The State Of Our Open Threads (Game Twelve, Year One, Era Of Harbaugh): After Ohio State

Submitted by LSAClassOf2000 on November 30th, 2015 at 10:53 AM

First, I will apologize for the extreme tardiness of this little feature - my trip to the Game was about 20 hours removed from a trip to the ER for what turns out to be one of those upper respiratory infections that involve a lot of unpleasantness, not the least of which is a nasty cough and the need for something with guaifenesin in it so you can in fact breathe normally for extended periods. So, yeah, going to The Game might not have been the best thing to do - not just for psychological reasons, but Saturday night and Sunday were....not pretty. Sleeping in a recliner to ensure proper drainage and within feet of a humidifer AND next to half a pharmacy of crap is not a good look.

Anyway, we made it through - just barely, but we did. It's Monday and we're slowly getting back into work or school routines or whatever. We've had time to process The Game and plenty of time to discuss its implications. Of course, we're here to talk about the fucks we gave, so let's delve into that.

We gave only 393 fucks during the Ohio State game - before you ask for a recount though, consider that a lot of people gave their fucks in person for this one, either at The Game or at viewing parties. Interestingly, the Ohio State game tends to be one of the "lesser attended" games online. The thread itself was not that much larger that the board average of 2,542 posts either (2,821 for this game). That was fairly consistently across most words - lighter than normal usage.

We gave 110 shits, which for this board is a middling performance, but 23 instances of fire, which is close to average, and this time, nearly all of them directed at Durkin and Baxter. 

The year-to-date summary is below:

 photo SOOT_OSU_Summary_zpsnyg2twgj.png

So, like every year we've done this, "fuck" is the board standard. We've used it to express elation this season, and then we've used it - as a fair number of us did on Satudary - to express frustration. The same can be said for many of these, and there's a comprehensive review coming in a few weeks which will have some context analysis.

Here is efficiency vs. percent of yearly total:

 photo SOOT_OSU_EffInst_zpswemmhfhw.png

It is interesting to note that for all the visceral reactions in the Ohio State threads, they do not account for even 10% of the total for the season. The game which made us blow our stacks the most per capita is still Indiana, which is pretty easy to understand, I think. Actually, the overall efficiency fell off from even Penn State to 2.33, and adjusted for the original six in the analysis, it goes down to 4.20. That number is actually consistent with losses that we have taken reasonably well overall. I think some folks that I ran into after the game weren't even as upset as they were disappointed with how it happened, but everyone is different.

Here's the bar chart for the Original Six:

 photo SOOT_OSU_OriginalSix_zpsfnwlazgy.png

The season analysis will bear this out when you see the normalized graphs, but "fire" was a steady hum that you could barely hear, and for a great portion of the season, it was us complaining about the Big Ten officials giving, say, the Hoosiers a free throw for a pass interference call against us, or their inability to distinguish targeting from canned artichoke hearts. "Fuck" was much more variable, and the difference between the first and second half of the seasons is almost literally night and day with that and a couple other words.

Here's the Mood Chart:

 photo SOOT_OSU_MoodChart_zpsumjnk9ty.png

Frustrating game indeed. Actually, perhaps as frustrating in some ways as several others were joyous in some level. Incidentally, I know I keep saying this chart will change - it will, it has actually. I simply left the damn file on a USB drive which is currently sitting at my home. Never make a copy of a spreadsheet and then forget where the hell it is until you get to work.



November 30th, 2015 at 11:28 AM ^

people really think osu was that bad? or that we were that good?? after the Minnesota and Indiana games Saturday shouldn't have been a shock! it's a great season this team is getting better it takes time.


November 30th, 2015 at 11:31 AM ^

weve gotten so used to Losing to Ohio its now a foregone conclusion..I REALLY thought this year would be different like last year and the decade before that...until we actually beat MSU or OSU or BOTH nothing NOTHING has changed...abso freaking lutely NOTHING


November 30th, 2015 at 11:40 AM ^

Was in the stands, and flanked by a couple of Buckeye fans that were frankly great and respectful fans. They actually clapped for good plays made by either side.  So I did not even go verbal with much of a profane nature.  

I am sure, were I at home and on line, that I would however have launched a veritable shitload of them in the face of the 2nd half non-adjustments on D.  Probably enough to have skewed this data set.

Nonetheless, thanks again for this invaluable service and analysis.

Sione's Flow

November 30th, 2015 at 11:46 AM ^

Agree with nonsense about firing Durkin and Baxter. ST has been a strong point this season and Durkin is making due with an injury depleted D-line and an athletically limited LB corps.

East German Judge

November 30th, 2015 at 11:51 AM ^

Damn, this was some really amazing shit you were able to put together.  While I don't give a fuck, it might suck if you did this at work on your office computer as they may fire your ass.

/posting for the cycle!


November 30th, 2015 at 11:58 AM ^

Baxter was a complete upgrade on special teams last year they sucked terribly. A real coach would have known the Atomic Dog was too slow to return kicks. Lewis and Chesson were on the team last year just not utilized. The Best athletes play on this years team. The correct number of players are on the field.

Durkin, Zordich, and Jackson taught the defensive backs to play press man, something we heard was going to happen in the past but never did. The linebackers played hard just were not very athletic and the injuries to defensive tackle were difficult without more depth.


July 16th, 2016 at 2:39 AM ^

A lot of unpleasantness, not the least of which is an awful cough and the dependence on something with guaifenesin in it so you can actually breathe normally for long periods. So, yeah, going to The Game might not have been the best thing to do - not just for psychological reasons, but Saturday night and Sunday were being being.not pretty.