State of Recruiting is Not Bad Right Now

Submitted by Dreisbach1817 on January 2nd, 2011 at 4:49 PM

With the Dee Hart news today, many national pundits (and maybe some UM fans) are starting to say something along the lines of: "And the news just gets worse for Michigan" or "Michigan Recruiting takes big hit after loss."

But if you look more closely, you will see that the loss yesterday and the implications the next few days on this class should not be too severe.  In fact, it may already be over.  Clearly the Dee Hart decommitment is a setback.  But it was very much expected.  In fact, most people believed that Dee Hart wasn't coming to Michigan even had we put together a good performance yesterday.  He was at the Bama-MSU game and was set to commit there either way in my opinion.

As of now we have 13 commitments.  Of those 13, we have a very good chance of keeping all 13 despite the coaching situation.  The in-state guys are sold on the school/program.  They have said such.  Even better, some of the out of state guys are some of the most enthusiastic commits we have --> Countess, K Jones.  And TomVH confirmed yesterday that Dallas Crawford is still likely to come to Michigan no matter who is coach.  If we bring in a new coach, he might be able to bring with him a few guys, and still have a great shot at Chris Bryant and Kris Frost.  A pro-style coach may even be able to convince Sammy Watkins to come with his teammate Dallas to Ann Arbor, and bring in more of a bruiser RB (Rawls).

From a coaching standpoint, we are not Miami.  There won't be a mass exodus of recruits.  We are in excellent shape and with a month left to go, and with possibly 6-8 slots to fill, we will be extremely competitive to complete a very solid class.  If Brandon does the job he was hired to do, by Wednesday this program will be back on track.



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C'mon now.m, don't sugar coat it. There are lots of good players in this class, but right now this is one of Michigan's weaker recruiting classes in recent memory, and it could get worse depending on who else bails.


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First of all, you don't have to run the spread to use short slot receivers.  Lots of passing attacks can utilize a short, quick receiver with good hands.  The Patriots have one they like to throw to on occasion.

We don't have that many tiny slot guys.  Odoms is now an outside receiver, but will be a senior next year anyway.  TRob, Gallon and Dileo are really the only guys who qualify for this, so it's not like we have 15 slot guys.  TRob didn't see the field this year too much anyway, so he might transfer (and might have anyway) but I would expect Gallon and Dileo to stay and be used in the passing game.  A pro-style offense can still utilixze a small, shifty receiver.

SC Wolverine

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The point of the post is not that this is a great class all wrapped up.  Rather, given that we seem to have just struck yet another nadir of our football program, things have not completely fallen apart.  We still need DB to resolve the CC situation and then whoever our coach is needs to do a kamakazi-ninja job between now and signing day.  But the wheels have not completely fallen off, and right now that is encouraging news.


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Look at Miami's (YTM) recruiting class. They have three 3-stars, and a JUCO punter. They lost a 5-star quarterback and other 4-star players from an already weak class after Shannon left. And they put up solid recruiting classes every year just like Michigan.

With a coaching change, things could be a lot worse then they currently are for Michigan.

Maize and Blue…

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To much uncertainty surrounding the program.  Despite what some think JH will not be welcomed with open arms by all.  He burned to many bridges with his comments about the program and academics at our great university.  The fact that not one single Florida recruit showed up at our open practice indicates maybe the recruits are as sick of the drama/uncertainty as we are.

I for one will never cheer for JH though I will always cheer for the team.  If there is a change and it's someone other then Harbaugh our class will be a joke and I will be deeply disappointed since all the "big name" coaching possibilities are gone due to DBs timeline.  Is the uncertainty worth all this drama?  Florida seemed to do pretty good yesterday and their new coach got a chance to evaluate returning players to boot.

If Frost and Bryant turn away from the program we may be in serious trouble.  Weak class plus transfers doesn't bode well for the future and IMHO Denard's no comment is a sign that he's gone if RR is.  Throw in Tate (who I expect is gone) and our QB depth chart becomes a joke.  A 4th new starter in four years and nothing to back him up. Not to mention the hit the APR is going to take.


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I like the optimism, but this class clearly lacks the type of star players you need to consistently win, and the past few classes, while solid, haven't been spectacular either especially when some of the big-name kids (Cissoko, The Otter, etc.) haven't panned out.  I expect UM to recruit well and if a new coach shows up, he'll probably nab some good kids at the end, but let's not kid ourselves here - this year is going to be another "look what RR left guy X" when we all look back in 2-3 years.


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Disagree.  Harbaugh will be left with a ton of young starters/contributors.  Of the guys who started on D yesterday, one will graduate, but will be replaced by Woolfolk.  Of the guys on offense, two will graduate, and one will get replaced by Huyge who started much of this year and last.   Also, there are many solid back-ups and talented underclassmen who will be given to the next coach. 

Not a bad situation.


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He's left him twenty starters and multiple underclassmen with game experience.

A lot can happen in a month of recruiting, and there is definite talent in the current commits. There aren't a lot of them, but a lot of experts are high on them and plenty of people think Kellen Jones, Dallas Crawford, and Jack Miller are sorely underrated. With stability will come even more commitments, and Harbaugh has proven to be a phenomenal recruiter.

I don't see how we can predict, a month before signing day, that we've been left with nothing. A ton can happen between now and then. It's not a top ten recruiting class. Those will come with time and success, which is certainly possible in the next two or three seasons.

Ted Kaczynski

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let's not kid ourselves here - this year is going to be another "look what RR left guy X" when we all look back in 2-3 years.

It's way too early to say that. If Harbaugh does indeed come, he will immediately try to grab some guys for the D-Line, but otherwise, we are probably going to get Lucien and a few other quality players. It won't be a top ten class, but it will be a lot more talented than the 2010 class.

Moe Greene

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A reasonable commentary? No way man! I want to hear about how Vandy's alternate RB coach is going to end up being here because we'll get stood up by Harbaugh, Hoke, and Ron English!


Where's the g*dd*mn flight tracker!



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Hoken's Heroes

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....if a well respected guy ends up replacing RR and he brings in a good staff, we might just see some blue chip high school kids who didn't look at Michigan start to consider the school. The loss of Dee Hart isn't a surprise as we have seen numerous Southern kids ditch Michigan. But if a certain coach whose name starts with an H and ends in an H and in the middle is arbaug comes to be the next UM coach, I am willing to bet we might see the just typed scenario play out.

Just thought I'd just attention whore myself out a bit with these thoughts.


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This recruiting cycle has been hampered by one thing: uncertainty. A new coach should bring in confidence and a new face to what some recruits see as a tired, washed-up, shadow of its former self. I'm not sayin we'll end up with an FSU-like class, but I hope you all saw how quickly the coaching change turned around FSU's recruiting base. 

Hoken's Heroes

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....and I believe a certain coach will also put a complete stop to the negative recruiting that surrounded RR, assuming we are to believe that said neg recruiting did hamper RR's ability to get kids due to the spread/ 3-3-5 D.


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Just reading through my twitter feed I'm filled with hope. We're still going to have opportunities with players like KY LB Lamar Dawson, OH OG Aundrey Walker, QB Cardale Jones, VA LB Curtis Grant, etc. Really elite playmakers that might not (have?) buy (bought?) into RR and what he's selling, simply because of the situation he's in. If Harbaugh comes in and rides a train of positive feeling and emotion, we're in prime position to make moves with many top recruits. 


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I didn't mean to get too specific. What I'm saying is there are so many guys out there who are passing on Michigan based on the negative aura surrounding the program. With JH, we'd get hope and a future. We could get the same with RR, but it would take about another 10 months. These kids are paying attention too see what happens.

Maize and Blue…

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U of M is pretty cheap when it comes to spending on the program.  The NFL can offer more money and is not as time consuming as college without having to recruit.  I've also heard JH's wife may not want to live through Michigan winters. Stanford's honorary coach for tomorrow's game is also going to be in his ear about coaching the Broncos.  SF has supposedly contacted him and the Panthers are interested in JH and drafting Luck #1 overall.


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I don't think that's true - though college coaches have to put the time in recruiting, NFL coaches are notorious for devoting every waking hour of their life - virtually 365 days a year, to coaching.  I believe the general consensus is that college coaching, while still extremely demanding, is not quite as stressfull as the NFL.  Look at the fairly short tenure for even the best of the NFL coaches before they burnout. 


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IF we get Harbaugh then recruiting will go into extreme mode.  He will swoop in with fresh new energy and he will have a great product to sell - the Return of Michigan Football.  We will hold most of what we have and add excellent players including a QB or two.  Look for a class of 22 or more as there will be defections from the current roster.


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Nobody knows how this is going to end. But I think Michigan will end up with a full class regardless.

There are 13 commitments now, and Kris Frost, Wayne Lyons, and Chris Bryant are all announcing soon. And then there are a few others visiting and watching the situation closely as well.

IMO, our chances with Lyons may have just improved a lot if Harbaugh is hired. We'll have to wait and see.