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Submitted by mbee1 on January 27th, 2014 at 10:04 AM

Just finished reading an article (no link) saying Michigan is one-dimensional offensively if 3's aren't falling. Haven't they proved over the last few years that's a myth? And with March coming up, brace yourself for the national media hype of Michigan's 1-3-1 zone.

What other teams have myths about them? Or specfic players or positions (white wide receiver = slow but good hands and fundamentally sound)?



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I've heard this rumor before, and laugh everytime I hear it.


First, to assume that Stern would suspend MJ with the insane amount of money he was bringing into the league is ridiculous.  That would not happen in the real world... period.  It doesn't matter what MJ was doing or who he was doing it with... he was bringing in wayyy too much money and bringing wayyy too much attention to the league at the time.

But lets live in a fanttasy world where that did happen, to assume that MJ would take the suspension and not fight it is also laughable.  MJ is a very stubborn, vengeful and bitter man (Don't really need to look much further than his Hall of Fame acceptance speech for evidence of that.)  There is not a chance in hell he would bow out for two years without fighitng back. 

To me, I take what happened at pretty much face value. His father dying probably had a pretty big impact on him, throw that in with where he was at in his NBA career (Killing it) I completely believe that he was growing tired of Basketball, and believed he would be successful at baseball.  Occam's Razor and all that jazz.


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Run last year dissolved that myth.

How will the new defensive rules on contact affect the tournament? I constantly debate Sparties regarding the idea that MSU and Wiscys clutch and grab/mug defense that B1G refs tolerate hurts them in March.

oriental andrew

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Trey Burke nailed that ridiculous long 3 to force OT against Kansas!  One Dimensional!

Stauskas nailed all those 3's to down Florida in the Elite 8!  Over-reliance on the 3!

Albrecht hit critical 3's to beat Syracuse!  Same ol' same ol'


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yes but what about a guy like myself, 22 years old, complaining that the parents of kids now playing sports are the ones ruining it? wording is horrible my apologies...
i keep hearing stories about certain games being banned from the schoolyard because one kid hurt him/herself. i'm not complaining about the younger kids i'm complaining about their parents who are in that middle ground between my generation and my parents generation....


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Has nothing to do with anything you mentioned at all. It has to do with everything being deemed unsafe and everyone getting a trophy because we can't hurt people's feelings. And how kids parents almost always side with their kid and not the teacher anymore. Parents think their kids can do no wrong.  



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Michigan is reliant on three ball. there system is predicated on shooting the three which opens up the dribble drive. why do you think Staukas worked on his ability to get to the rim cause when teams take that away he neede a counter move.


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The Duke game that he sprained his ankle 10 days prior to? If anyone took away his ability to get off a shot in that game it was Charlotte. Ask anyone who has had a sprained ankle and tried to play basketball within 10 days of it.  You can play, but it hurts like hell and you can't make many of the movements you would otherwise be able to make.  Also every movement is slower generally and any super quick twitch movements are not even possible.



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did he step on the court and play? did duke allow him just to stand and shoot because he was injured? dukes defense hurt or not took away he ability to shoot the ball. it's not like he didn't have the ball in his hands that game. they made it difficult for him to get a shot off. that is a fact. that is not discounting his skills.


January 27th, 2014 at 2:37 PM ^

They've got the athletes to be able to check him full court, but you obviously have no idea how different you have to play when you've recently sprained an ankle. Everything you do is slower and less explosive. As for stepping on the court and playing, you've obviously never sat out with an injury. He probably just tried to gut it out a few games so he didn't miss any time.

Mr Miggle

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The myth is not whether Michigan recruits and has good 3-point shooters. It's whether Michigan is dependent on hitting threes. Every team's offense runs better when they are hitting threes and I've yet to see one that doesn't incorporate that into their system. The fact we just won at Wisconsin while only hitting three triples and that we don't take a particularly high number shows that we actually run a varied offense.


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just not as much as before when we had less talent with Zack and Stu but they where great from 3. While we have improved that with guys like GR3 who are much better inside, Nik, Caris, Zak, Spike all are 3 point shooters. NIk and Caris just go inside more often. Like the game this past saturday, 11/19 on 3's and 11/31 on 2's.