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The deadline to reserve seat cushions for season ticket holders is this week. Does anybody have any opinions on renting vs buying? I was sold on renting until I saw that it was $49 a seat. Seems a little steep. The portable cushions they sell at MDen are only $17. I have zero experience with both options. Lame topic but I wouldn't mind saving $60 if it was worth it.



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Unless there is a medical condition at play or else you are particularly sensitive to cold, why bother with a seat cushion at all? You will be standing majority of each game until later in the season when the bitter cold attacks, in which instance clothing layers, blankets and alcohol are appropriate remedy. If in doubt rent it out.


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That's probably true in the student section -- not so much in the general seating. Unless the game is spectacular, I'm probably standing 1/4 of the time. And if you do stand up outside of that, people get annoyed behind you. Which, on a great game, I don't mind. But if we're watching EMU I'm not going to get in a fight with the person behind me for stading up when everyone else is sitting. 

Last year I think I only stood most of the game for Penn State. 


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I rent out for my seats every year. I like it because I don't have to carry my seat cushion around with me or remember to grab it before leaving the tailgate. Also it acts as a seat saver since it is fixed to my seat. I don't mind the little extra money but I buy in before the price increase in August.

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I was getting to the point where I wouldn't stand in order to retain my seat.  Before, when I tried to sit there was always a butt-cheek in my space on either side. With the permanent cushions it isn't a problem and I can rise and sit as I want.


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Since the seatcovers can be too expensive and a PITA to carry around, I would propose a really easy solution, similar to knee or shoulder pads.  Simply put the padding material of your choice in each back pocket like a kneepad.  

They should cover each ischial tuberosity, which are the only areas that really hurt on most people anyway.  A portion of the gluteus maximus gets trapped between two hard surfaces: the seat and the ischial tuberosity.  You may have to reposition them a bit.

You could also just stand up the whole game...


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I always used the seat cushions from the mden, but this year opted for the rented ones.  The biggest upside being that they clearly mark your seat.  We all know that when you sit in the stadium, once your row fills up, you might not even be in your correct seat becasue the guy on the end yells at everyone to "scoot down".  I am a smaller guy, so I would always be the one that compromised my space by being sqeezed from both sides by bigger folks.  Plus the rented cushions are alot thicker and softer than the mden versions.  I dont have much padding on my back side so to speak, so a cushion is a must for me.  If you are concerned about price, I would go with the mden ones for now and see what you think.  If you want to rent them next year, do it by July 31 when they are $35.


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After you pay for your tickets, $35 a seat for cushions is cheap for a nice plush cushion that guarantees that you get the entirety of your seat no matter who is sitting next to you.


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They are only $30 if you get them before August. Totally worth it. Thicker than normal cushions and they're attached to your seat. So one less thing to carry in and they prevent people from moving in on your seat space if you get up. In fact, that's the best part about them. We have four in a row and it guarentees us that space no matter what time we get to the game, what we leave to go do or how packed the stadium is. 


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Agree with those below.

1- they are more comfortable than cushions you carry on
2- they protect your seat from encroachment by the person next to you
3- they are convenient too! I can't be the only one with the worst memory ever that forgets to bring the seat cushions with me half the time!


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I just realized that in my 5 years attending all home games I've never been to a game where I've sat down for more than a few seconds. I can't imagine how it would feel to sit on those aluminum benches for 3-4 hours.


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There is no good place to find aisle info anywhere about the Big House. And I feel like I've looked everywhere. My seat numbers are 13 and 14 - and those are aisle seats. I've also had seats 1 and 2 and those were not aisle seats. If you go into the buy tickets section and pick a game like UNLV - and click on select your own seats - it gives you a better idea of exact seat numbers, but even then, the aisle designations are not clear. If there is a better place to find this info - I wish somebody would post it. 

Ronnie Kaye

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So what changes have there been to this policy since Brandon left? Are they cheaper now or something? There was widespread disgust when charges were implemented.


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I think they're about the same price. I don't know why anyone would be disgusted -- if you don't want them, don't buy them. I could see people being upset if they were manditory with season tickets or something. If you get them when you buy your tickets each year, they're $30 a seat. Which breaks down to like $4 a game. Which is about the price of a water. 

I think what you're remembering is when Dave Brandon tried banning bringing your own cushion into the stadium -- which would force you to buy one if you wanted one. 


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Thanks for the reminder. Ordered mine today. Paid way too much but I love having my seats marked. Big house will be jammed packed this year and these help define our seats.

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I've always brought my own in. Can't justify the rental cost...yet.  This past year I remember seeing a lot of bird poop on them.  I do certainly see the benefit of using them as seat-space protectors, though.