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Submitted by Seth on December 20th, 2013 at 4:50 PM

[Ed-S: Marawatch is doing a very nice thing. Read on]

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At Michigan, just having a great football team isn't enough; we also expect that team to be out there making the world a better place. In that spirit, this holiday season, Marawatch, they of the exquisite Michigan timepieces, will be donating 10% of each sale to the charity or Michigan fund of the customer’s choice. Whenever you wear your watch, it will be one more reminder that this isn't just any old school...fergodsakes.

You are welcome to choose any accredited fund or charity, or join us in contributing to the following meaningful Michigan funds:

  • The Charles Woodson Clinical Research Fund at Mott’s: Your gift represents hope for children affected by life-threatening or chronic diseases. It supports investigators who have dedicated their lives to finding solutions, accelerating innovative ideas, and bringing concepts closer to real cures.
  • The Paul and Amy Blavin Scholars Fund: In 2006, Paul (BBA '86) and Amy Blavin endowed a University of Michigan scholarship benefiting students from foster care in the state of Michigan admitted to the University. The scholarship offers the same opportunity to University of Michigan students who may not have the financial resources to reach their dreams, but who have the drive and ambition to do so, regardless of the hurdles they face.
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December 21st, 2013 at 11:36 AM ^

Your cynicism is badly misplaced. I think you're looking at the item and its target market and judging, and I'm getting pretty sick of it.

Shashi has a team of watchmakers (they do their own work too) who craft them in switzerland, and the things they're made out of are very expensive. And he has to pay the university its license fee, the University of Michigan not being especially known for its charity in this regard. He hasn't changed the price of the watches; the idea is all about creating greater meaning for the watch-owner.

The guy quit a jobby job that would have guaranteed he'd make more than he's doing in a good year with this, because he really likes making top-of-the-line watches that have meaning to their owners the way that Brian likes writing about Michigan football for people that has meaning to. He doesn't deserve your snark.

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I think Reno Drew called and found the prices last time. Looked it up and here they are in case any of you are getting a nice bonus this year.

- The Game Changer (limited to 30 pieces): $7,995
- The Rainmaker (limited to 12 pieces): $6,995
- The Risk Taker (limited to 8 pieces): $6,995
- Custom handmade straps: $200 to $350 each




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Im happy to still live in a world where non-functional displays of wealth still require people to be defensive and a bit uncomfortable - especially this time of year.

Consider skipping to watch and writing that check to the charity directly. Thats what a real Michigan Man and class act would do.

Thank you to all those that do.