Spurrier quote on Michigan fans

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I've always liked the Head Ball Coach, but as a Michigan alum and fan what I like even more is an excuse to pat myself on the back and look down on other programs. 

Spurrier: "(Michigan) fans will show class and their team has class. They're not going to be chippy and mouthy the way those LSU guys were."

— Ryan Young (@RyanYoungSEC) September 2, 2017

And yeah I realize this is more about Spurrier hatin' them than anything. Or maybe he's just trying to tone down the rhetoric before the beatdown this afternoon. 



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A true legend. Who else could get away with walking away from his team mid season and everyone be like, " Yeah...okay. I get it."

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Love the 'Ol Ball Coach! Really, in many ways the new version of Spurrier is indeed Jim Harbaugh. Lightning rod. Says what's on his mind, wears it on his face. People love to hate him.

I'm a big fan of David Feherty's interview show on Golf Channel, and he had an episode with Steve Spurrier that was very entertaining and interesting. Worth a look.


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He gets away with it because he owns it.  He freely tells anyone that asks that he just didn't have any care left, no desire to keep going.  He knew it, and he didn't fake it through shitty season - he gave the team a chance by leaving. 

When you own it like that, there is nothing to complain about.

Saban, Petrino, Kiffin, Modell...  Those schmucks ducked out in the dark of night, left a shitty note written by someone else, and never looked back.

Spurrier went out the way winners do - by owning it.


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It's called DNA and upbringing, especially the osu fan base. Neurosurgeons and astronauts are usually not created by waitresses and truck drivers (Ufer). LOL. When a intellectual stunted fanbase has nothing to live for except osu football, there are going to be some shortcomings. My guess is respect and manners were not big in the households of the osu fanbase. Every osu fan I have ever spoken to just seemed really dumb. That is the only way I can describe them.


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college football show has The Ol Ball Coach on every Wednesday. It's pretty clear that he's A) a riot to be around and B) a really good guy. Just seems like the kind of person you'd want to have a conversation with.


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I want to really like Mark Packer, but he makes it difficult.  Every time he talks about Michigan, or Harbaugh, he is very passive agressive with the hate.  He's always saying, for instance, that Harbaugh is looking for all the attention and doing things to stay in the limelight.  Which is patently not true.  Otherwise, I think he has the best program on radio.  The small bits I've heard from the other shows are awful in comparison...


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In one of John Bacon's books (Three & Out, I think), Rich Rodriguez describes the experience of arriving at Death Valley in the team bus. It was pretty insane--mobs of people shouting profanities and menacing the visitors all along the route, almost like an old-time labor strike or something. There might be individual M fans who take it that far, especially against OSU. But that kind of collective, mob-style activity isn't something I'd ever expect to see in A2.

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Oh I was talking about our players. Our fans are pretty classy. That comes with an older fan base and no drinking in the stadium. And well, no offense but it takes a special person to get into Michigan so our alumni keep it classy.


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I'd rather have the fans and an atmosphere people fear at osu than the classy quietest 100k wine and cheese crowd the big house is known for.


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Spurrier is one of those rare football people that just eventually wins you over.  I hated him at Florida.  Thought he was an arrogant big mouth prick.  Laughed when he failed at Washington.  Then watched him build SC to a real(ish) program and started to respect him more.  I'm sure that hearing him take shots at all the other SEC schools didn't hurt.

When he "fired himself", i thought that was a big breath of humble.  Now I see him as this down-to-earth, witty football lifer who actually seems genuine and enjoyable. 

I can't think of many other coaches for whom my opinion had changed so dramatically over time.

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Yeah, but without the pedo and megalomaniac part. He knew when to walk away from the game when it was time. Fuckin' paterno was still "coaching" when he was senile and told the psu trustees that he will leave when he wanted to - this was during the early 2000s before the scandal broke.

BTW, FUCK penn state and all their delusional joepa loving fans.