Sporting News Top QB's for 2018...

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Just another awful list...Tua at 2 only playing 1 half of football is a joke. How is Will Grier still in college?…

1 Trace McSorley, Penn State

2 Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama

3 Jake Fromm, Georgia

4 Khalil Tate, Arizona

5 Will Grier, West Virginia

6 Jake Browning, Washington

7 Drew Lock, Missouri

8 Brian Lewerke, Michigan State

9 Jarrett Stidham, Auburn

10 McKenzie Milton, UCF

15 Shea Patterson, Michigan

16 Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State







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Jeez. He couldn't get out of the first weekend of the tuna melt with 2 top 15 nba picks. I hope he stays there forever. Maybe they can drop to a really low level and make it harder to find a top notch replacement and they go through a long drought.

Perkis-Size Me

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Why is that so hard to fathom? Lewerke is not without his flaws but he certainly did enough to beat us last year, and Shea hasn't played one down in this offense. Within the context of how he fits at Michigan, he is much more of an unknown quantity than what Lewerke is. And Lewerke is one of the main reasons that MSU got to 10 wins last year. He has a full season of being healthy under his belt. Patterson doesn't. 

Patterson's ceiling is probably higher, but I don't think its at all unjustified to put Lewerke higher for now. 


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Funny how Jalen Hurts is now just an afterthought.    I was a team Brady guy when Henson came on campus.  You have to earn your spot.   I hope Jalen Hurts has an amazing career (at Iowa.)

Blue N Bama

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Tua play one half of football and chunked up a hail mary to win the game. He nearly blew the game the play before by taking a giant sack. Living down here in bama they have been ready to run Hurts out of town since that half of football. He is not a complete QB, but he QB'd the team to 2 losses in 2 year playing for the NC both years. 


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Have you?? He’s average at best which isn’t terrible as I posted. Before you blindly call out posters as “not being able to judge quarterback play” might wanna know what they have seen or know, which you obviously don’t. In the end it’s all opinions and they are like assholes..


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I mean come on....when Trace"throw it up and hope to God my guy ctaches it" McSorely and Tua "my claim to fame is an OK half and an OT in the natty" Tagovailoa are 1 and 2 along with a Clemson recruit who has never taken a snap is on the list.

There are several reasons why the Sporting News is irrelevant......this is a fine example of why.


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Thankfully it's a slideshow!  I'll summarize to save everyone else some clicks:

25 - Jacob Eason, UGA; 24 - Jesse Ertz - K State; 23 - Justin Herbert, Oregon; 22 - Austin Allen, Arkansas; 21 - Wilton Speight; 20 - Shane Buechele, Texas; 19 -Shea Patterson; 18 - Mike White, WKU; 17 - Brett Rypien, Boise State; 16 - Jarrett Stidham, Auburn; 15 - Logan Woodside, Toledo; 14 - Josh Allen, Wyoming; 13 - Nick Fitzgerald, Miss State; 12 - Josh Rosen, UCLA; 11 - Deondre Francois, FSU; 10 - Luke Falk, Wash State; 9 - Quinton Flowers, USF; 8 - Mason Rudolph, OkSt; 7 - Trace McSorley, PSU; 6 - Jake Browning, Washington; 5 - JT Barrett; 4 - Baker Mayfield; 3 - Jalen Hurts; 2 - Sam Darnold; 1 - Lamar Jackson


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Did anyone expect good takes from SN? #2 has played one half of non-garbage time football and #4 threw only one more TD than INT last year LOL. #8 had the 8th best Passer Rating in the Big Ten last year behind TWO Indiana Quarterbacks LMAO. 


What a garbage list.

I Just Blue Myself

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People get so upset over inconsequential, filler, opinionated sports takes. 

However, if I were to make a top 5 I would have:

1. Fromm

2. Tua

3. Ohio State QB

4a. Shea

4b. Lewerke 



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The list is terrible, and there's truly no point in ranking the qb's this early. What this list does show is that there are very few standout returning quarterbacks this year - Jake Browning, Jake Fromm and Trace McSorley are about it. 


I know PTSD has set in after last year's catostrophe on offense, but Jim Harbaugh was widely considered the best QB coach in football when he came to michigan - not just college, but NFL too. Give me the #1 QB in the 2016 class under the best QB coach in football to finish at least top 5 when the season is finished. 

Space Coyote

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But I disrespekt folks on this board are playing is a bit unjustified.

1. Shea hasn't played a whole season worth of games yet in his career. He certainly has showed flashes of greatness, but has been very far from perfect. Him being rated 15 is still mostly based on recruiting rankings. It actually feels like a pretty good spot for him IMO.

2. Lewerke is far from without flaws, but he was the primary reason MSU did enough to beat Michigan. MSU's OL got destroyed, repeatedly, all year, and particularly against UM, and he made plays to escape the pocket and made some pin perfect passes. He is a very skilled QB that still makes mistakes, yes, but there is a quite obvious case of "only seeing the negatives" of him on this blog. I'm not yet convinced he's a top 10 QB in college football, but he probably isn't far from it.

3. McSorely is tough, because he's had repeated success doing what he does makes it hard to dock him too much. He lost a lot of skill players around him, has a relatively average arm, is a solid but not great runner, but is a pretty solid package. I don't think he's near the best QBs for the NFL, but he is a dangerous player at the college level and I don't see how you could keep him out of the top 10 at this point.

4. Overall, the list is making some aggressive assumptions about improvement, particularly from the two QBs that finished the national championship game (neither of which, based on their play so far, should be ranked as high). Both have a lot of talent, and both could take Sophomore year jumps. Those are the biggest ones that stick out as could be proven right or way off.


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They basically had two drives that game and only got one 1st down in the second half, with that requiring some general weirdness. To their credit it was enough to win another one that felt like bullshit afterwards (the losses that sting the most!), but let's run as few plays as possible and not score any more points in the second half was a failure of their offense and not the brilliant Dantonio strategery MSU stans would have you believe it to be.

Lewerke didn't play all that differently than he did the year prior (albeit in a much smaller sample). Completion percentage went up a tick and TDs increased greatly with playing time and team improvements around him. YPA was the same.

He's fine, but he's not particularly close to being a top 10 guy in the nation. 

Perkis-Size Me

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We'll find out how good McSorely really is this year. He's definitely a good QB but he also had the best safety valve in college football with Saquon Barkley, and a slew of WRs and TEs that have since gone on to the draft. Not unreasonable to think his production takes a step back this year. 

I imagine he will be given much more command of the offense this year, and a good chunk of it will go through him. 


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IMO, a reasonable argument can be made for any of McSorley, Lewerke, Patterson or Haskins to be the B1G's best QB in 2018.  I'd also personally add Nate Stanley (Iowa).  And then there's Thorson coming off the injury, as well.

It's a wide open race to be the B1G's best QB in 2018.  Ditto for the national race.