Speight and TomVH on Peppers

Submitted by I Like Burgers on May 21st, 2013 at 10:08 AM

Hey, who doesn't like more Jabrill Peppers talk?

ESPN just posted this video previewing Jabrill Peppers decision this weekend - he'll announce at 5:15pm on ESPNU this Sunday.  They got Wilton Speight talking about Jabrill and TomVH talking about the decision and what impact a commitment will have on Da'Shawn Hand (hint: a good impact).  Worth a watch if you're not doing much this morning.




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He's made  other remarks in the past and while this one is more of a joke others have been just mean spirited, snotty critiques. First time I've said something so I've shown restraint. New Jersey is giving Michigan some damn fine recruits this year so maybe a little respect isn't a lot to ask for in return.


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You know it's not about the joke. As lame as it was. Anyone else on the board says that and I wouldn't think twice about it. For you it was just the straw. You've shown a pattern of mean spiritedness on the subject in the past and justify it because you lived in one section of NJ briefly. That would be like someone trashing the state of Michigan because of Detroit. How about just having some class? 


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I didn't realize that "class" involves liking every place in the world and/or not making jokes about anyone.

I guess this board is full of people who lack class, because nearly everyone here makes jokes about the state of Ohio.  You've probably even made a joke or two about other states before, but that's just a guess and I don't feel like researching.

If I see you call out everyone who makes a joke about Ohio, I might reconsider expressing my feelings about New Jersey.  Until then...


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Yeah the Jersey Jokes get old.  Understood pockets of jersey are less than optimal, especially near newark, camden, and jersey city, etc...  These areas are a very small piece of the state that unfortunately gets high visibility.  The area that Jabril goes to school, Bergen County Paramus, and other areas such as Ramsey (Don Bosco) and the rest of northern and central jersey are much nices than Bloomfield Hills, Birminham, GR, etc... by a long ways.  Im sure you do not mind recruits from here since they produce some very serious talent that does not have to deal with the fumes.  

truly respect your football expertise and posts.  I would bet however that you did live in a very shitty area and/or are just being a jerk cause its "fun" bash on jersey.  I'll make sure to remind you of that every time Jabril gets a pick 6 or INT.


agree with OP


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Jersey City isn't too bad. Downtown is probably one of the best looking places in New Jersey. Also St. Peter's Prep is in Jersey City, which is pretty good at football itself. That's where Jon Hilliman goes to school.

5th Hamilton

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Lived in the Heights in '05-'06 and worked in Secaucus. Dated a Portuguese girl (who are amazingly beautiful I must add) from Newark who insisted I'd miss Jersey if I ever moved. I didn't argue with her, and turns out she was right. Really hurt to see what Sandy did to the shore and to Hoboken where I spent many a weekend night. Looking forward to going back to visit and getting one of those amazing sandwhiches from Giovanni's in Sec. I live in Chicago now and love it here, but if I had to I'd have no problem going back to the Heights, or Hoboken or really anywhere around there. Had alot of fun there and in the city.


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People from the Midwest make fun of New Jersey reflexively. It's ok. We don't know anything about it except that we liked your delis when we drove through on the way to NYC once, and we think that you have a lot of landfills there for some reason vaguely associated with the mafia. Also you are a mecca of embarrassing reality tv, and the Jersey Shore looked kind of gross in that one episode of Grounded for Life.

Brown Bear

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New Jersey people make fun of New Jersey. I live in Indiana and make fun of Indiana. I don't care if people make jokes about Indiana. They are called jokes, lighten up. Anyone who gets upset about jokes about their state need to step back and realize it means nothing!!!


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... which goes on everywhere in the country, and very frequently here on MGoBlog. If I wrote indignant replies to every mean-spirited joke about Detroit or southeastern Michigan that I see on the internet, I'd be busy 24/7/365. There are places in Michigan and New Jersey which are beautiful, and areas that are horrid dumps. Who cares?


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If you think driving through NJ stinks try having their trash dumped in your state. I had to grow up in a state between NJ and Ohio... It's a joke Jersey guys but please stay on your side of the Ben Franklin bridge.


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I don’t recall Magnus having anything to do with the fact that everyone in New York refers to New Jerseyites as “bridge and tunnel” people.  I lived and worked in New Jersey – Montvale/Paramus/Park Ridge – and honestly man, outside of Princeton and Asbury Park, Jersey is a dive.  Unfriendly people wedged between the unfriendly towns of NYC and Philly, what would you expect? 

I loved how Giants Stadium was located in the "Meadowlands" which is a fancy way of saying it is located in a big, smelly swamp that probably houses the corpses of hundreds of Tony Soprano-types along with Jimmy Hoffa.

Where Minnesota is the Land of a Thousand Lakes, what is Jersey?  Land of a Thousand Smells?  Land of a Thousand Strip Malls?  Land of a Thousand Highways thankfully getting people in and out of Jersey as fast as possible?

When I think of Jersey I think of Gary, Indiana and the smells related thereto.  I think of Toledo, Ohio and the smells and sites related thereto.

Even lovely towns like Montclair, Alpine and Summit can't shake that garbage feel, where odd garbage smells, and hot road side garbage reside. 

AC is fun simply because you can gamble there, but the town itself is an utter dive.  Then don’t get me started on Newark or the Jersey Shore…  Does Jersey have some nice people sprinkled in the mix?  Sure, everywhere does, but again, Jersey is a dive, and for you to come to a website that endlessly bashes its neighboring Southern state as the worst state ever, and get butthurt when God forbid, someone bashes a state, you thoroughly clown yourself.  

I type this in the hope you’ll respond, so I can enjoy your buffoonery further.