Sportsline predicts Warren goes undrafted

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"1. Ole Miss quarterback Jevan Snead, Syracuse wide receiver Mike Williams and Michigan defensive back Donovan Warren will not be drafted

Donovan Warren was a productive defensive back, but he is a prime candidate to be among the unlucky underclassmen not hearing his name called during the draft because of his stiff hips and lack of speed."

I think I mentioned this before, but could we really be seeing Ernest Shazor all over again?

I hope not.



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..but he made his decision and I hope it goes well for him. For purely selfish reasons, I would like to see him catch on with the Lions, whether or not he is drafted. If that happens, he would definitely be a nice recruiting resource if he wanted to help out.

Warren gave what he had while he was at UM, had to suffer through three bad seasons, but didn't badmouth anyone on the way out the door. That has to count for something.


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I was just going to say, I have a hard time believing that the Lions wouldn't take him with one of their four (!!!) seventh round picks, given their immense needs at corner. I know the scouts aren't convinced that he's a corner at the next level, but considering all the success Michigan corners have had recently in the NFL (Leon Hall is a stud, and Morgan Trent is starting for crying out loud), it seems like he would at least be worth a flyer in the later rounds. I too hope the Lions pick him up and he pans out.


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Other mocks have Warren being selected. Lets not write him off, even if he is undrafted, until he fails to make an NFL roster. He isn't Shazor yet.

As for coming back...Warren could have improved his draft stock, potentially, his senior year.

If he goes undrafted, he probably made a mistake, because draft picks get guaranteed money and undrafted player get nothing unless they make a roster.

If he gets drafted, even in the 6th round, its hard to argue he made a mistake. Sure, he could have improved his draft position by coming back for a senior, but theres very little tangible benefit to being drafted higher (unless he goes in the upper parts of round 1 - highly unlikely in this case.)


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As I think about the whole Warren thing, I wonder if his motivations are more complex than simply some agent telling him he can get drafted. As a member of the previous regime, I wonder if Warren wants out of the Rodriguez run program as much as he wants to get to the pros? This is just pure speculation, I do not remember any Warren quotes negative about our current coach, but why stay somewhere you don't really want to be if being here in another re-building year if it is not going to substantially increase the amount of money you are going to earn?


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any of the 3 go undrafted. maybe snead, but definitely not mike williams and donovan. mike williams is a first day talent and somebody will gamble on him. as for warren i think he is probably a late-rounder but undrafted? he has potential to be a very solid corner in the right scheme, if not a safety like a poor man's antrel rolle. wouldn't he be an ideal cover 2 corner? he's great in run support, not a thunderous hitter but very sound fundamentals especially as a tackler and he just ran in the mid 4.5's during his pro day.

regardless i'd be heartbroken for him but i just don't see him going undrafted


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Different position and different team and all, but whenever somebody leaves early and subsequently goes undrafted, it reminds me of Darius Walker. Life can't be easy for these guys, jumping from team to team, beginning to realize that you probably miscalculated your career trajectory. Let's hope that Warren doesn't become one of them.

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If you aren't coming back to improve your draft stock, then come back to win football games. This defense is one NFL calibur corner away from being very dangerous. Think about if Woolfolk is our second best CB, or if he's our deep safety. In either situation, this defense goes from decent to probably a good Big Ten defense. We're pretty confident in our DL plus Roh, our back 5 would be very good, and we could move Turner to safety immediately, and our 2 other LB's would be the only question mark, but we at least have 2 guys in their 3rd year (or more) starting.

Oh Donovan, what could have been.


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I'd still hate our LBs but...yes.

Or imagine if Cissoko was a functioning human being who was only mildly disappointing on the field. We could play our two "not quite the 5 stars we thought they'd be"s at corner, Woolfolk at FS, Cam Gordon at one box safety (as a HS LB I have to think he could play that role) and then a battle to the death for the last box safety spot among everyone else.


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Dangerous to whom?

Linebacker and safety are still featuring walk-ons, true freshmen, reaches and busts. Only the D-Line two-deep looks anything Michigan-like at this time, and that's more like Bowman/Heuer/Rumishek/Orr Michigan-like than Woodley/Branch/Taylor/Biggs or Steele/Renes/Williams/Feazell Michigan-like.