Sponsor Note: Gathering Spots and Events for the Florida Game in Dallas (M bars/tailgates etc.)

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The Alumni Association’s Dallas Club put together this list of places M fans can get together over Labor Day weekend in Dallas if you’re going to the opener. I’m copy-pasting this from their site. They’ve also asked Dallas people (Dallasians? Dallations? Dalls?) to share any travel tips for visiting your awful city.


Whether you're visiting from out of town or among the thousands of Michigan alumni and fans who live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the Michigan Alumni Club of Dallas welcomes you for Michigan-Florida game weekend!  There's lots to do here in the DFW "Metroplex" - but when you're ready for a break, below are a few suggestions on where to meet up with other Wolverines for food and local brews.  Check back for late-breaking updates or visit our Facebook page.


Nickel and Rye, 2523 McKinney Avenue, Dallas - Uptown's "Michigan Bar".  You know you're in friendly territory when you see a Michigan flag over the entrance and a huge Block M painted on the outdoor patio.  Nickel and Rye offers a great selection of beer from national and local breweries, including Deep Ellum Brewing Co. in Dallas.  For each pint of Deep Ellum beer you buy, Nickel and Rye and Deep Ellum will donate $2 to our scholarship fund (Thursday 8/31 through Sunday 9/3).  Nickel and Rye also features great food and an excellent selection of cocktails.  Enjoy happy hour specials from 4 PM-7 PM on Thursday and 3 PM-7 PM on Friday.  See below for other events.

Houston Street Bar & Patio, 902 Houston Street, Fort Worth - Fort Worth's "Michigan Bar".  This Fort Worth favorite features burgers, sandwiches, pizza, drink and a rooftop patio!  Happy hour runs from 3 PM-8 PM Thursday and Friday, 12 PM-6 PM Saturday and all day Sunday, with a special menu for Michigan fans Tell your server "Go Blue!" and Houston Street will donate 10% of your tab to our scholarship fund (Thursday 8/31 through Sunday 9/3).

Fox and Hound, 18918 Midway Road, Dallas - our original "Michigan Bar".  If you're staying in the north suburbs or north Dallas, this location is probably closest to you.  Full bar with lunch/dinner menu.  Huge room with multiple screens for watching the football game on Saturday if you don't have tickets.  Plenty of free parking.


Alumni Territory Season Kickoff Tailgate, Arlington Convention Center, Arlington.  The official Alumni Association tailgate featuring food, beer, wine and an appearance by the Michigan Marching Band.  Admission is $100 for adult members and includes food and a hosted bar (beer and wine).  Kids 5 and under get in free, and anyone not wishing to drink alcohol at the tailgate can purchase a "minor" tailgate ticket for $80, regardless of age.

Do-it-Yourself tailgating.  Check out these tips for doing your own tailgate at AT&T Stadium.  Labor Day in Dallas is typically sunny and HOT - be prepared with sunscreen and plenty of fluids.

Other tailgating.  The U-M Club of Dallas Facebook page may feature posts from local alumni who are organizing their own tailgate activities.  If you're a local, we encourage you to join our Facebook group and share your plans.


Humperdinks Arlington (700 Six Flags Dr, Arlington, TX) opens at 10 AM with a section for Wolverine fans. Humperdinks offers a $15 round-trip shuttle service to the stadium starting 3 hours before game time.  If their lot is full, overflow parking should be available across the street (observe posted signs). Management recommends you arrive on the early side to get a seat and sign up for the shuttle time of your choice.

Nickel and Rye, 2523 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, our Uptown Michigan bar, is opening its doors early for Michigan fans. Starting at 9 AM, get fired up for the game with brunch and drinks on the patio.


Don't have tickets to the game?  Catch it at one of our three DFW watch party locations:

Nickel and Rye, 2523 McKinney Avenue, Dallas.  Indoor and patio seating.  Nickel and Rye will donate 10% of your tab to our scholarship fund if you wear maize and blue or mention "Go Blue!" to your server.

Houston Street Bar & Patio, 902 Houston Street, Fort Worth.  Indoor and rooftop seating (only limited TV viewing on rooftop).  Houston Street will donate 10% of your tab to our scholarship fund if you wear maize and blue or mention "Go Blue!" to your server.

Fox and Hound, 18918 Midway Road, Dallas.  Indoor seating with patio break area (no TV viewing on patio). The largest and oldest Michigan bar in the DFW area, Fox & Hound features an extensive menu, full bar and plenty of big screen TVs.


Thursday, August 31

  • Nickel and Rye: Happy hour 4-7 PM. $5 burgers all night long. Live music starting at 7
  • Houston Street Bar & Patio: Happy hour 3-8 PM.  Rooftop reservations and large trays available (see flyer)

Friday, September 1

  • Nickel and Rye: Bell's Brewery pint night - keep the glass!  Happy hour 4-7 PM. Live music starting at 7. Live DJ starting at 10
  • Houston Street Bar & Patio: Happy hour 3-8 PM.  Rooftop reservations and large trays available (see flyer)

Saturday, September 2 - Game Day

  • Nickel and Rye: Opens early for brunch on the patio at 9 AM.  Watch party begins in early afternoon.  Live music starting at 7. Live DJ starting at 10
  • Houston Street Bar & Patio: Opens at 11 AM. Happy hour and watch party 12-6 PM.  Rooftop reservations and large trays available (see flyer)
  • Fox and Hound: Opens at 11 AM. Full bar with large assortment of beer. Watch party begins in early afternoon

Sunday, September 3

  • Nickel and Rye: Opens for brunch on the patio at 10:30 AM
  • Houston Street Bar & Patio: Opens at 11 AM. Happy hour all day!  Rooftop reservations and large trays available (see flyer)



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This is posted 23 hours from now. Hopefully that means the Aussie can't figure out how many days there are until gameday and skips the "there are" post tomorrow morning.


August 9th, 2017 at 9:10 PM ^

Any advice on tickets? Most my friends have been saying that I can still wait even up to the day of the game and probably still grab tickets. That kind of uncertainty is hard for me, though.


August 9th, 2017 at 10:29 PM ^

Still deciding on going to the game or just going to a bar. We will be in Dallas that weekend so I figured I might as well go to the game. But not really sure how fun it would be by myself not knowing who I'm sitting next to.

Year of Revenge II

August 10th, 2017 at 11:47 AM ^

Buy two tickets.  Go to local strip club, and give one of the tickets to your favorite dancer.  Make sure she is a football fan, and tell her it can only be used by the person you give it to.  Write her full name, such as "Star Jones" on the back of the ticket to prove it to her.

Go to game with the other ticket.  Enjoy.



August 10th, 2017 at 8:26 AM ^

Where can I watch the game on a yacht in Monte Carlo?  

My challenge is that the reception needs to be excellent because there are dozens of naked supermodels running around on the deck all the time, constantly blocking the reception.

Google was not helpful.

Google images, however, was interesting.


Year of Revenge II

August 11th, 2017 at 6:10 AM ^

I'm going to Bora Bora with a hot, blohde, tall, Canadian prosecutor. She is the head a state forfeiture unit.  We are just waiting for the department to seize an airplane.  Rent a pilot, and Voila.  

I have tickets for the game, but if the timing works that way, I will still be in Bora Bora, and will report on the Bora Bora thread.

late night BTB

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Live in DFW regretfully, can't suggest going.

There's a reason tickets are still available, and there'll be empty seats, its that the gameday experience at Jerry World isn't good and DFW isn't a compelling place to visit.  

'Do I stay in Dallas or Fort Worth?' 'Is there an easy way to get to the game since it's in Arlington, halfway between the two cities?' 'What is tailgating like?' 'It's going to be hot.' 'What are other attractions that I can see while in town?'

The idiots in charge of things here put the stadium in the middle of the Metroplex in a shitty part, so it's a PITA for everyone to get to, and no one wants to stay there for long.  Because it's TX, there's a rail line that goes past the stadium, but of course doesn't stop there.  Since the stadium is in a shitty part of DFW, the tailgating scene consists of treeless parking lots surrounded by a Wall-Mart (yes, really) and chain restaurants that are so beloved here.  Factor in the TX heat on Labor Day weekend, and you'll be baking in a frying pan before the game.  When you're not at the game you can spend 5 minutes seeing Dallas' only attraction, the place where DFK got shot.  You can drive 40 minutes to Ft Worth and see a bunch of fake cowboys for the other 5 minutes.  Go have some 'great' BBQ, which you'll realize really doesn't taste any different than normal BBQ.  Cook anything long enough and put enough sauce on it and it'll all taste the same.

Welcome to DFW!


August 10th, 2017 at 12:41 PM ^

It's not, at all. DFW is WAYY better than Houston, no idea why he hates it so much but based on his complaints it sounds like nothing short of cities like NYC and LA would suffice. DFW is a great place to live, plenty of things to do, lots of good food (haters gonna hate...), and there's plenty of "culture." Again, haters gonna hate but I wouldn't give any credence to anything he said.

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This isn't a comment about the thread, which satisfies good, on-topic material in every sense. I'm just offering one perspective about thumb-tacking *any* posts on the mgoboard:

Because this site has routine issues, I tend to use movement of threads (down the front page mgoboard margin) as a heuristic for whether mgoblog is functioning or frozen. So, sometime after draftageddon went up, I saw this thread stuck atop the board and mistakenly thought the site was experiencing problems.

I now see that my heuristic is flawed, so my interpretation was wrong. Still, in case I'm not the only one, and in case the operators hadn't considered this and its potential impact on traffic to mgoblog (which will be, effectively, zero impact if I'm the only one with this heuristic, or some amount greater if I'm not), I cared to speak up.

TL;DR -->. Hypothesis: Maybe "stickied" threads are more trouble than they are worth.