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Submitted by NashvilleBLUE on July 22nd, 2017 at 9:41 AM

I will be taking my daughter to her first Michigan game (she's 11 and a huge fan). We'll be going to either Cincinatti or Air Force. We're from out of state and I've only been to 1 game myself, so my understanding of the stadium and the views are very limited.


My question is this: which section do you recommend that is still good viewing but not astronomical in price? I'm seeing a lot of seats available in the sections directly behind the goal post up 50 rows or so for pretty cheap, but those sound like they would be terrible seats, but seatgeek has them listed as their best "deal score".

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Edit: Also, as someone who never buys tickets for events, which site is recommended for both price and legitimacy? Seatgeek is always a sponsor on podcasts I listen to, so I'm defaulting to them because they are the only one I know anything about.



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Due to the design of the stadium there aren't really any bad views. The only problem I ever have is if you're in the endzone it's hard to tell distances (like if he made the first down or not, etc)

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daughter to her first game.  Was blessed to do this 3 times!  A memorable day for both father and daughter.

To be honest, I have never had a bad seat at a game.  Sure, some vantage points are better than others, but almost all make for good viewing.

Don't know enough about the secondary ticket market to help- sorry.

Have a great time, and take lots of pictures!




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Have been in section 13 row 26 the last couple years and end up having the flag post, field goal net post and the field goal post in front of me. Not ideal so was able to move to section 15 row 50 this coming season. Much better from what I can tell. Will be able to see the field better versus row 26 and not really able to see what was going on at the other end of the field. Corners might be a little more in price but not sure it's that big a deal. Just being in the stadium and soaking up the atmosphere will be cool for your daughter. Make sure to get there early for the band entrance and build up to kick off.


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Been in section 13 a few years now (row 20) and was in 14 before that but higher (55) so a bit of angle to the field. I like the straight on angle watching the play develop a lot better. Just IMHO.

Agree that just being in stadium is excellent. I advise family to follow band into the stadium from the North end...that's a great walk. Can also support Michigan Cancer Society at nearby beer garden.

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I sit in a corner and I think it's probably the best view for a reasonable price. The end zone isn't bad, but I would get frustrated not being able to see how far plays went without watching the big screen.

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I would add that corners and endzones are all good as long as you are up high enough - maybe at least 30-40 rows up.  Sitting low is cool when the action gets to your side of the field, but when it is not, it is hard to get a good view of what it going on. I have sat in row 76 many times and even 4 rows from the top once and both are good.  

OP - your row 50 end zone seats would be a good deal and those are good seats that you will enjoy.   


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I like to sit in the corners of the south end zone as we park on the golf course and that is the closest. The corners are the best view for the money as far as I'm concerned. I agree about the distance thing in the endzone. This is a little better in the corners. Also I'm not young anymore so I try to find seats in rows 50-70 range so I don't have to walk up and down too many steps. I'm sure your daughter will love the Big House experience where ever u sit. I hope you have a great day at the game!! Go Blue!!


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I echo Bluedozer's point, that your daughter will love the experience, regardless of where you sit. I had an ex who didn't like sports, and young kids not into football, but we still all had a good time at games because it's cool just being at a game in the Big House.


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I have corner endzone seats for the better part of three decades. I love them. I can see the entire field, the replay screen covers what I cannot. with an 11 year old, I am PRETTY confident she will be more about the souveniers, the crowd, and the experience of the game than what a shitty dad you are for not putting her on the 50...


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My only major recomendation would be to sit on the sec. 37 through sec. 9 stretch of the stadium. 

The other side is OK but there's only 1 exit per section. The design of the other side actually has two tunnels per section. So things like bathroom breaks, quarter breaks and exiting the stadium take significantly less time. I bounced around the stadium a bit before getting my season tickets and the other side was by far my least favorite section, despite having the best seats that particular year. Anything we did would take 10-15 minutes longer. If you buy a seat in the quoted stretch above (so sections 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9), no matter where the seat is it should be good. I'd recommend shooting for somewhere in the row 40-60 range as that will end up right in the middle for good viewing angles. 





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I have nothing to do with this post…

here is a sale that has a picture from section 9 that gives you some idea. search ebay a lot of times they have pics like this that will give you an idea what you are buying. Not plugging for the sale site, just an easy seacth that may help.

here is an ebay store that looks to have tickets everywhere and pics to give you some idea what views are like…

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Yeah, I feel like somewhere in section 19-27 and about 40-50 rows up is the way to go.  You'll have good sightlines for seeing all the action on both ends and being that high up is actually a good thing in Michigan Stadium. Even if you're at the very top rows its still a pretty solid view.  The lower you go the more impaired your view gets.

Also, I'd avoid the student section -- or any section that stands for the whole game. Not sure how tall your daughter is, but if people are standing in front of her all game, that could be a problem.

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I sit in one of the sections you listed. You can go as high as Row 69, since this is the last row of the original stadium. Right above that is the handicap seating which interferes with the first few rows of those sitting in the upper bowl. (That is where my seats were before the last round od stadium updates; I was moved to seats just below the handicap area.).
Since the OP is bringing his daughter, bathrooms won't be a problem for her' him on the other hand...


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You're right, looks like it ends one section earlier than I thought it did. The sun can be a problem but easy enough to deal with for being able to quickly jump in and out of the section without standing in a line up/down the stairs. 


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Depends on the season/weather. Can be bad the first couple of games, but as soon as the weather dips down the sun is fantastic. If it's sunny for all 7 or 8 games, I'd say about 5 of those I'm glad to have it in my face. If it's a noon game, like air force, you'll really just get it on one side. It won't be direct unless it's a later game. But being able to pee whenever I want it worth it. 


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As others have pointed out there are great views wherever. My advice would be to focus on row # as lower rows can have more limited sight lines - I personally think anything above row 35-40 is preferable

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I'm in the portal (row 72) for all games once redeployed from my gate, It's the same view as I had as a student except flipped and I can't complain. As many have said over the years row 20 and up are better for really observing the plays and formations. If you want a chance to be on ESPN you choose the first three rows. Remember after seeing the drumline at Revelli Hall make your way to gate10 and say "hey Carl" for my first timers giveaway.


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I'm about to pull the trigger on seats in section 18, row 1. Based on yours and other comments, is that too close to enjoy? My daughter is average height for an 11 year old (5 foot or so), is that too close for her to see what's going on?


Thanks again for the helpful replies from everyone!


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Row 1 is technically row 3 as there is Row A & B.  Being that low in section 18 would give you an obstructed view of the east side of the field as the opposing team would block your view of the sideline.  If you are choosing endzone seats, try to get between the sidelines or sit high enough up in the corner to see the whole field, row 30-50.


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I've found that if traveling from out of state and spending a lot of money already, pony up a little bit more for the "better seats" (whatever that means to you) and enjoy the game.  I've read time and time again that there "are no bad seats" or whatever, and in my opinion, that's BS.  


This isn't an "intimate" environment like some of the newer baseball stadiums where perhaps that sentiment is a bit more true.  But maybe I'm becoming more crotchety and picky as I age.  I have a 4+ hour drive to Ann Arbor, so if I'm committing to gas, tolls, hotel, meals out, etc, I'm paying a bit more for a seat between the 35 yard lines.


As for the website, I've frequently used and never had any problems with StubHub.  I've only purchased from SeatGeek once (no problems there either) but not familiar enough to confidently recommend.

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You won't find affordable prices on the sidelines. So it will be end zones and corners. As long as you aren't higher than row 80, you'll still have a good seat and even those heights are ok. I use StubHub because it's easy and plentiful. But other folks complain about their fees.


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I would sit in the 37 to 42 corner. You'll be across from the band so you'll hear them the best. Just stay below row 70 for the best experience. 

The West Side of the Stadium (20-26) is best for the pregame entrance and it's the first part of the stadium to become shaded for hot September games. 

I'd avoid sitting on the East side of the stadium if the forecast is going to be really hot. Also, don't sit in the top 15-20 rows of the South Endzone as those are visiting fans. 


Also, for those two games, especially Air Force since it's not the first game, wait to buy until the week of. 

Prices will plummet on Stubhub. 


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The views are great everywhere but unless you're in row A, the first 30 rows or so aren't steep enough to allow a complete unobstructed view (even in row A, you'll sometimes have players, cheerleaders, media, security, etc., walking/standing in front of you.)

The jumbotrons provide a solid back-up if you're completely opposite the live action.

Personally, I've sat in nearly every section, many different row levels, and the only time I've not particularly enjoyed my seat(s) is when it gets so packed your seat damn near disappears. And then I just stand or perhaps migrate. It's usually for a big game so I could really care less about my seat(s) at that point.

Go midway up, 40-50, near an aisle, any section.


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Also, do you still live in Nashville? If so, do you "like" the University of Michigan Nashville Spirit Group on Facebook? We have all kinds of events for Michigan alumni and fans. Go Blue!