Start, Bench, Cut

Submitted by UMVAFAN on January 10th, 2018 at 2:49 PM
Was just listening to Rich Eisen. He was playing a game called "Start, Bench, Cut" which is a variation on a cruder game. He was asked - "Start, Bench, Cut" Michigan QB greats - Tom Brady, Brian Griese, Jim Harbaugh? What does MGoBlog say? And why? (We need a lighter topic than coaching changes and recruiting whifs)



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Are we talking college QBs, or Pro? Pro makes Brady the obvious starter, but would make Griese's National Title somewhat irrelevant.

Honestly if you're talking college football in 2017, Harbaugh might be the starter. A little more mobile / gunslinger type is better for today's game.

Boner Stabone

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Since we look at performance vs. Rivals.  Here are some numbers to look at as far as their record against their rivals were in college.  Both Jimmy and Griese were 6-1 against their rivals, while Brady was 3-3.  Jimmy could have been a perfect 7-0 had he not broke his arm in the MSU game that he lost.

Harbaugh: vs MSU  2-1

                  vs Notre Dame  2-0

                  vs Ohio St.   2-0


Griese:    vs MSU 2-1

                vs Notre Dame 1-0

                vs Ohio St.  3-0


Brady:     vs MSU  1-1

                vs Notre Dame  1-1

                vs Ohio St.  1-1



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Do we evaluate based on their careers at Michigan, or careers overall?  I think your evaluation accounts for the latter.  If we go by the former I'd say:

Start - Harbaugh

Bench - Griese

Cut - Brady

...and, yes, I know how crazy that sounds, but I still maintain that Jim Harbaugh was the best QB Michigan ever fielded and Brady's football career at Michigan was always sullied by the whole platooning with Henson thing.


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I'll play:

Start: Brady (has more upside than Griese)

Bench: Griese (won a NC)

Cut: Harbaugh (neither of the above)

This is purely from a results on the field when they played standpoint. Has nothing to do with current jobs/results.