SS Beaver and other random game day observations

Submitted by IUandUofM on October 31st, 2010 at 2:46 PM

Just got back from the game (stayed over night in PA), and had a few random observations to share about the experience:

1-from the direction we came in, the stadium looked huge and dominated the landscape.

2-as it got dark out before the game ... the stadium structure, style, and lighting, looked very similar to a cruise ship docked at port.

3-tailgating was abundant and there were many more visibly drunk people than I expected.

4-apparently there is a uniform for all the girls ... you need to be skinny, have long brown/black hair to your mid-back, wear tight black or gray leggings (or jeans), and Uggs boots.  It was quite odd really ... there seemed like there were 1,000s of girls that looked identical in this way.  Maybe this is the way college girls dress when it is colder out, but I did not notice the same trend at any other game this year.  

5-the lighted concession stands outside the stadium were the same as at a carnival or fair ... which added to that type of atmosphere.

6-inside the stadium, the concourses where riddled with girders that created a maze of obstacles that you can to duck under and weave in and out of.  We saw two people hit their heads ... it was not attractive and was annoying.

7-the bathrooms were bad ... the worst I have been to in a while ... and the lines were silly long.

8-at our seats, the stadium looked pretty big ... but not collegiate.  The student section was impressive with their white wear and pom poms.  

9-the crowd did get into it at times, but seemed a bit subdued.

10-took a good hour to get out of the parking lot after game was over.

All in all, the Michigan stadium and  experience is sooo much nicer, classier, and I am not at all jealous of PSU ... except maybe for their student section involvement.  






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@ the "uniform" of th PSU girls...

thats pretty standard on almost every campus in the Northeast.. leggings uggs a hoody with a cut neck and some hairstlye (sometimes the side ponytail comes out)
Its really unattractive, especially on the... more rotund... undergrads


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in 99' or so. I waited in line to take a piss for almost the entire third quarter. I almost pissed on the kid in front of me in line. I felt very classy for restraining myself.


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I find posts like these to be really interesting... if only we could make the pictures a little smaller.


Thanks for the information!  And I lol'd at the girls dress code because it's such a northeast thing with girls right now.  Every girl dresses like that.


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I've attended UM games at most of the Big Ten plus ND campuses over the past. . .ugh. . .20 years--including several games at both ND and OSU--and I have to give PSU fans credit for allowing the best experience for a visiting fan.  Granted, there were a handful of jackasses who hypothesized on our sexuality as my group walked past the student entrance (that was sooo Cedar Village of you), but if the OSU Relative Asshole Rating (RAR) is a 10/10, Penn State is in the 1-2 range. 

From the open invites to share and friendly chatter in the tailgate lots to the fans surrounding our seats who explained several aspects of PSU football history, there were just a hell of a lot of nice people in happy valley.  Granted, it's easy to be nice when you're winning, but it was a stark contrast to most travel experiences--OSU being the absolute worst, seemingly an entire town of cretins with a special fondness for public vulgarity and constant "you lookin' at me"-class attempts to instigate fights.   

Thanks Penn State--rough day for the visiting team's fans, and your low RAR was appreciated.  Except for you, Ms. mean, nasty dancer at the End Zone who decided it would be funny to wipe her ass with my M hat after I tipped you far more than you deserved.



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For the most part, PSU fans were very nice and very welcoming.  The fans we sat with in NAU were a pleasure to be around.

The atmosphere at PSU is fairly professional:  they pretty much do the opposite from us in terms of piped in music.  

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I ask; what is uglier?  Memorial in Champaign-Urbana?  I don't think so.  Not Spartan Stadium (not even close).  The Metrodome is Big Ten history, replaced by a neat, retro design for the Gophers.  I simply can't think of any contender -- not Northwestern, not IU, not Purdue, nobody -- that has an uglier wreck of a Soviet industrial stadium, than The Pennsylvania State University.

There's nothing that rivals Beaver Stadium as the ugliest monstrosity in the Conference.


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What in the world is with the piped in "Sweet Caroline."  I can't stand that song, and I have no idea why anyone would play it at a football game.


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I was convinced the stadium was some sort of transformer that would just stand up and walk away after the game.  Older PSU fans were very nice, got food and drink at several tailgates.  Students were rude of course.  My biggest beef:   where was our band?? Would've been great to have them there. Oh, and did you guys know that they are Penn State?

Indiana Blue

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the section and seat numbering at PSU.  They use alpha designations ... up to 3 letters and then they split the section with even numbered seats on one side of the aisle and odd on the other ... really ???  Why ???  They did figure out that counting rows 1 then 2 then 3 and so on does work for the local fans .... wow.  Maybe they should change to the dewey decimal system .... 

Go Blue !

Number 7

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I honestly thought this post was going to be about Shavodrick, and how after all the bagging on him he has taken for being The Guy Who We Almost Got Instead Of Denard, he's now featuring prominently in the Tulsa secondary, and perhaps even intercepted one of those backup noter dame qbs...

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"SS Beaver" = "Strong Safety [Shavodrick] Beaver of Tulsa, re: Notre Dame."

And as a further mark of confession, and self-effacement, I'll say; I was thinkng, "Please don't tell me, Michigan Defense-Hating-God, that Shavodrick has somehow turned into a brilliant defensive back..."