepting the DPJ, Black class) but the coaching has been truly lacking. 

2016: Fisch, but he also had the QB's.

2017: Nobody (!?)

2018: McElwain passing through from Gainesville to Mt. Pleasant.

Maybe McDoom and Crawford would have failed anyway but it seems we didn't give them much of a chance.


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To be fair the QB situation he had as a sophomore was atrocious and he had multiple TDs called back to penalties. Crawford was on track to be a solid Big 10 reciever. (played sparingly behind upperclassmen as a freshman but really should have redshirted, year 2 started and showed some promise) Fans were really upset at how the offense performed and made Crawford into one of the scapegoats. 


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Stewart looks to me like an OLB/SS.

I like Carr, but he's more of a flex TE type. I think of him like I think of Devin Funchess. Good, big-bodied guy, but not someone who should be a primary target on the outside.

Personally, I think Earnest Sanders might be the #1 receiver in the state.

matt D

February 18th, 2019 at 9:05 PM ^

As someone qualified to speak on basketball evaluations.....Sanders should focus primarily on football. He’s a superb athlete with tons of quick twitch explosion, but he has very little skill.

Dont know what his hands are like, but if he can catch there’s no doubt in my mind he has the tools to be a very good outside WR with his combo of size/athleticism 


February 19th, 2019 at 11:42 AM ^

I can see that. I did watch some of his basketball highlights, and there's a lot of explosiveness (like you said) but there isn't much ball handling, passing, shooting, etc. It's dunks and blocks. And when you're 6'2" or 6'3" with power forward skills, you're probably better off pursuing another sport.

Like I said, I think he has the potential in football to be pretty dynamic, because his body is going to fill out. He could be a WR, S, or OLB at the next level.


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Washington is not a take IMO,  I actually don’t think he has a commitable offer.  Kid is not able to dominate the competition in his conference and there are some bad teams in the valley.  We need to look elsewhere