Spring Break Loophole

Submitted by MGOENGINEER on January 25th, 2017 at 9:10 AM

Was drinking NyQuil last night and got to thinking...

Back in 2008 in Rich Rod's first year, Michigan held their spring practices and spring game at Saline/Pioneer High School due to construction. Due to the NCAA's new ruling, teams cannot practice off-campus during vacation periods outside of the season. What if Harbaugh pays a guy $10/hr to hold a hammer in Al Glick and Michigan "cannot hold practices On-Campus due to construction"?

Back to the NyQuil



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There's a rule that out of season practices can't be more than 50 miles off campus (except during breaks).  They eliminated Spring Break as an exception, but the 50 mile rule still applies. 

That's why Saline is ok and Florida isn't.


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Not sure why but your comment reminded me of this Reddit thread I accidentally stumbled across a few months ago by a guy who posted all these screenshots of Facebook messages he had received from his dead girlfriend, and it was mostly just word salad with no real coherent thoughts. The commenters eventually decided that the OP was in fact the one who was dead.


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But thanks for sharing your Nyquil dreams.  I'm sure glad the NCAA got this one right and is putting the kids first!



That said Harbaugh has probably already found some loophole none of us will ever think of.