Sports Power Weekend in Chicago (wsg MGoBlog?)

Submitted by Seth on October 24th, 2013 at 2:22 PM


Melanie Maxell|


One of the best road trips of the Michigan season is just around the corner. A game at Northwestern means a trip to Chicago and once again taking over Ryan Field from the pedantic purple people who normally inhabit it. You read the title so you know what this means already: Sports Power Weekend!

Jared is offering a Nov. 15-17 package that includes two nights at the hotel, your game tickets, an invite to a Michigan fan tailgate with food, beer, and wine [confirming it's the one I think it is], transportation within Chicago, and some other throw-ins like a gift card and an MGoShirt and stuff.

Reserve a spot here! I think they start around $350/person (scale up the fewer in your group) and there's fewer than 10 left.

MGODISCOUNT: If you reserve by end of day Friday, you can enter the discount code MGoBlog in the promo code box for 5% off your purchase upon checkout.

MGoEvent? Jared invited us, and we are trying to clear our schedules, to add a live MGoBlog event on Friday for the SPW trip plus our Chicago readers—Q&A session with Brian, drinking at a bar, that sort of thing. I'll let you know by tomorrow if that's gonna come off.