Stadium from the Air

Submitted by MgoMatt on July 29th, 2010 at 2:09 PM

I got a chance to go flying today and snapped some pictures of Michigan Stadium.  It looked absolutely stunning from up there.

The picture doesn't do it justice, but the field is very bright and colorful.  It looked great.




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Is there any way we could see the picture?

I can't wait to see 110,001+ filling the best stadium in college football.  Id love to get an aerial shot of the stadium during an OSU game!

Cant wait to see the team in the new stadium representing the maize and blue!

Go Blue!


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...maybe it is Don's fault.  I mean he's a long time trusted user with an impeccable track record of great posts and fair play.  That makes complete sense. 

OTOH, it's kinda odd that this keeps on happening on threads where you and Young Hero and supersweet appear. 

You're right, it's gotta be Don.

Young Hero

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You seem to be in a lot of these topic as well, could it be you?


fyi, I didn't mean to post in this thread and edited my posts to make them sound even less ridiculous than they looked before, albeit failing at that due to my haste.


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It's especially odd since I don't even know how to embed a video or a photo, let alone figure out how to distribute multiple neggings to people. HTML is not my friend, or any other kind of code for that matter. Brian can attest to my emails pleading technical incompetence at doing the most simple things that most of you can do in your sleep.

I've never once complained about somebody negging me, so it's more than a little ironic that I can complain about somebody posbanging me.


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 I was working there today and I believe I saw your plane. When were you flying?  I also had a chance to go on the field and take some pictures as well (we got laid off today so it was kind of a parting gift from Barton Malow). They completed the lettering yesterday and have yet to add the silica sand to the field, but the color is insanely bright. They actually had all the letters weeks ago but they were the wrong color. The yellow striping on the sidelines where the team is confined to is still the originally ordered color. I doubt they will change it, but it is a dingy version of maize and very noticeable.

 The turf is way different from the old stuff from what I can tell. It seems a bit more slick, maybe it will get better out in the elements over the next month. I have a piece of the old stuff in my garage and there was a noticeable difference. I'm sure over the last 7 years there have been major upgrades in field-turf technology, so what do I know. I can't wait to be there on 9/4, it is going to be great. Go Blue.


July 30th, 2010 at 10:45 AM ^

Yeah, I was part of the elevator crew. We installed 19 elevators in the complex. In your picture if you look toward the north gate where a large stake truck is parked facing east/west, you can see us loading test weights with a skid-loader. That is definitely your plane that I saw. Were you flying N/NW? That is a pretty cool coincidence!

I live in Grand Rapids and have been driving to A2 for over a year and a half, every day. I was ready to be done. Hopefully work will break somewhere else and I will get back soon. You can only imagine how geeked I was when I got the call that I was going there, though. Not many people can say they got to construct their team's stadium. It's all good! Go blue.