Speight will reportedly be out "multiple weeks."

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Michigan quarterback Wilton Speight will be out "multiple weeks," per head coach Jim Harbaugh and fifth-year senior John O'Korn will start Saturday against Michigan State.
Get well, Wilton!

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when Speight has time to pass 

The essence of the whole issue.

I'm not saying that O'Korn is a better QB, but he may be a better QB with our particular OL right now. 

Once O'Korn makes his read (which may or may not be as good as the read that Speight would make), he flicks that ball out quickly.  His "wind up" is much faster than Speight's.




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reportedly: according to what some say (used to express the speaker's belief that the information given is not necessarily true).


This is true, 100%, Harbaugh himself said it. So there is no guess work to be done or holes to go digging. Speight is done, and has been stated by solid insider UMBig11, it's likely for the season. 


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it really the case that a real injury to O'Korn would likely lead to McCaffrey playing?  I thought I heard chatter about that and I don't know what possible could have resulted in such a drastic slide for Peters.


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It would be Peters after O'Korn. Then McCaffrey. They are trying to preserve his redshirt. Obviously if disaster ensues, he's going to have to play. He'd get thrown on the field over someone like Malzone or all-american holder, Garrett Moores. 


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I live right next to the stadium and play with my dog at the same park that a current team member plays with his dog.  I talk to him often.

I asked about the qb situation not too long ago (before Purdue).  He said that in practice, Speight was hands down our best qb, with O'Korn, Peters, and McCaffrey following in that order.  He disputed reports that Peters had fallen below McCaffrey.  I also asked why Peters wasn't playing since he looked to be our most talented qb.  He said that Peters wasn't as mentally ready as Speight or O'Korn.

Take it for whatever it's worth; with this information combined with the fact that McCaffrey needs to gain serious weight before he will see reliable playing time, I would be willing to bet that Peters would get the nod.


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The chatter about McCaffrey playing is nothing more than some posters who ran with the 'Peters isn't ready' thing a little too far.  Until Dylan replaces Brandon on the depth chart, Brandon is (now) #2.

Hey, Tim Brando - can you confirm this, please?

Dylan already has his redshirt fitted and back from the tailor.  Unless both O'Korn and Peters get injured, Dylan is watching from the press box...


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In the event that O'Korn suffered a significant enough injury to be unavailable the following week, and Speight remained unavailable, I would imagine whichever of Peters and McCaffrey proved more ready to start would get the nod, since at that point you have to be willing to take the redshirt off McCaffrey anyway, since he'd presumably be next in line behind Peters even if Peters earned the start.

Hopefully it doesn't come to that, and O'Korn experiences both health and success.


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On both here and TTB I've seen UMBig say Peters isn't ready to play this year, or that is how it seems to him anyway. I know 'trust the coaches' is cliche but Harbaugh was a high level QB in college and had a long NFL career, so if he doesn't feel Peters is ready to play for whatever reason I'm inclined to believe him. But he is the current back-up so we shall see what happens if he is called upon.

That said, at this point I'd be surprised if McCaffery had his redshirt burned, unless O'Korn gets hurt and is out multiple weeks. Harbaugh has been pretty adamant about QB and OL needing a redshirt year and IMO it would have to be a 'break glass in emergency' situation to see McCaffery come in this year. But you never know.. 

Next year's QB situation will be interesting for sure.. seems to be shaping up to be a Peters vs McCaffery battle. Yes Speight will be a 5th year but expecting him to recover physically from that injury and get whatever mental issue has been plaguing him since Iowa out of the way seems to be a stretch. 


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2nd year guys are capable in other pro systems to play. UGA Fromm has looked good dismantling MSU and UT. Sam Darnold looked great last year. Josh Rosen has played since day 1. Hornibrook did ok last year. Hurts has looked good as a frosh and soph (albeit Bama isn't pro offense any more).

McCaffrey is rail thin and just a couple months on campus, but Peters is physically capable and 20 months in the system

If Peters cannot deliver basic game management against middling teams like MSU or IU, then it's getting late early for him.

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I think we are all overreacting to the anti-Peters talk. We all saw during the spring game that he is perfectly capable of running the offense if needed. It seems like the staff is trying to light a fire under him so that when they really do need him, he'll be ready. Make no mistake I'm sure Harbaugh does need him to be tougher, more in command, and probably have a better handle on the offense. I just don't think they are going to give up on him. They've got a lot invested in him and he does have tremendous promise.

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"Multiple weeks" is one way of putting it, I guess. 

As I posted in the other thread, if Speight is indeed out long-term, Harbaugh needs to take a stand here. Gamesmanship is one thing, but a student-athlete got head-hunted and knocked out by a dirty hit. If Harbaugh truly cares about good, safe football, he needs to be blunt, forthcoming, and as detailed as possible to put pressure on the conference to clamp down on crap like this. This needs to be an example, not Fort Schembechler'ed into obfuscation.


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Agree...  I'm sure Harbaugh and Manual have sent the tape in, along with a strongly worded note, to the B1G office.  Unfortunately, that's not enough.  The B1G has proven many times that the non-public grievance process doesn't work.  This requires a public response from the B1G, not a private wink about ' doing better, next time'...

It's justified because a student-athlete was injured via head shot.  That the head shot wasn't called should already have been publicly acknowledged.  

Honestly, I don't know what I should expect from Manual, on this.  I like that he's low key, stays int he background, and quietly supports his coaches.  But at the same time, it would be nice for him to lead vocally and publicly when his coaches/players are being wronged.


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Stop saying what Harbaugh has to do. You basically know nothing about how things work. If you know anything at all about his character, there is no doubt that Harbaugh is going to do all he can about this. And he knows what to do, and you know squat. Stop being an internet tough guy and trying to set this up as some sort of referendum on Harbuagh. Get over yourself. 


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The big question isn't about O'Korn, but about who will be his backup. Brandon Peters? Dylan McCaffrey? Michael Sessa? With eight games left, I would think chances are pretty good that the backup will be needed at some point, even if only for a short stretch. Peters already got a few snaps and looks like the #3 guy, but if something bad happens to O'Korn, does McCaffrey burn his redshirt?


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Shane Morris was "Rudock's backup" though, and what happened there?

Not saying that Peters isn't the back-up, but if it was McCaffery, I don't think Harbaugh announces that. He may play McCaffery if the situation arises, but he's not going to announce that and put Peters into the public shitstorm that would follow for no reason.


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Lots of scenarios here. No reason to burn a redshirt for a play where JOK's helmet comes off. OTOH a season-ending injury might prompt some hard choices if McCaffrey is really ahead of Peters, as has been vaguely rumored.

I doubt McCaffrey comes in mid-game under any circumstances short of, say, tied with OSU in the 4th and Peters looks helpless. Peters probably comes in for the balance of a game. But if JOK goes out long term you have to believe it's an open competition with a lighter and gasoline available if McCaffrey is the better player during practice.