In-state Preview of 2014 Recruiting

Submitted by Magnus on February 9th, 2013 at 7:16 AM

Over the last several months, I've been keeping track of names to watch in the state of Michigan for 2014.  Then in the last couple days, I've written up short snapshots of 44 of those players.  There will likely be some sleepers that emerge in the coming year, but I did my best.

The trend in this year's class?  Short-ish, stocky running back/linebackers.  Between Lorenzo Collins, Gary Hosey, William White, and Raylan Hill, the state has several of those RB/LB tweeners.…



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My comment was on the depth of talent for top programs.  Those 3 are top 50 players nationally and make a great class foundation if we land them.

However, there are slim pickings after the top 5 or so (Marshall and maybe Finley or Watts-Jackson).  2013 had the reverse with more D1 depth and not the top 50 kids (Shane?).

The staffs early push for so many kids in FL, CA, VA, and CO reflect the need for ideally 12+ kids outside MI/OH just based on talent.




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It depends on how you look at it.  First of all, I think Michigan reached a little bit with a couple in-state kids in 2013 - Shallman, Khalid Hill, Dennis Finley, and Delano Hill are borderline prospects, in my opinion.  I'm not saying they won't do good things at Michigan, but they're not elite talents.  Michigan could do that again in 2014, which would make the class "deeper" but that still doesn't change the overall talent level.

But what I really meant was that there seem to be more second-tier prospects in 2014, guys who could end up at Indiana, Purdue, Cincinnati, places like that.  I haven't done a one-to-one comparison, so maybe I'm wrong, but that's the feeling I get.

Space Coyote

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I'm actually a pretty big fan of his film. Reminds me a lot of Bell from MSU. I think with his footwork and power he could be a B1G tailback in the same mold. Top end speed will always hinder his upside, much like Bell, but I think he can be a very effective college RB.

Now I don't think Michigan will offer, because I don't think (with D. Smith in the fold) his style of runner is a priority, but that's not saying he isn't Michigan caliber talent. If I was MSU or Wisc or another power running team, I would offer him. He has some position flexibility, so if it doesn't work out he can still be an asset. If I was CMU (or other MAC power running teams) I would jump on him ASAP. So I think relatively highly of Collins.

Charlie Chunk

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 Thank you for pulling all of this information together for everyone to enjoy!

Your honest assessment of the in-state talent is probably hard for many of these kids to digest.  

Speed is an elusive commodity.  Michigan doesn't produce many speedy kids.  Why do you think that is?


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You're welcome.

I've already received a little bit of flak from some kids/parents, but that happens.  I've had some VERY defensive parents contact me.  It just comes with the territory, I guess.

I think speed is something that is honed throughout the year.  I don't think most schools have indoor track in Michigan, it's too cold from November through March to train outside, etc.  The kids in Florida can go outside and train/play twelve months a year.  Unless you play basketball or you have a personal training coach (like Barwis or someone like him), there's no way to get that kind of activity for five or six months.  You can lift weights, but it's not the same.  The northern states will always lag behind in that area because of the weather, in my opinion.

That's not to say that players in the state of Michigan *can't* be fast, but it seems to be a rarer skill.

Ball Hawk

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I have a question as for Cass Tech kids. Which of the 2014 kids would have gotten an offer during Hoke's first or second year coaching compared to this year which is gonna be a smaller class and with more established depth?


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I think they all might have received offers.  Deon Drake is a quality prospect, they might have wanted White to play WILL, Hosey could have taken Sione Houma's spot as a fullback, etc.  Webb obviously would have received one.  It's just a different team now than it was in 2011 or 2012.


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I think it's pretty funny that someone went through the entire thread and labeled almost all of my posts as "trolling" despite the fact that none of the comments are anywhere close to trolling...

...but they were too chicken to neg the OP, because then everyone would know who it was.