Starting Wisconsin LT/LG Jon Dietzen leaving football due to injuries

Submitted by Bambi on February 11th, 2019 at 2:45 PM


Big news and unfortunate for Dietzen and Wisconsin, but glad to see him taking care of his body.

Dietzen started 20 games at LG between 2016 and 2017, started 12 gamed at LT last year and was expected to go back to LG this year as a 5th year senior. Wisconsin is now replacing 4 starting OL with the only returner being C Tyler Biadasz, who would have been a top interior line draft pick if he had gone pro.



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I have a weird feeling Wisconsin will have no problem replacing those lineman with 4 equally enormous white dudes comprised almost entirely of sharp cheddar. 


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During my first real job after college, we'd go to the nearby dive bar and catch the tail end of Happy Hour. $3 pitchers of Schlitz and a $1 bar burger, served by a waitress who was probably really something back in the Truman Administration.

Throw in a dollar tip for Maisie, and we'd be hammered and fed for five bucks. They threw in the diarrhea for free.


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Stivers - my ex-wife's aunt lives in Chelsea so stopped in there night before football game with a buddy. Ordered 2 shots of Jager.  Server brought over two half-full rocks glasses with about 3 shots worth. I was driving and asked what the hell that was.  She pointed to the back of her shirt which said "You've been Stiverized!!!!".  Indeed. Took me about 10 minutes to finish it.

Also Old Style is a Chicago beer and my go-to at Cubs games.

Perkis-Size Me

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Hate to see him go. Never want to hear about losing guys to injuries, but he's got to take care of himself first so I respect the man's decision. Can't imagine it was easy. 

As for his replacement, somehow I have to imagine that Wisconsin will just pull some other 6'5'' 330 lb stud off the assembly line and their run game won't miss a beat. At this point, churning out great offensive linemen and running backs is all automated for Wisconsin. They have it down to a science.