Spring practice 2017

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Has this been banned by the NCAA? Where do you think Harbaugh takes practice this spring? Bishop Gorman in Nevada, IMG again, St. Thomas Aquinas in Florida?



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I'd vote for IMG or Bishop Gorman. They are basically collegiate-operated programs. I looked at the NJ recruiting rankings for 2018 and looks like Don Bosco has several guys ranked, but Paramus does not have anyone highly touted (yet). Regardless, I think we already have a well-oiled recruiting operation going in Jersey and wouldn't need spring practices and/or camps there. 


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In terms of gamesmanship, I think I'd recommend Harbaugh not fan these flames (by not announcing the trip) until after it's underway. Submarining it is the best way for him to get what he wants. The attention, this time, could bring last minute legislation and therefore be counter-productive.


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FYI, there's some rumors going on about Najee Harris making an announcement of some sort today. I'm not on any VIP boards, so I don't know what exactly is going on. Just seen a couple discussion topics - There's a thread on 247 about it, and there's some non-VIP discussion going on around Scout about him possibly making an announcement (think it's all coming from Alabama's end). I can't access the VIP stuff, so I'm not going to come to any conclusions with this. Vibe seems to go Alabama's way?

Not to get anyone's panties in a bunch, but it sounds like today might be the day we get some finality to the whole thing.

Sorry for the thread jack. I didn't want to start a thread about speculation.



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Probably correct. I wouldn't listen to what I have to say much at all, but something started on Alabama's side of things and is creating some buzz.

I don't see him making an announcement either. Probably shouldn't have said anything. I was bored at lunch today, so I did some digging and came across some stuff - one thing led to another.



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Oh trust me I'm unfortunately incredibly excited and anxious to learn his destination. Probably just best for our blood pressure levels to not listen to any insiders' buzz before he is enrolled somewhere.

Cam Akers is announcing tonight though, and him committing to Bama would probably be good news.

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Would you feel better if I told you Sam Webb mentioned this morning that "if you only listened to Michigan people (meaning coaches/recruits/players) then you'd already be popping champagne bottles" in regards to him committing to Michigan?

He won't make a call publicly but stated that the reason is that he hasn't been able to get confirmation from anyone inside Najee's circle.


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Neg me please. The "announcement" rumors that I thought came from an Alabama mod on 247 were false. Read some stuff on a public Scout board post that basically explained that the 247 Mod was only stating that Najee hasn't sent in his paperwork to Alabama yet to enroll early despite being pressured to since October by the Alabama staff. He also mentioned that lately they have been targeting Cam Akers harder because of the suspicion that Najee might be flipping to Michigan. Again, this has nothing to do with a stupid commitment or announcement set for today - I put too much together from too many different unverifiable sources, and therefore I deserve my negging.

Now to go along with that, if you combine my comment about Sam Webb and the coaches and recruits believing they have him locked up with what I just read refuting the rumors and Alabama Mod board post, I'm even more convinced this is happening. Still need to keep optimism a bit reserved, especially with the whole Isaiah Wilson think just happening. Things looking good though.

My apologies for the first post, but hopefully this makes up for it a little.

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One issue with starting spring practice over Michigan's Spring Break is that it forces the date of the Spring Game to be early April. I like the concept overall but feel for the fans sitting outside in the Stadium on a chilly Friday night in early April.

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