"Stand By Blue" Video

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I saw this being spread around by multiple of my friends. I think it's pretty accurate. Yes, the term "stand by blue" is a bit cheesy, but to me it does make a valid point. Good times or bad we should all feel pride of our history. We should all recognize that Michigan encompasses greatness and no one can ever take that away. Yes, we've had down years but continue to support the school you've loved for all these years. Changes WILL come. For now, stand by blue.


P.S. I would try to embed but youtube won't give me an imbed code :-/. Maybe someone more tech savvy than I can figure it out.



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I like the sentiment, but sometimes, to "stand by blue," you have to acknowledge the problems that are turning the program into a national joke and try to do whatever you can to help them get "fixed."  If that means simply adding your voice to the chorus of fans who are tired of the insults and embarrassments that David Brandon has perpetrated upon the program since he was hired, so be it.

Fire David Brandon now.


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I'm 35 years old, and have been standing by blue since I was 8....always have, always will.  I don't need a video to remind me of that, I have my experiences.  When I was a kid my dad and I would, get this, bring a can of pringles into the game and have a snack while we cheered. I'd bring a little kid flag in, and waive the hell out of that thing.  I made confetti and paper airplanes out of those free paper programs they used to hand out.  Unfortunately, none of that is allowed anymore.

I  stand by blue, but I don't think blue is standing for itself right now.



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I watched it, and I liked it. Maybe a little cheesy (although I prefer the term "sentimental"), but I like that it shows both the highlights and lowlights. Most of all, it's got a message I will always agree with: I will always Stand by Blue.

I simply don't stand by the football coach or the athletic director.


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Despite the past 6-7 years of absolute shit on the football field, videos like this still get to me. Watching this it is even more maddening what has happened to our stories football program. We need to clean house and get this thing back to what it was.


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Yes, well put.

There's nothing wrong with devotion to a storied legacy.  But it can be taken too far.

The football tradition of Bo and the 1970's is not coming back.  Those are bygone days, just like Bennie Oosterbaan's 1949 Wolverines was a bygone era to Schembechler in 1969.  Just like Yost's days were bygone to Oosterbaan.

Michigan should have its trophy cases.  It should pay proper homage to the past.

Then it should move into the present and look to the future.  Not live in the past.


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... or embarrassing.  I appreciate the sentiment but is there some sort of alumni loyalty problem that doesn't involve football tickets?

I actually like the quality of the video and even the "Pure Michigan" feel of it, but the "stand by blue" message kind of ruined it for me.  It's like saying, "We didn't always suck."


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Greeat video, whoever did that deserves major props. Great video and all we can do is support Michigan! Stay loyal and like always Go blue! Thumbs up if you liked that video, because I loved it!


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This is how you do damage control when you're in marketing/advertising. You do a sincere-sounding video with either a mea culpa or manufactured rally cry for your product. I used to work on McDonald's and we did these all the time, sometimes for the employees but occasionally for the public, like when it turned out the Monopoly promotion was fixed. Dave Brandon is probably now hard-wired to go directly to the edit suite (which may explain his penchant for liking to watch film, now that I think about it). 


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just when they're about to get run out of town.


"Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it."

"Patriot: the person who can holler the loudest without knowing what he is hollering about."

"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel."

Mark Twain


And Edward Abbey:

"A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government." Edward Abbey


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Those quotes hit the nail on the head, especially the last Mark Twain one.

You shouldn't ever feel the need to remind the team, your family, your country, etc. to "stand by each other". To me that is either a sign that you don't have true loyalty or that you have mistaken some action you don't like for dis-loyalty. I think this video is certainly a case of the later.     


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More sickening fan manipulation. From 'Don't criticize these kids' (who are actually adults), 'real fans would support the program' (if you care about wins and losses, you are not a real fan), and now the not-so-hidden message here - dont criticize the football program in hard times, for in doing so you dont support the university as a whole. The entire house really needs to be cleaned - for the kids, for the program, for the university. As part of Michigan, prove yourself on the field, in the laboratory, in the classroom, not by PR manipulation. 


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One, I have two degrees from UM so there's no chance I'm going to end my support for the institution simply because the football program is currently a hot mess.

Two: It's ridiculously obvious how Brandon has cherry-picked UM sports lowlights from before his AD tenure—The Horror and Webber's TO—while choosing two highlights from his own tenure. He could have just as easily done the opposite, but then that wouldn't further his narrative, would it?

This is just a continuation of the Brandon-Hoke era: bluster, PR, and marketing hype over solid accomplishments on the field.

It's the same mentality that thinks a team-building schtick involving a tent stake will paper over the glaring ineptitude in the fundamentals of blocking, tackling, throwing, catching, etc etc. It's grasping at straws.



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Even more ridiculous/funny:

John Beilein wasn't a Dave Brandon hire. 

UTL was pretty much Denard Robinson going crazy. According to DB, since Denard wasn't a "Lloyd Carr senior", he wasn't really that important anyway. 

Dave Brandon has done nothing of importance at Michigan other than ridden the wave of college football's success and spend a lot of money. 

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Is anyone else finding they can't load the front page on their android? It keeps coming up as "page not found". I don't have time while at work to post a meta thread about it.

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Not only is it bad (and seems to be self-serving, as Don ably points out), but it's just weird.  Yeah, we're mired in a shit football season, but this thing is like a funeral wreath for the university as a whole.  Jebus, what's next?  A hype video set to Suffer The Little Children?

This is the most condescending horseshit I've ever seen trickle out of a PR department.  The reason we're all so upset is because we already love Michigan.  We don't need (or appreciate) a pat on the head from the likes of Brandon*, apparently intended to remind us that there's a big picture out there. 

We already know there's a big picture out there Brandon.  We'd just like to get you out of that picture, because you're ruining the view.  Go away, Dave.  You're not wanted here.

*I doubt it's actually Brandon's voice, but it's got the stink of him all over it.  Professional PR video meant to hit all the "right" talking points.


October 28th, 2014 at 10:35 AM ^

So, here's the thing.

I'm not a parent myself, so I apologize if I presume to speak for those of y'all who are, but the difference here is Dave Branding (yes, I know that's probably not him putiing out this video) wants us to love Michigan like a child loves his parents - with unquestioned adoration.

We're all fucking adults here.  Parents love their children just as much, but if that child is screwing up any parent worth her salt is going to step in and correct her child - and do so harshly if the offense is warranted here.


October 28th, 2014 at 10:36 AM ^

I'm not going to comment on the thinking behind it, but technically they did a nice job with it, and the simple musical score fits it quite well.

Also I don't think that's Brandon's voice, it's a younger voice than his.




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I think I sometimes have an overly analytical ear for this, but after watching that and then watching an interview with Brandon, I don't think it's him in this video. Brandon is from Michigan and sounds very much like it. This speaker sounds like someone who may also be from Michigan, but has been influenced by the more homogenous "Standard American", more likely to be heard from a younger person.