Spring Game Reaction Thread

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Great to be back in the Big House. Great turnout and atmosphere.



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I don't get why you're harping on this so much. Yes, the completions were against Norfleet. But the Darboh vs Norfleet matchup was such a big advantage for Morris, why not take advantage of that?

No one is saying that after this game Morris is the savior and our starting QB. Most people realize that Rudock is probably going to be starting next year.

But in the grand scheme of things, this is exactly what you would want to see in Morris in terms of his development as a QB. Morris has all the physical tools, we know that, but what's lacking is his decision making and the fact that he forces the ball too much because he has such a good arm.

Today Shane identified a major mismacth in his benefit, and took advantage of it multiple times making very nice throws. That's exactly what you want to see from him. Why criticize him for being effective in doing so? Should he have forced the ball to a different reciever not covered by Norfleet instead just to prove to you that he can? That doesn't make sense.

Obviously most CBs won't be as small as Norfleet, and will be actual CBs so you have to take his performance with a grain of salt. But what he did today is exactly what you would want to see out of him in terms of QB IQ and decision making, and with Shane, that's the most important factor.


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I'd be questioning why he isn't going after Norfleet. 6'2" Darboh with 5'7" Norfleet in single coverage? All day.

Nobody is here saying Shane is our QB. He hasn't won the job yet. But as of right now, he is the best QB on the roster. Clearly Jim Harbaugh came with the same conclusion.


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were well thrown balls; they had a chance of being caught had one of the other guys been on the WR. It wasn't like they would have been intercepted had one of the regulars been on the coverage.

I thought he looked fine. He looked composed, a little seasoned. Didn't throw bad balls. He looks much better than he did last year, that's for sure.


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The QBs job is to get the ball to the receiver.  The recievers job is to catch the ball.  200 MPH or not.  I've heard stories about John Elway breaking fingers   He doesn't throw too hard the recievers catch too slow

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You're hard on the guy, but I agree that on-target balls should be receptions "most of the time," despite the velocity of the throw. Dump passes should not be bullets, but intermediate routes of ten or fifteen yards, I'd say a bullet is fine.

The receivers'll get used to his passes eventually...or they'll be receiving passes from somebody else...


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Plus, the fact that he CAN throw a bullet allowed him to thread a couple balls into tight windows. Malzone and Speight just don't have the arm strength to do that. It's going to be easier for Morris to take a bit off than for the other guys to throw harder.

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Does it really matter if we saw Speight? Reports haven't been good out of practice on Speight, and Harbaugh said that Morris is the leader. At this point in time, Morris is the best QB on the roster. What is seeing the 3rd string QB (based on reports) going to accomplish in your mind?

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It sure would be nice if Shane won the starting job in the fall.  He was the early recruiting gem of Hoke and helped recruit half of that class.  Look how much improved he was after just 15 practices with Harbaugh.  Fifteen more and then time to develop during the season, and he has all the tools to be a good quarterback.

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I tend to agree. Darboh was also being covered by Norfleet for a good chunk of the game which is a favorable matchup for him.

At the same time we have a deep and talented secondary and both sides got pressure and good coverage for most of the game. Hard for the QBs to work with that.